Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Eat Spicy Dip and Unclog Toilets

I took the kids to CoCo Key, an indoor water park, yesterday. They were awesome! They were so totally, completely awesome the whole day! Not once did I have to tell them to knock it off on the car ride there. When we got there, they all helped carry the cooler and bags of snacks, towels, and swimsuits. All day long, Austin, Savannah, and Jackson helped watch the little kids. They took them on the lazy river and watched them in the baby area which was so helpful as it's hard to keep my eyes on six kids at once!

I met my friend Julie and her two boys there. I'd love to share pictures with you, but although I remembered my camera, I left my battery plugged into the wall in my kitchen. I hate when I do that! I guess it's not that bad considering I would've shot anyone who tried to take a picture of me in a bathing suit. Especially since I inadvertently packed the wrong swimshorts. I was supposed to pack the pair that fits. Instead, I packed the pair that's so short, my butt hangs out of it. Not a pretty sight. As soon as I realized I'd donned the wrong shorts, I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and didn't remove it for fear of making people sick. I'm sure vomit in a pool would be pretty gross.

Anyway, we stayed there all day. It wasn't crowded at all (I guess no one around there is on spring break this week) so we had the place to ourselves. After everyone's hands were sufficiently wrinkly, we left and went to Cracker Barrel for dinner where the kids continued to be awesome. There was no name-calling, no nastiness, no attitudes. And then, they were totally awesome the entire way home.

Don't get me wrong, these guys still have their moments, but overall, they have been extra-terrific for the past month or so. Of course, the change in Jackson's medication has been a big part of it. Everyone's being much nicer to Jackson because he's not bugging the snot out of everyone every minute of every day. It's good. :)

But my day couldn't end on such a positive note, or it just wouldn't be right. So, we got home, walked in the door and realized the house smelled like poop.

"Oh, that's right. The toilet's clogged up, Mom."

"When were you planning on telling me this?"

"I just told you!"

"Sigh. When did it get clogged?"


"Fabulous. First off, you guys need more fiber in your diets. Secondly, you need to grab the plunger and try to unclog it because if I go in there and see poop floating around in the toilet, I'm liable to throw up and then there will be a poop/vomit mess to clean up."

OK, so Austin grabbed the plunger, unclogged it and all was well. Until I went to use the other bathroom. Guess what! That toilet was clogged too! I passed Fiber One bars out to everyone, then grabbed the plunger and went to work on that toilet. Thinking the plunging had done the trick, I flushed the toilet, but kept my hand on the water turn-off, just in case. The water in the bowl kept rising so I quickly turned it off to prevent the toilet from overflowing. I twisted the knob furiously to the left. Yep, I said "left". I turned and turned and the water kept rising. DUH! Your average kindergartner knows righty-tighty, lefty-losey! Ugh. As fast as I could, I turned the knob to the right, but it was too late. Poo water flooded my bathroom.

How do you even begin to clean something as disgusting as that?! I bent down to start sopping up the foul nastiness and out of nowhere BAM! barf happened. Lovely. In all fairness, I'd probably consumed 4 1/2 pounds of artichoke jalepeño dip at the pool and the whole barfness was bound to happen anyway, but cleaning up poop water was the catalyst.

I think I'll have a port-a-potty delivered to my driveway and the kids can use that while I enjoy a nice, clean, seat-always-down potty seat IN the house. Oh yeah, and I'll never eat artichoke jalepeño dip again.

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Miss Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, my poor Dawn :(
I am so sorry that had to happen to you!
I would have barfed, too, don't worry... you know, if that makes you feel better.

Question, though: You never do Sunday Sound Outs anymore! What's up with that?

Dawn said...

Hmmm, someone's skimming my blog. I do Sunday Sound Outs almost every week.

Kelly Stoeber said...

I love it when you include pictures of your stories (ie, yogurt in backpack, snowboarding off bed mattresses), thank you for NOT including photos this time around. Must admit, was a little nervous of what I might find when I read the title of this entry.

Glad to hear your crew is getting along fairly well over their break.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you didn't post a picture of THAT!!! lol

Donna said...

Oh poor thing.
And I thought Savannah would come to your rescue....hehehee.
I also want to thank you for not taking pictures of that. I would have ruined our laptop ;)
Where is that place you took your kids to ? But think it is too far a drive for me with them.
Maybe over spring break (their's in right after Easter) I will get a room at hotel near here that has the swimming pool inside too. took food and everything and that impressed me they let you. Hummmm.
Hope you have a great finish to your week with the kids.
Have fun and build those memories.

Hugs, Donna from NE Indiana

Dawn said...

Hey Donna! This place was in Rockford, IL. I'm sure there are similar places closer to you though.

Tammy said...

Dawn - call one of those clean up companies. You know the ones that clean up after floods and fires? It would be SO worth it! We had a toilet overflow tonight, too. Must be something in the air?

Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

Ok, so I have six kids too...and I SERIOUSLY have them each use a designated bathroom! I'm like issuing tickets for those that trespass on the wrong toilet for THIS VERY REASON!!! I'd freak out if two toilets were clogged as opposed to the usual one. This way I can narrow down who the offender was (don't know about you, but in my house no one ever does ANYTHING wrong when I ask) Really, I have been known to say "nope, you've got to just wait for your bathroom to free up" as a child is standing in front of me holding themselves doing the dance begging to use an off limit toilet. The main floor bathroom is definitely a major no-no because that would be the one my neighbor would want to use if they stopped by or any other guest who enters the house and how embarrassing would it be if I had to say "enter at your own risk" if they asked to use the bathroom:) Ok, so I guess just as embarrassing as saying "oh, just step over that pile of last years clean laundry from summer I haven't quite gotten that put away!" Anyway, sure enjoyed feeling "normal" once again,

Jana said...

Well at least you had a good day up until then! I have rare moments of all four of my boys getting along nicely, and try to enjoy them much like you. Did you make the artichoke jalapeno dip? I would love the recipe if you don't mind, that would be great. Have a good remainder of your week!

Chick Hatchers said...


And I agree with everyone else - THANK YOU for so thoughtfully NOT posting a picture. And I am so glad that you didn't pass out from the yuck and the vomitting. Eeewwww.

Good to hear it was such a good day otherwise!

I linked to your blog today in my post about using self-checkouts. I hope you don't mind. :)

Amanda said...

Is it weird that I still want some artichoke jalapeno dip? (From Costco! Yum!) Glad you guys had a good day! The poo water thing has definitely happened to me. It stinks (literally!).

Julie said...

I know there were no pictures, but this post should have had warnings!


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

OMG!!!! That is horrible!! I get the same way. In fact, just the thought of clogged potties, and I start to gag. Once my hubby was working for 72 hours straight(fireman) and the toilet clogged in the morning, I put a sign on it and left it for him to fix three days later. I tried, then gagged. So I HAD to leave it. :) There was no one to help me.

Although, the sound of artichoke jalepeno dip makes me kinda gag too. :)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, instead of trying to turn off the water, just lift up the flusher handle. My husband taught me that after the toilet overflowed on me once. Now when the water is rising I just lift up the handle and it stops. Hope it works for you. Also a reminder to myself, don't eat breakfast when reading your blog. Could be a good diet technique though. Hmmm..

Meg said...

The handle thing probably works better than cutting the water supply - at least temporarily. Not sure how familiar you are with the workings of a toilet, but the bowl fills from the tank. The handle controls the flow of water from the tank to the bowl by lifting or dropping a piece that opens or closes the hole controlling the flow of water to the bowl. By cutting the water supply, you'd be stopping the tank from filling and though that would help, the bowl would still fill with the water that's currently in the tank. So handle up would be a good first line of defense.

Stef said...

UGh! That is so stinky!! You poor Mommy!!

MaBunny said...

that sounded like a great time! Until the whole poop/barf part, lol. Enjoy your clean bathroom!

Natasha said...

Oh ew! Waita make me nauseous! Uhg, I'm going to turn off the oven. The Pizza Bite are no longer calling my name.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

[blink, blink, blink] can't even imagine, nor would I want poor thing!

Lyuda said...

All of a sudden, my coffee doesn't seem appealing fact, I am not even hungry (even though I was a couple of minutes ago). Good detail, Dawn! ha ha

Sara Barnwell (Michigan) said...

Was it the delicious jalepeno artichoke dip from Costco? That stuff is awesome! Well, if it wasn't that, I am sure you won't want to try it now.... but it is really good!

Anonymous said...

I had a break in a sewage line in our crawl space and it was like Lake Sewage!! What and how do you go about cleaning that out (from the crawl space)? Buy 500 lbs of kitty litter (the clumping kind) from Costco.

Cayce said...

The title to this post sounds like it should've been a "Friends" episode title.

Jillybean said...

One time we had all of our toilets clogged except the one in the basement which is the designated kids bathroom.

Apparently, they weren't using their own bathroom.

Carissa said...

Eww, So I guess you are able to clean up your own barf, just not other peoples?

This reminds me of the trip I took to Disneyland with my ex and my MIL. He wasn't my ex at the time though. lol. Well, we all ended up getting sick and stuff was coming out of both ends. My MIL got sick the worst and ended up passing out in the bathroom in a mess of everything. My ex was a trooper and cleaned it all up. It's times like these, I wonder why did I ever let that one get away...

Pammie said...

Clogged toilets are so gross. My nephew told me a couple of days ago that my toilet clogged, but he fixed it. All I could think of was - dang, just that morning I had cleaned my bathroom spotless.

I'm sure there was a trail of poo water on top of the toilet seat, down the side of the toilet, and then where I store my plunger. I couldn't get mad, because he decided to tell me it was because his poo had landed sideways and he had to help it go down. (too much info, but funny)

Amy said...

For Sunday Sound out-

Lets talk about Easter- What do you put in your kids baskets if you celebrate? Does the Easter bunny hide the eggs and where at? Do you do hard boiled eggs or plastic to hide?

Mema said...

ok, I am sorry this happened to you and am now going to share something I seriously never imagined I would ever share with complete strangers. Of course now days with blogs and all, who really is a stranger anyway? When i left my first hubby and moved into my own aprtment (which by the way I figured was the first place I ever had all on my own)(and that has nothing to do with this) my step dad gave me a plunger (I guess he knew I would need one sometime) and told me if the toilet ever got clogged, to try the hose trick before plunging as plunging makes me gag as well. the trick was to get the garden hose, bring it inside and put the end into the toliet and down the hole as far as you can, seems to me it was about a foot or 2, even with full bowls, to the top full I mean, this works. Once the hose is in place (it helps to have someone helping) then have "someone" turn the water on full blast, it is magic, I swear!!! the toilet bowl became magically unclogged immediatley and everything went down and out the way it is supposed to. I let it run for 30 seconds or so, then turn it off and remove the hose. All better! scrub the tolet bowl with every cleaner you can put your hands on and save some to "disenfect" the hose. I have no idea why it works, but it does. Hopefully you can file this one under things to remember the next time a toilet is clogged. you're welcome!

Tiffany said...

unrelated to this post. possible SSO question?
Did any of your kids refuse to sleep in their own bed and throw a fit to sleep in yours? If so how did you deal with it?
I have a 2 year old and he will go to sleep in his bed but wake up a few hours later and will not go back to sleep unless its in our bed. We've tried to just let him scream in out but after 3 hours we gave up. Any help would be great

Kim said...

Hahaha!!! Oh my goodness that is so funny! Ugh, we are always dealing with clogged toilets in my house. I keep insisting that there is something wrong with the toilet, though, lol.

That resort is here in Rockford where I live, and yet I have never been there. Isn't that terrible? I need to go sometime soon. Maybe in a couple years when my son is old enough to enjoy it. He just turned 1, so I'm thinking he would not appreciate a water slide at this point. lol

Anonymous said...

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