Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, home of the biggest ball of mud, it's Sunday sound out with your host who never sleeps, Dawn Meehan!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Except my readers from other countries. Not that I hope you guys had a bad Thanksgiving or anything. I just figure you probably don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But, just in case, any of my readers from other countries do, in fact, celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! OK, I'll stop talking now.

We went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. My sister and her family were at her inlaws so it was a small gathering. Basically, my mom went nuts cooking an entire grocery store's worth of food, I ate until I nearly threw up, and my kids ran around the place like feral children who were being introduced to society for the first time. My mom did a great job of not stressing out as my children repeatedly broke the sound barrier although I have a feeling she might have downed a bottle of wine after we left. Just kidding, Mom. Thanks for dinner!

Now, here are the answers to this week's burning questions...

Hi, Dawn. I am into the third chapter of your book. My question is after the first few children, did you "plan" to have the rest of the brood? Did you go through a list of apprehensive "what-ifs"?
Honestly, we only "planned" to have 2. We only "tried" for the first 2. I never went back and forth in my mind, weighing the pros and cons of having more kids. I never made a conscious decision to have 6. It just sorta happened. Some days I'd like 6 more. Others, I'd like 6 less. Just kidding. Sort of. (Hey, I had all 6 home nonstop for the past 5 days. I've never heard so much fighting in my life. Give me a break.)

You make fun of St. Louis style pizza and yet you serve "flat" pizza to your guests?
Yeah, but there's a difference between "flat" Rosatti's pizza and St. Louis pizza (aka - a matzo cracker covered with ketchup and goo). :::running away before angry St. Louisians throw cracker-pizza at me:::

Well don't leave us hanging! Where's the finished project [cheer DVD] for us to see?? :)
Eh, you don't want to see that. It's over 20 minutes long and it's kinda boring. It was just for the girls so they could watch themselves over and over and over and over again...

Repeat after me, "I am NOT Superwoman. I WILL toss that cape. I CAN ask for help. I WILL ask for help."
I am NOT Superwoman. I WILL toss that cape. I CAN ask for help. I WILL ask for help. Now, can anyone help me find my cape?

I'm wondering why you didn't hire Austin to do it for you in the 1st place ;)
Austin? MY Austin? The kid who had 5 days to make up his missing homework assignments especially since he wasn't allowed tv and video games, yet still has incomplete work? That Austin? Oooo boy, that's funny!

Were there any Cheerios inside [the arm rests of Brooklyn's carseat] ? Or Polly Pockets?
Nope, but funny you should mention Polly Pockets. I did find a little plastic Polly Pocket shoe and an empty Sonic tots container, and a piece of string cheese in the back of my van the other day! They'd been there since the Mesozoic Era. I don't even know what the Mesozoic Era is. It sounds good though. I need sleep. about before bed drinking some Plum Wine !
If you insist. :::going to pour a glass:::

Can't remember if Brooklyn is still in bed with you at night, wriggling and disturbing your sleep?
I guess I never showed you guys the pictures! We bought Brooklyn her own bed a couple months ago. She slept in it without any problems at all for a whopping TWO nights! Then she decided it was too scary to sleep alone and she took over Lexi's bed. Sooo, thankfully, other than an occasional night, she's out of my bed. She's Lexi's problem now!

The girls' room...

Lexi's bed (now known as Lexi's AND Brooklyn's bed) on top and Brooklyn's bed (now known as the toy box) on the bottom.

Savannah's bed atop Savannah's and Lexi's dressers

Brooklyn's dresser

I die if it's 69 in my house. And get pissed off. I usually need it to be 70 or 71. And still need socks on most nights!
Thank you!!! I was really starting to feel like a weirdo for complaining that my house was 62. 62 is COLD! I can't believe how many of you keep your houses that cold on purpose. More power to you! I like a nice 68 degrees personally.

OK, do you watch a lot of "Phineas and Ferb" or am I the only one that thinks of them whenever someone says "Yes, Yes I am."??
I watch so much Phineas and Ferb, in fact, that I snicker everytime my New York friends mention the "tri-state area". Oooo, oooo! Speaking of my New York friends.... one of my NY friends,
Beth Feldman from Role Mommy is coming to town! Wanna know why? Of course you do! Because she's got this book, See Mom Run and it's full of essays from awesome bloggers like ME! And the book tour includes a stop in Chicago THIS Thursday! So, anyone in the area, please come out and see us attempt a little stand-up at
The Comedy Sportz Theatre
929 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL
Thursday, December 3
from 5:00-7:00

AND... that's not all! Some local contributors (including ME!) of Margaret McSweeney's book Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace will be on hand to sign books on
Saturday, December 5
from 2:00 - 4:00
at the Barnes and Noble in Deer Park
Deer Park Town Center
20600 North Rand Road
Deer Park, IL

Come to the book signing and support the work of Hands of Hope and Wings!


RubyT said...

I think it depends how cold it is outside. The colder it is outside, the warmer you have to set the heat not to feel cold. I'm sure it's much colder in Chicago than in TN, so I can keep my heat at 63 and not feel as cold as you do at 68.

Also, my grandparents were Scandinavian. It sounds silly, but I think that matters. I actually grew up in TX and my husband in WI, but he gets cold more easily than I do, and he tolerates heat better than I do. That's got to be DNA rather than experience.

Eva said...

Hi, that blue color in your girls bedroom is actually very nice...

Anonymous said...

"yes! now I can pee all over the tri state area! I..I.. Oh what am I doing with my life" XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

we keep our house at a nice 65 degrees, but my older sister upstairs insists on keeping our room at 60 degrees below 0! I FREEZE every night up there! even in the winter its that cold! she wont EVER turn the heat on, cause she says it makes a "funny smell", I don't care bout funny smells! I care about keeping our room colder than it would be in the ice age!

hey mommy said...

OMG! Thank you SO much for the tip on Phineas & Ferb. My sons watch it and I have obviously done a fabulous job of tuning it out, because when my 5 year old told my husband that he was the "best daddy in the tri-state area" we had NO IDEA where it came from. Now we know - thanks! :-)

Unknown said...

Did the Plum Wine work ?
I have some but haven't tried it yet.
Was waiting on you to decide. LOL

I play Freecell until I can't see the cards and then I know I have to hit the pillow. But I can't sleep straight thru all night and don't think I ever have.

Good luck !

Blended said...

My husband has the "that's what my baby says" as his ring tone. It is the only cartoon these days that is actually encouraging the kids to use their imagination for good!!! We always qoute the "doofinschmertz incorporated" (bad spelling) when it comes on....and I have an 11 year old neice that always texts me "whatcha doin" and I can't help but referrence it to the little girl on there!

Sunshine Brown said...

Ugggh....My 13 yeah old could be a straight A student yet refuses to turn his completed assignments in. He actually does complete them (part of the time) but then just leaves them in his folder and is shocked when he gets a 0%. Like the teachers should have x-ray vision and know he has it completed in his bookbag. I take it as they get older (Austin at 14) that it does not get better? What else can you do (besides beat them silly which is what I feel like doing!!!)?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I keep my house temperature 72F or above in the winter, but in the summer, I can stand up to 85F. Am I weird or what? Talk about vampires. Maybe I am partly cold-blooded. He he.

Angie said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! May God bless all you do for his glory!

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