Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Cheat at Candy Land

I'm blogging at Chicago Moms Blog today.
You can read "I Cheat at Candy Land" HERE. I mean - go and read it here now! And leave me a comment because I live on that kinda thing. That is all.
Thank you!


Diane B said...

So I am way behind on reading your blog (forgive me) but wanted to pitch in my 2 cents with everyone else.

I'm from South Dakota but have been living in the California desert for 10+ years (Yeah our winters here are MUCH better!) Every single time I travel back to the Dakota's I get a splitting headache for the first 2-3 days which often triggers a migraine. After several of these my sister-in-law (a nurse) told me to take Sudafed even though I'm not congested. It has to do with the pressure changes or magic or something but I'm telling you it works. With all the weather changes you are having it may help.

Also, if you haven't seen the movie The Prize Winner of Defiance, OHIO you should. Just a little suggestion.

The Gibson's said...

Okay not sure if you have ever talked about this on your blog, but what did you do for your son's first lost baby tooth? I am thinking a note from the tooth fairy and $5. After that it is $1. What did you do and what do you think?

The Bush League Cook said...

aaahhhh...good ole mom guilt! I am the queen of "in just a minute" Great post (and I cheat sometimes too!)

Amy said...

Dawn, you need to hear the song "Just a minute" by Justin Roberts. You can listen to the full song if you google "Justin Roberts just a minute". It's a very funny song and I think you will enjoy it! Much less guilt-inducing.

pmerry said...

Why didn't I ever think of stacking the deck, although I have been known to sneak the "good" cards back into the deck when they aren't looking if I draw one.

Donna said...

LOL...... I used to get tired of reading the same book over and over, so I cheated by skipping pages.
Let me tell you, they knew and I had to start over.
I finally told them to read it to ME !

And don't even get me started on Candy Land....

Wendy @RunningonMTT said...

Hey Dawn...picked this comment to let you know I picked you for a special award! Today's post was filled with comments and didn't want it to get lost!

I absolutely love you blog!!

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