Monday, August 30, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons...

I was talking to some parents and coaches tonight at Jackson's football practice. (He's got a great group of coaches! These guys are all about teaching the boys and not yelling like psychopaths. Believe me, I've seen a few of those. I thought this one dad was seriously going to have heart failure on the field a couple weeks ago. I passed him a drink and my Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirt, then scanned the field house for the AED, you know, just in case he didn't RELAX.) Anyway, I was talking to this coach tonight and it came out that I have six kids. After I explained that I was done (I always feel the need to tell people I'm done lest they think I'm competing with the Duggars or something), he said, "It must be nice to have teens to babysit for you."

I went on and on about how much easier it is now with six kids than it was when I had three or four because I DO have teens who help me out a lot. I bragged about how my oldest two are awesome and many nights, will clean up the dinner dishes and get the little ones to bed while I pick up the middle ones from the football field. Oh yeah, clearly it's my stellar parenting that has given my oldest kids the skills and the desire to be such productive members of my family.

I drove home while patting myself on the back. I am an awesome parent after all. As I turned the corner to my house, I saw my little kids, half-naked, riding scooters down the driveway into the street. It was past their bedtime at 8:30 at night. It was dark. One was wearing only pants. One was wearing a bathing suit and cowboy boots.

When I walked inside and yelled at inquired of Austin and Savannah as to why the kids weren't in bed, they responded with, "Oh, I didn't know you wanted us to make them go to bed."

I'm going to the football field, I'll be back soon, watch Brooklyn and Clay was apparently, not specific enough tonight.

Know why the little kids were still outside? They were trying to drum up traffic for their lemonade stand. My little entrepreneurs set up a lemonade stand on Saturday and made over $8! Yep. They had such a great time, they set it up again yesterday and made a couple more dollars. Today, they opened franchises in Dallas, New York, and Baton Rouge. Tomorrow, they're adding granola bars to the menu. I may be able to retire sooner than I thought!


The Gibson's said...

I am teaching a lesson and it's working, and then blank we go back to where we started. You are a GREAT mom, you are all over the place with and FOR your kids. Hopefully that lesson will now stick!

mommyknows said...

Too funny!

Never say never, and never brag. It'll come back and bit you on the ass.

;) Mommyknows!

Anonymous said...

Way cool! I wish my ratbag would try something to earn her own moolah, besides nicking it from my purse that is.
Good chance to teach them about banking their money. That way they can really look into going into a franchise situation when they're older.
Nah.... let 'em spend it.

Unknown said...

Watch out Phinneas and Ferb!

jana said...

Don't let the kids set up too close to my little entrepreneur's stand:
The pictures are a little way down!
Jake has been on me almost every weekend since then to do it again. It's hard work being mother of the year.

Sharon said...

I found that when my daughter was in the cheer program (for many, many years) that the parents were all a very nice group of people. I always enjoyed going to the games even though I didn't cheer for the football players but rather the cheerleaders! Just enjoy the fact that Lex cheers for Jax and not some other team. I learned where the parks were in the NW 'Burbs of Chicago very well! P.S.: Some of the games start very,!

Unknown said...

Hilarious!!!!! That is an awesome story, one I hope to be telling one day. Great blog! I had never heard of your book but I want to check it out. It looks funny!

Robin said...

They can start paying their own way if the lemonade thing pans out! LOL!
I love their choice of apparel...or lack there of. If it works for carwashes I don't see why it shouldn't work for a lemonade/granola stand.

Your kids crack me up!!
How are you feeling by the way?

Shellie said...

They're doing great, actually! Keep patting yourself on the back. Hope they take good care of you in retirement.

dark_chocolate said...

I like their enthusiasm! he he.. $8 is not bad.. :)

Heidi said...

Too funny! Maybe they can franchise like P&F??

How the heck do you handle it when people say "Oh my you must have your hands full?" I have three boys and I hear that CONSTANTLY. I'm so tired of hearing people say that!

Vadercat said...

Yay! Baton Rouge? Where're they setting it up? Lol ;)


nutralady2001 said...

Let me guess....... Brooklyn was the one in cowboy boots? LMAO!

Unknown said...

I think when people say what the coach said, you just hand them a business card with your blog on it. Have them read it and submit a formal public apology within the comments section of the latest post that made them rethink their stance.

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