Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Sound Out

Yeah, yeah, better late than never, right? I've been so busy. It's hard being a stay-at-home mom in the summer. I mean, I have to get up at 10:00, put sunscreen on 6 kids, make a cup of coffee, drive a whole 5 blocks to the pool, and lie around for hours on the lazy river. When am I supposed to find time to blog in all that??? Without further ado, here's my sound out.

what's a tooth go for these days??? I'm sure you've spent tons of money on teeth with 6 kids. lol
Well, in these here parts, teeth go for $1.00. Unless, of course, the tooth fairy forgets to make an appearance and has to leave a $2.00 guilt offering the next night. And when the tooth fairy forgets 2 or more nights in a row...well, let's just say I'm still paying off that loan.

Ok, I need some tooth advice (although is Lex destined for braces with a tooth growing in behind or does it move on its own or?...): Mister Man has his very first loose tooth. How long before it comes out? What do I do to ummm encourage him? How long before the next tooth comes in to replace it?
Yes, I bet few of you know that I'm not just a mom, but I'm actually a dentist in my free time.
Ummm, Lexi's teeth will hopefully all move and line up nicely. If not, I'll have to take her on the road as "The Amazing Shark Girl" because Savannah already used all our orthodontic insurance.

You may have mentioned this on your website before, but I flipped open my Parenting (School Years) magazine and saw your face and name on the GoodNites advertisement for their new LiteNights campaign. I'll have to check out that site to read more about it (it's an issue 2 of my kids struggle with). You don't have to name names, but have any of your kids had night-time issues with staying dry??
Absolutely! We had nighttime wetting here for a looooong time and just recently, Clay has been having issues with occasional wetting after being completely dry at night for well over a year. The GoodNites NiteLite Panel has been talking about bedtime routines and things you can do to enjoy some special bonding time with your child before bedtime. If you want to join the conversation about bedwetting and things you can do to ensure your child has a good night, come visit the Special Bedtime Moments page on Gather.com HERE.

I haven't been to your site in forever (it's the ADD in me), but a friend recently loaned me her copy of your book, so I'm visiting and laughing.
If I send the book to you with a SASE with my friend's return address on it, would that just be crazy? It's not signed, but she loves your site and your book.

Nope, I've had several readers send me their books to be signed. :) If you sent me, say, a rubber chicken, that would be crazy.

PS- did you get a new couch? I like it! (ok- I know, I really don't know you since I've only been reading your blog since "the" Ebay auction- but I just thought you had a beige couch- sorry if this sounds too stalker-like!)
LOL! It always amazes me how closely you guys pay attention to details! I'll have to keep that in mind should I ever need to dispose of the evidence couches.
The couches are the same, but I do have different slipcovers on them. They used to be tan.

Gotta love it when you find something that knocks them out :) Do you want me to tell you what time my wee ones are asleep each night? ;)
Go ahead. Want me to tell you how late mine sleep each morning? ;)
(I'm a night person, remember?)

Gorgeous pic! I have one of my daughter on her back fast asleep with her legs UP against the wall pointing outwards.
How do they DO it?

I have no idea. Lex is especially good at dong stupid human tricks with her legs...

Why would you need California pizza when you have perfectly good Chicago pizza?
I know, right?! I have this debate often with my friend Denise, who lives on Long Island. I finally sent her some Lou's one day so she could see for herself how awesome Chicago pizza is. She called me up and asked, "Why did you send me a casserole?" She called Lou's pizza a CASSEROLE! :::shaking head:::

SSO: I have a 6 & 5 yo and it really bothers me that a lot of older kids(and a lot of adults too) now a days have no respect when adults and little kids are around and they are always cursing. I usually get up and leave with my kids but I'm sick of it. What do you usually do in these situations?
I just say, "Do you &$#* mind??? There are little kids here! Now shut the *&^#$*&# up!"

So has Savannah always liked shopping with you? If not when did it start?
Savannah has always liked shopping with me. In fact, I think everyone but Austin likes shopping with me. When Austin goes with me, to liven things up, we just try to out-embarrass each other. I'll hold up a pink dress and say loudly, "Austin, I'm not going to buy you this. Everyone will make fun of you if you wear this to school. Can you just pick out some boy clothes, please?!" He'll wave and say, "Hi!" loudly to everyone we pass. And we don't live in the south where people do that sort of thing. He just gets stares and looks of pity from the passersby.

No comment on the loud music in Hollister? The one here in Georgia that my daughters feel they "have to go to" plays music SOOOO loud that I can't hear a word they say for the next 2 weeks! It's horrible!
Yeah, I guess I left that out, didn't I? The part where I said, "Can you tell me if you have this in a large? What? What?? WHAT DID YOU SAY???"
"Oh, this IS a large? Where's the rest of it?" I eyed the shirt and decided that I must be in the toddler section.
I walked over to the next rack and pick up a cute headband. I slipped it over my hair and smiled at Savannah who rolled her eyes and told me to take the bikini off my head.
"The bikinwhat? This headband is a bathing suit?!"
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Beth said...

Your child has rubber legs!!!! That looks like it hurts. Owww...

Michelle said...

Hey, when you havethat many kids, you get to be an expert on all sorts of things, right?

And WOW with Lexi's leg. That's cool... in a funky almost queasy sort of way :)

Your summer life sounds great. I'd love to trade, but I don't think you'd take me up on it though!

momofmonkeys said...

Ohhh Dawn - Your response to the gal who asked about how you deal with people cursing around your kids was PRICELESS!! I still have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard!! You've made my day!!! *&$#@$*& Hilarious!!!!!

Regina said...

It does amaze me how kids continue to curse with adults around. That never happened "back in my day"! I live next to a schoolyard where kids tend to play hockey, and have had to go out and tell them to stop the cursing when there are little kids around. It doesn't always work. The schoolyard is next to a church too! You would think they would have some respect.

Bekah said...

It may have been a late sound out but it had me literally LOL! :-)
Chicago Pizza being a casserole...For Shame!
Hollister Bikini being a headband...SO TRUE!
People swearing....Here in the south, I look at people and say, "Ummm, there are children around"
The other day at Dillards (think Marshall Fields) an employee swore in front of my kid and I ended up getting a free gift wrap!
Another time we were at a restaurant and could hear the cooks cursing, I talked to the manager and we got a free meal out of the deal! :-)
I don't care where you live, cursing around kids is unacceptable and I have learned to just tell the person so....usually they are the one who is embarrassed!

Carie said...

Don't know how you handle 6! I'm going crazy with 3 (and a puppy)!

I am a wife, a mother, and a graduate student. I’m currently researching mommy blogs, and I found your blog. I would appreciate your input about why you blog! If you would participate, please visit my blog—http://reflectionsofasheepishlion.blogspot.com—and answer my questions in your comment.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn,

Please tell Lexi NOT to do that to her leg! yikes!! It looks like it hurts a - LOT!

I'm just curious....Do you still keep up with Julian's Mom (I can't remember her name)? How is she doing dealing with the loss of her sweet kid?

Enjoy your summer ; )
Lisa Kiesling, Dallas, Texas

Vicki said...

Oh my you are just great....I too love the reply to the "nasty" talking!!!!!!!!
I must share that one!

Paula71 said...

Please post a video of Sav doing that trick i want to see how she does that. My son just spent a little time TRYING to do that.

Dawn said...

That was Lexi and the only reason she can do that is because she intoes. (Both her knees and her hips turn in.) The orthopaedist says her legs will straighten out eventually. Actually, they've already started to some. So it's a good thing if you can't contort your legs like that! :)

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I've never really understood the obsession some people have with making kids go to sleep early. When you do that, they just get UP early! Ack! Who wants that?! During the holidays, my kids stay up reasonably late and they sleep reasonably late to make up for it. No harm done, no sleep lost, everybody gets to sleep in, ta da! Works for us. ;)

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