Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nearly Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, where our river flows backwards, it's Sunday Sound Out starring the old woman who lives in a shoe, Dawn Meehan, and with musical guest, Perry Como.

I would love to know where you do your grocery shopping at? I only have 4 kids so its a challange for me everytime I shop. I would love to know where you grocey shop and do you budget etc....???
I do almost all my shopping at Aldi. I'm not very good at clipping coupons and running from store to store to get the best deals. I just don't have the time or patience for that, but Aldi has the overall cheapest prices that I've found. When I started shopping there, my grocery bill was cut in half. Literally. They don't always have the best selection of fresh produce however, so I do tend to fill in the gaps with a few things from Jewel now and then. I used to be very good at sticking to a budget, but I've gotten lax over the years. I'm just getting back to that system now. I don't own a credit card which makes it easier - if I don't have the money, I can't get the item. Period.

Question - What are your thoughts on the Swine Flu vaccine? Had you considered it before it hit? Having lived through it, would you have vaccinated or just suffered through it?
I wasn't planning on getting the kids (or myself) the vaccination, but according to my pediatrician, I no longer have to make that decision since the kids have already gotten the flu. Honestly, it wasn't bad for my kids, but then again, my kids don't have any other health issues, immune problems, or asthma either. I did almost take Lexi to the ER one night because of her high fever and wheezing, but that was about it.

Where's the photo of you and Savannah dressed up? :)
I haven't dressed up in 20-some years. Why dress up when you can just make up your own costume with

But here's my DAUGHTER...

Should I be concerned that Jackson dressed like a girl and Savannah dressed like a dude?

if you haven't already, go take a look at today's online Chicago Tribune and scroll down to the business section. There's a picture of someone who looks alot like you and a young boy who looks alot like Clay sitting on a couch with a laptop...Just wondering if it is you and if there is another article about you in the Trib today?
Yep, that's us, but there's no article about me in the Trib now. They must've just used the photo they took a couple years ago because it fit their story. You know, because I'm so amazingly photogenic. Snort!

I forgot to announce the winner of the Zing Zang Zoom circus tickets giveaway! The random winner is...

Chasity said...
Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I've never taken my boys to the circus, what a treat for them that would be. Thanks.

Congratulations! Email me at for details on how to get your tickets! And it's not too late for everyone else to get a discount to the upcoming Chicago shows. Just use coupon code MOM at checkout for a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 at Ticketmaster!


Rachel E. said...

How are things going with you and Joe? I would love to hear how everything is at your house and how I can pray for you both and the kids specifically.

Anonymous said...

I love Perry Como! And I needed a reminder today to be positive. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I love that they dressed as the opposite sex. Savannah makes one good looking dude, too ;)

I love Aldi, too - and the produce is right on. I tweak and add from Caputo's (our umm "produce market" that caters to many ethnicities) which is SO much cheaper than Jewel or Dominick's. I so rarely go there anymore, even with a Dominick's within walking distance -- and that's saying something in suburbia!

Brother Frankie said...

i have that album....:) was my moms, i love it

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