Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, where we celebrate Casimir Pulaski Day, but no one knows why, it's your host, Dawn Meehan who is STILL in her thirtys, thankyouverymuch! Tonight, musical guest Jimmy Eat World and answers to your questions. So, without further ado...

So, you mean you might have to move out of the house? But where will you go with six kids???
Yep. I guess the court will decide. I have no idea where we'll go, but my vote is for Aruba!

How is your son with ADHD doing? I also have a 6 year old with high end adhd and we just figured out my 3rd grade daughter also has adhd. Do you ever feel any of your other children also may have it?
That would be Jackson. He's had a really rough time of it lately. With everything going on, he's been acting out horribly. I mean, to the point that he's dented his walls, knocked a hole through his door, and broken many possessions. The medication he'd been taking would wear off after school and he was experiencing an awful rebound effect most evenings. I was absolutely at my wit's end with him. Then I was finally able to get him in to the psychiatrist. She switched his meds to Vyvanse and he's been a dream ever since. He doesn't get all "zombie-like" during the day and the meds last until bedtime. Other than the time Joe told him he wouldn't go to Jackson's book meet and Jackson melted down as soon as he got home from school, his behavior has been awesome. Austin and Lexi have some attention problems, but aren't currently taking medication. And Clay, well, Clay has the attention span of a jelly bean.

Just curious, how did you handle baby spitup? I'm assuming you had to deal with that a lot with six kids!
Baby spit-up is nothing. It doesn't smell like vomit. In fact, the doctor thought Savannah had pyloric stenosis for a while because she projectile vomited after every feeding when she was a baby. I'm not sure at what magical age everything changes and baby spit-up becomes intolerable vomit, however.

I have to know though - is that really a baby tooth necklace? And if yes, are those your babies' teeth and your necklace?
You're new around here, aren't you?

Okay...9 weeks pregnant with my fifth, and I have NO CLUE how to tell my family. My husband and I are so excited, but we aren't sure our families will be as thrilled. In fact, I am beginning to think that telling one's parents about a fourth, fifth, or sixth baby must be really similar to what it is like for a knocked up teenager to tell her parents that bad news. I know that you are the right person to answer this question!!! How did you tell your family that you were pregnant the last few times, and how did you react to negative comments, if any? I am thinking about texting the news, but I decided to ask you first. Holding my breath for next Sunday's Sound Out!!!!
First off, don't hold your breath. That can't be good for the baby. And I totally understand your pain. I think after breaking the news that I was pregnant with my sixth baby, my parents gave me a shower gift of condoms, vasectomy pamphlets, and a subscription to cable tv. The thing to keep in mind when strangers (and even family) say things like, "Holy crap!" or "Was it planned?" or "Don't you know what causes that?" is that they are ignorant fools don't usually mean to be rude; it's just that they can't imagine having so many kids themselves, so they can't fathom why anyone else would either. Then again, we don't go around saying, "You only have one kid? Holy crap! Why? Don't you know how to have more?" Hmmmm, yep, I guess there's really no excuse for the rudeness. But, as I was saying - I really don't think most people mean to be rude. And the most important thing is that you and your husband are happy. It doesn't really matter what others may think.

I honestly can't remember how I broke the news to my parents with any of my pregnancies. Must have been real memorable. I think a good way to break the news would be to start with something more dramatic, that way your announcement won't seem like such a big deal. Something like, "Did you hear the Duggars are expecting their 20th child? Kinda makes 5 kids look like a cake walk, huh?" Or maybe, "I just went to the doctor and I have a condition. I need several tests and I'll need to be seen regularly for the next several months." After your parents freak out that you have some terrible life-threatening disease, tell them that you're just pregnant. They'll be so relieved you aren't sick or dying that they'll be thrilled with your pregnancy.

In your case, you could get the kids matching basketball jerseys and when they question it, just tell them that you're starting a basketball team. Unless you don't think your parents would get the connection that there are 5 players on the bball court. Maybe find a photo frame with 5 openings and fill 4 of the holes with pictures of your kids and either leave the 5th opening empty or put an ultrasound picture in it or just write "baby" there.


Please welcome our musical guests!

Until next week!


sharalyns said...

You'd be surprised about the one child questioning. I *have* had multiple people ask me if we need help in figuring out how to have more since we only have one child at the moment. Nope, no we don't, thank you very much, but thanks for bringing up the very painful reality of my four miscarriages. BTW, I have a papercut and some salt and lemon juice, would you like to have a go at it?

Diagnose Rachel said...

Love the song. Of all the songs about holding on and hard times, THIS ONE IS UPBEAT and doesn't leave me depressed and crying. Just crying because of the ride and everything is going to be alright (alright)

You being yourself is enough now.

Mayberry Mom said...

So, how scary is it that I know who
Casimir Pulaski is?! My grandma lives in Cudahy, WI, which I call Little Poland. There is a Pulaski High school, Pulaski Inn (banquet hall), and I'm sure some streets with that name. LOL I'm actually the only family member that I know of that didn't have their wedding reception at Pulaski Inn. I didn't want to be engaged for a bazillion years in order to book it so.... :o)

I'm sorry for the hard times the kids are having because of Joe's actions. I hope things get better soon.

Elaine said...


I'm glad you see everything in life with humour. I'm sorry that Joe has decided he needs some time out in such a difficult time for you and especially the kids. I hope he'll realise how much he loves them and start behaving like a true parent.

Just know that there are heaps of bloggers here to hear you vent and support you. I hope you won't have to move out and you'll be ok financially because we'll all buy your book :)

But yea as some people have mentioned, if you decide to post less frequently on the blog or even stop blogging, we'll understand and still pray for you.

Hope you and the kiddos are doing ok :)

Mel said...

Dawn, I nearly snorted my soda when I read "I just went to the doctor and I have a condition. I need several tests and I'll need to be seen regularly for the next several months." This was EXACTLY what my mother told my hypochondriac grandmother when she found she was pregnant with me.... she was a little young at the time :o

Meredith said...

I had to laugh at the "attention span of a jelly bean" comment. I always joke that certain individuals in my life (who shall remain nameless, except for my HUBBY) have the attention span of a flea with hiccups! Interesting times...

Letty said...

I am totally with you on the vomit phobia- and could handle my babies spit-up just fine, as well. I think for me the freak factor starts when they eat solid food and you know they're vomiting from a virus- that you can catch- which could make you vomit! Ackk!!

Jennifer said...

wow, i can't believe your in-laws told their son to abandon his family like that. I'm sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you and your family as you move through this difficult period.

Anonymous said...

I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child and every singel person that we have told asked us if it was planned!! Hello, this is only our 2nd child and even though it wasn't planned it was deffinatly wanted, we just didn't know when!! Makes me mad when people ask stuff like that, can't you just say congratulations before asking stupid questions!!!!

Paula said...


My 16 yr old son was just diagnosed this year with ADHD and he is taking Vyvanse too. Hallejuah - it has been a God-send! He is so much more focused and is making good grades again. Also, he doesn't blurt out inappropriate things in class. Several of his teachers have emailed me, it has made such a difference. Glad to hear the Vyvanse is helping Jackson, too. (It's not cheap, but it's worth it!)

Anonymous said...

I recently read one of the cutest things - my friend received a Valentine from her only grandchild, she was of course delighted to get a new picture of him - then she noticed he was wearing a t-shirt with 'I'm Going To Be A Big Brother' printed on it!

Lyuda said...

Great idea on breaking the big news... I should use that in any of the bad news I tell my family. LOL. [Me: "Mom, dad, did you hear about the guy who was speeding and drove into a pole, ending up in the hospital with a several broken bones, concussion and punctured lung...well, I'm all healthy but I did get a ticket for speeding...but again, compared to the poor guy in the hospital, I'm well off. The only thing is that I have a headache...and I feel that any punishment or lectures will only make it worse and possibly aggregate a stress-induced ulcer. (parents: "oh honey, we're so glad you're okay..don't worry about the ticket, we'll pay it off ourselves.") LOL...Do you think that might work? ;-) Doesn't hurt to try, huh?

Jacqui said...

LOVE the song!!!! Hope it keeps you upbeat.
It just takes some time, little girl, you are in the middle of the ride!!!

Natasha said...

Wow! Oh my gosh, I take Vivanse!
I am 13 years old, and I want you to tell Jackson this so he will know what to expect.
He is gonna feel very 'different', I can't really explain it but it isn't a BAD different, he is just gonna be kinda not as "OH MY GOSH A FLY! YAH!!!!". Plus, he is gonna lose his appetite for a LONG time. It'll be hard for you to get him to eat. He'll get used to it though, and learn to cope. I like this symptom. I use to be overweight like 6 months ago, then I started taking it, and I lost 35 POUNDS in only like 6 months! I am NOT overweight anymore :). But don't worry, it wasn't like an anorexic stop eating, it was a I didn't want to eat a much and I didn't crave sweets too much anymore and my stomach has actually SHRUNK. I can't eat near as much as I used to. I am glad because I used to be very self-conscious, even though I know Jackson is not overweight. Also, he at first is going to have trouble sleeping, but when that goes away watch what happens when he forgets to take it a day. He will be tossing and turning and jittery and nervous ALL night. So after the initial newness of the medicine is gone, it will help him TREMENDOUSLY. I just wanted to help because I didn't have anyone when I first started, so I thought I could help. I have been reading your blog for three years now! Anyway tell Jackson all this please and tell him I said good luck!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Dawn, I sure hope you know that even in the corrupt city of Chicago, even the most hard hearted judge would not put a mother with six children out of their home. The person to go would be Joe (obviously he's gone) so I don't even think I'd worry about finding another place to live. I'll keep you in my prayers that things turn out well for you and the kids...hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I've heard all the comments from pretty much EVERYONE about having ONLY one child. Why in the world do people (strangers and family alike) feel like it's automatically their business when it comes to how many kids a family has??? Yes, we have one -- wonderful -- child and that's it. YES, we know how to make more! Yes, we wanted more kids! No, we didn't ask for your advice! God blessed us with one child and we're happy with that -- you should be, too!!

Wow! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!! You're so good to all of us, Dawn!!

Hey -- HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!! ((hugs))

Donna in PA :)

Bailey's Leaf said...

And when you only have one, regardless to the fact that you almost died from severe pre-eclampsia and adopted the world's most beautiful domestic county baby, people do say crap about only having one child. Really, for some reason so many people feel like they have some reason to have input into your family way of life when really t'ain't none of their business.

mommeeof9 said...

My dad did not know I was pregnant with number 10 until I was in the hospital with preterm labor. He was so negative about #9, even calling cps as I had a messed up back and my house was messy when I was 8 months pregnant. I decided I did not need added stress. I told mom, why she did not tell him I do not know. My siblings also knew, at least the ones who read my live journal.

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