Thursday, October 21, 2010

The One With All the Texts

I ran around with my four youngest kids today. They had the day off school for teacher conferences, but my teens still had to attend. (We do things stupid here in Illinois. The grade schools and high schools are in different districts with different schedules. Yeah, I know - stupid.)

So, I shopped as quickly as I could, then cruised home just in time to make it over to the junior high to meet with Jackson's teachers. Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to make it to all his classrooms before we had to hightail it to the grade school to meet with Lexi's and Clay's teachers. Jackson was upset because he'd wanted to go to the book fair set up in the library after his conferences. I just didn't have time. I drove home as fast as I could, dropped off Jax, scooped up Lex and Clay, and headed to the grade school.

No sooner had I sat down to talk to Lexi's teacher, then my phone started vibrating. I glanced at my phone and saw it was Jackson calling me. Jackson calls me to say really important stuff like, "Austin's being mean to me", "Can I have some Coke?", "Can I go to Johnny's house?", and "My nose hurts." I ignored the call. He called again. And again. And then he started texting me.

I looked at my phone.

Brooklyn threw up.

Lexi's teacher looked questioningly at me. "Jackson just texted me that Brooklyn threw up," I explained.

"Oh, do you need to leave now?" she asked.

"Hell no! Are you kidding? I've got a kid THROWING UP at home! I'm staying out all night! Did I just say that out loud? What I meant to say was that yeah, I should probably head home as soon as possible."

Jackson continued to text me.

Mom, Brooklyn threw up.

Gee, I can't imagine why. Brooklyn came home from school with a plastic harmonica a couple days ago. She let Clay (who had been up all night throwing up) play with it. Then she took it back and put it in her mouth. I saw the whole thing unfold in slow motion. As she lifted the harmonica to her lips, I ran toward her, shouting, "Noooooooooooo". Too late.

I texted Jackson back.

Great. Well, I can't do anything about it now.

Mom, Brooklyn threw up.

Well, what do I do?

Austin is being a jerk and he's not helping and he punched me.

I'm sorry, but I still can't do anything right now. I'll be home as soon as I can.

I was hurrying from class to class, trying to meet with all the teachers who work with my kids.

Come on! She's throwing up even more!

Well, you can hurry up. Come on!

She's crying and throwing up still. Please hurry.

Come on. Hurry up! Austin is not doing anything.

I'm also going to be late for football. What's taking you so long?

Come on.

Now, keep in mind, all those texts came through within twenty minutes. For twenty minutes I tried to concentrate on what four teachers were saying all while wondering how I could get out of going home for the rest of the night I could be back at the book fair with Jackson, at Clay's and Lex's conferences, driving Jackson to football, and at home, making dinner and comforting Brooklyn who was sick.

Times like these make my stomach tighten in a knot. My stress level rises. I'm reminded that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to do everything. I'll never be able to juggle everything. I'll never be able to be in all places at once. But since their dad hasn't bothered to spend time with the kids since Christmas eve, it's all up to me. So I juggle. And I try. And I drop the ball regularly. But I get back up and I trust in God to care for us. I may not ever be in control, but He is.

Now if I could just get someone to clean up the barf because Lexi is crying that her tummy hurts now...


Kat said...

Ahhhh, the life of a single mom. Oh how I feel your pain! I really enjoy your blog, a little respite after being in the trenches all day! Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom, humor and life.

The Dickinson Diaries said...

It's so good to be reminded that God is in control. I needed that today... :) thank you!

Stacy said...

Hi Dawn! Hang in there you are doing great. I have 2 kids and I have a hard time keeping up with everything so don't beat yourself up too bad. God forgives and so will your time :) HUGS

V1nce said...

Don't they have a babysitting/barf removal service out there by you?! If someone is reading this, I suggest the name of your company be called Babies N Barf or maybe Children and Chunks?

Sound god?

So... did you go home?

Unknown said...

This leave me at a loss for words. You will get a lot of words of encouragement. And they are all true. Even with the self-perceived problems, you are better person than most in the world.

I think I would burn that plastic harmonica, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn...I'm praying for you! You bring such humor to the difficult task of parenting. And you continue that humor with incredibly difficult job of single parenting. God Bless you!!!


Dana from Alabama said...

Ugh. I'm sorry for all your sick kids and all the vomit. Just be glad you only have three schools to juggle. In our district, we have a K-3 school, 4-5, the 6th grade school, 7-8, and 9-12. I can't imagine what this would be like with six kids.

Anonymous said...

Mine did the same thing with the texts to hurry back. It's hard when you're the only one doing everything. A word of warning though. Start preparing yourself for the time that your ex pops back into their lives. That is when the real heck breaks loose.

Robin said...

Oh sweetie....this post makes me sad for you because I can just see it all unfolding. I can imagine your stress level blowing thru the roof. Hang in there. I know (from FB) that you're now throwing up too. So that makes 3 kids plus yourself....only 3 more to go! Lysol & Eric are your friends. I'm sure he's there by now helping with kid duty. Good man Eric!

dark_chocolate said...

Well, too bad I'm too far away from Illinois, because if I was in the neighborhood, I would come over just to clean up the vomit and make it a little easier on you. :) Vomit doesn't bother me too much (good thing too, since I am going to be a nurse), but I know it freaks you out. I guess I can offer you words of encouragement, if that will help. You are doing a wonderful job with the kids and I will be praying that each day will bring pleasant surprises and peace in your home! Giving you a cyber-hug right now! :D

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear your kiddos are sick! It went through our house this past week....5 people sick on 5 consecutive days. Ick :(

Handyman said...

Sorry so Sorry. Hope it doesn't go thru the whole Family. I wish I was closer,the wife and I would help and show what a real Father does, and not just a donor.

Unknown said...

You are doing a fabulous job! Your children are happy and feel loved. You are one, they are six!

suzannemnr said...

If you lived in SC, I would come over and help you with the sick ones. I hope someone close by was able to help you out.
I don't know if this option is available to you, but I have started requesting telephone conferences with the teachers of my "no problem" student. They don't usually make that option common knowledge, but I have never had one of her teachers turn it down when I tell them that I would have to bring 2 younger children with me to the conference. I just schedule a call to my cell phone when I know that I will be between appointments. Usually if you have a more challenging student, they want to see you face to face, but if you can eliminate one or two legs of your marathon, it is well worth it.
I hope that your little one feels better very soon. You are doing a great job. Keep it up and know that you are being prayed for.

V1nce said...

Dawn - in the olden days they used to isolate people that were sick. How about making a little tent city in the back yard and putting all the pukers there? The weather should be good enough and all the barf would do wonders for the lawn and flowers. No need to clean anything up even when they need to go potty.

Win-win. And totally green too. Just watch where you step.

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