Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that's bi-polar when it comes to weather, it's your host, the woman who has had a headache for 4 days now, Dawn Meehan! And now, answers to this week's burning questions.

But I do have a question for you (SSO??)...are you going to keep your married name or change it back to your maiden name.
I haven't decided yet. Believe me, I don't want to be associated with that family anymore than I have to be, but there are my kids to consider, and my writing, so we'll see. Maybe I'll go with Dawn Damalas Meehan.

Are your books ever going to be available for Kindle?
Hmmm, good question. I'm not sure. I'm going this week to record my essay from See Mom Run because that's going to offered in an audio version. I'm looking forward to it!

oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can we send you some more vegemite to have with that paper sandwich!!!!!!!
Now that's just mean. What did I ever do to you?

Will having the kids out of school and done with sports for the summer make your life easier or harder?
Ohmygosh easier! No more homework. No more early mornings. No more driving all over the world to get them all to their games on time. No more eating dinner at 4:30 or some other crazy time in order to get everyone to their games. No more weekly phone calls about how Austin's failing every class he's in. No more having to wash gym uniforms in the wee hours on Sunday night/Monday morning. No more having to drive Savannah and her crutches to/from school, and dealing with the IDIOTS other parents in the Kiss-N-Drive. I'm counting down the days more than the kids are, I think.

And does this life change mean you no longer are required to go camping?
You betcha! Why do you think I got divorced in the first place?! (Kidding, just kidding. Hafta joke or cry, right?)

How did you get the weatherbug button on your blog?
I went to, clicked on widgets, put in my zip code, and C&Ped the code into my blog. Now everyone can see when I'm freezing my butt off at a baseball game when it's 50 degrees. Don't be all jealous now.

They are adorable, I'll give them that, but...what about consequences for their actions? [Brooklyn & Clayton's powdered sugar mess]
Oh is that what I'm doing wrong? I have to apply consequences for bad behavior? Well, that explains a lot!

Happy Mother's Day! What a sweet bunch of kids you the pics :) I wish I could take such great pictures...what kind of camera are you using?
A Nikon D3000 I'm still learning how to use it. I passionately hate reading manuals. I don't learn that way. I need a camera person to show me firsthand how to use it.

How in the word do you find out what people google to get here?
I use I can find out keywords people have googled, their IP, ISP, location, how many times they've visited my blog, what pages they've looked at, how long they spent on my blog, their favorite flavor ice cream, and what they were wearing while they were perusing my blog.

AP Human Geo test - What on earth is this???
According to Austin, it's the abhorrent putrescent human geo test. According to the school, it's the advanced placement human geography test. If he does well enough on the test, some colleges will offer advanced placement and/or credit for it. If he doesn't do well enough, I'm out the $86 for the test and Austin will have to learn how to say, "You want fries with that?"

So have you done this [pictures] for all your kids with all their birthdays if so until what age? Sso question?
Yep, I had pictures taken for all of them in the hospital, at 3 mos, 6 mos, 9 mos, 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. After that, they had their pictures taken at school. I only missed Clay's 9 month pictures which isn't too bad considering I have six kids.

These are absolutely adorable. Where did you have the pictures done at?
JCPenney. The photographer had me sign a release so she could submit the pictures in an effort to get them included in their book.

Does she [Brooklyn] like having her picture taken?
LOL! Uhhh yes, yes she does.

sso: since joe has withheld child support, have you had to go back to official employment?
Well, since I still have little ones who aren't in school all day, it makes that kinda hard. I didn't go to college and don't have a degree or any real skills. Whatever I could make, would go to daycare. In fact, I'm afraid I'd end up with a deficit. But, the really cool thing is that every time I start to worry about how I'll pay this bill or make enough for that, another writing job will pop up. Seriously, every time I start to feel like I won't be able to make ends meet, I get offered a writing job that pays my bills. Somehow things keep working out. And, of course, I know everyone is going to preorder my new book so it hits the NYT best seller list and makes me plenty to live on, right? ;) Just shameless begging a helpful suggestion from me to you. Amazon's got it HERE! Just sayin'


Kauseks said...

You said, Somehow things keep working out... that some how is God.. Hes good like that.. Still praying for you guys!

Jen said...

Wow, what a SSO! :P First, Brooklyn's pictures are wonderful! They did a beautiful job. Secondly, I have a Nikon D90 and LOVE it. The manual can be hard to understand at times, but it's very helpful. If you have a camera place around there, especially where you got yours, they should have someone there who'd help go over any questions you have. Thirdly, we're over here thinking about you all and praying that things stay stable for you on so many levels. Another thing is that I hope to get your book VERY soon rofl. Lastly... (ha ha ha), you are a strong woman, Dawn and I know you're going to be just fine. So will the kiddos. If you ever need anything, let me know. :)

Oh, one more thing... you should have something awesome in the mail for you in a week or two. It's been crazy around here, too but I didn't forget what I was going to do for you. (By now, you're going...what in the world is she talking about??) :P

Best wishes to you sweetie!!! (hugs)

Jen said...

Don't worry too much about Austin. I failed all of the stupid A/P tests I had to take in high school. Although I did work in a drive thru at 16, I turned out fine. I went on to holding a "normal" office job until I became a mom. Just make sure you document the $86 and hand him a bill when he's 30 or so.

And, I know you know this, but you are being offered writing jobs "just in the nick of time" because that's just how God works...Power of Prayer!!!

Anonymous said...

I got Becasu I Said so for Mother's Day! I don't want to put it down! Question, does Joe's child support not come directly out of his paycheck through the county clerk? I thought that is how it was done these days? I know my Bother in law's is done that way. That way he can't skip out of it by not sending a check or having it bounce

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!!! I got not one, but two questions in the SSO!! I am so honored! *bows deeply*

I'll remind you of your "counting down the days more than the kids are" comment when they've been on summer vacation for three minutes and are already driving you crazy. Personally, I am having quite mixed emotions about my kids getting out of school. Yes, the sleeping in, the pool, the lazy days, yadda yadda will all be great but they're going to be home ALL. THE. TIME!! Yikes!!!

I still don't think I understand "AP human geography". Are they drawing maps on each other's bodies? I just don't get it.

-Beth in MI

Mamapajama said...

Hey Dawn,
Hope your headache is finally gone, I get pretty bad stress headaches myself, so I know where you are coming from. You included a question I asked in your SSO about "consequences for their actions" for Brooklyn and Clay making the huge mess. You kind of blew in off in a joking manner, which I get, as I know you like to keep things light most of the time. Parents like me are curious as to how you parent your six kids. I only have two boys, but sometimes getting them to clean up their messes is next to impossible! I'm not saying that you have all the answers, but I truly was curious as to how you handle situations with your kids when they knowingly misbehave. Just sayin'!

Kristine said...

For the money - God really does provide! Just keep hanging on!

I have to laugh every time there is a question about disciplining your kids. First, many don't understand what it's like to parent an ADHD child. Second, just because you took pictures doesn't mean they didn't get in trouble!

Anonymous said...

Dawn I'm sure you could make a fortune with your fab cakes.

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to be mean or judgemental, but you never say anything about disciplining your kids for negative behaviors that need to change. When kids do stuff like Clay and Brooklyn they are seeking ATTENTION! Which means you need to step up to the plate.

Dawn said...

Wonder what she says when she IS trying to be mean and judgemental. LOL!
Just because I choose not to make my blog about discipline, does not mean that I don't discipline. Why would you ASSume I don't simply because I don't write about it? And why would you choose to be brave (Ha, I mean - anonymously hide behind your computer) and make snide remarks? It must really suck to be so unhappy with your life that you feel the need to try to bring others down.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dawn, not the grandparents too! So now your wonderful children have instantly lost not just a father but their grandparents as well.

To the commentor saying they're acting out: of course they're acting out. Shame on you. Look what they've been going through with the acrimonious divorce and a father who won't see them and wants to kick them out of their house!

Hang in there Dawn--we love you and even though we've never met you feel like a friend to me!

Donna said...

Dawn....I think everyone looks to you for advice. Hopefully anonymous isn't meaning to upset you.
Just remember 'Delete delete delete'. LOL

I just really wanted to say that your writing jobs are coming in at the right moments because of all of us followers and PRAYERS.
We'll keep it coming for you !

Big Hugs to you ...
Donna from NE Indiana

Pace said...

Just read about the support problem I know things seem hard at times my wife killed herself left me with two little girls I meet a lady with four boys who was barly making it now we have a great life Im sure you will to she tring to get started in art if you need a portrait done of your kids just check her work out here.

Julie in PA said...

Wow, Brooklyn's pictures are adorable!! How fun!

Why don't you take Joe to court and make him pay support? I don't know the laws in your state, but in Pennsylvania the amount of support you pay is based on several factors; one of them is how much time the father is spending with the kids. Therefore, the fathers who choose to not be a parent and leave all the parenting work to the other spouse have to pay more! Also, they can garnish his wages and the federal government will garnish his income tax return if he owes back support. Just some food for thought. I wish you all the best!

Julie in PA

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you Dawn! You are a strong woman with a fabulous sense of humor but boy have you been given the plight of Job! Keep smiling and enjoying those 6 treasures and we'll keep up the prayers :)


Brandi said...

sh* (replace sh*t with actual 4 letter word)

Have you seen this? I'm sure you have thousands of appropriate pics you can submit.

Sunnyworld said...

What is it about these divorced fathers that makes them think they don't have to pay child support!!?? I know -- they figure "you" are the one who wanted the divorce, so "you" figure out how to support the kids! It's hard to believe that a father would be willing to let his children go without, especially when he has the means to help in some way. Hang in there, Dawn! It's not over until it's over! (Unfortunately, when there are children involved, it's never over.)

Tess said...

It truly is amazing how God works like that, isn't it? Just when you aren't sure where the money will come from, He truly does provide!!

Lady Heather said...

Catching up a bit more and saw the bit here on child care if you worked. Check with the state, they may be able to help you with child care before and after school. It bites putting your little ones into daycare (I should know, as a single mom I had no choice and hated it), but often they'll cover most of the costs if not all. Keep your chin up - I'm still catching up and will keep up better now that I have a puter again!

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