Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doubled Eggs

This morning I was going over some questions in preparation for a radio interview I did today. As I was reading the questions, I saw Clay moving around in the kitchen.

"Whatcha doing, Clay?"

"I'm making eggs."

Flashbacks of his last egg-making episode flashed through my mind. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read about it HERE.)

"What do you mean you're making eggs?" I asked in a panic.

"I'm making those kinda eggs you made yesterday," he answered simply.

"Deviled eggs?" I asked.

"Yes, doubled eggs!" Clay answered happily.

I walked into the kitchen to see that Clay had sliced a hardboiled egg in half with a butter knife, had scooped out the yolk, and had added about 1/2 a cup of mayonnaise to it. I wasn't even mad that he'd gotten into all this stuff without asking me because I was so impressed that he remembered how to make deviled eggs. Ok, so he didn't really get the proportions right, but he didn't do bad for, you know, a FIVE year old!

I helped him add a couple more egg yolks and some mustard to his mayonnaise mixture. As I did this, he climbed on a chair to reach the cupboard with my spices and pulled out a jar of cayenne pepper. Thankfully I saw the label and stopped him before he sprinkled the eggs with red pepper. I can only imagine his face after biting into that! But again, I was impressed he remembered that I'd sprinkled them with paprika and that he'd found something that looked very much like paprika.

This was much better than the last creation ('speriment) he came up with in the kitchen. I'm going with the theory that he's going to make an awesome husband some day and his wife will love me for teaching him how to cook. What? It could happen!


Oh and the other day I twittered that I had a new granddaughter named Jane. I know a few of you who follow my twitter stream were wondering what on earth I was talking about. Savannah had to do a project on genetics. She and a partner had to flip a coin to determine if they'd have a boy or girl and what color eyes, hair, etc. the child would have. Here's a picture of my new granddaughter.... Yeah, I know she looks like she's already 10 years old. Just go with it.


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Check them out and good luck! :)


Michelle said...

Wow, Clay is impressive! What a smart little cookie.... I need to get Mister Man more involved again. For awhile there, he was loving helping out.

But oh man. I can just picture biting into the cayenne. The next time I'm annoyed with my husband, I know that *I'm* doing though (insert evil laugh here).

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Could you send him here to make some double eggs? I have 4 dozen eggs to turn into deviled eggs or egg salad!!!

Tammy said...

Book title ideas - "What was I thinking?!"

Did you enjoy your pregnancies? Personally, I hated being pregnant. I definitely looked at it as a crappy means to a phenomenal end. I endured several months of pelvic separation with my 2 kids, and slept in a recliner.

Didn't you post somewhere how many months you were pregnant? You could use that somehow?

WhisperingWriter said...

Ooo I love devilled eggs.

Your son is very smart to want some. I love those things.

Anonymous said...

I remember the whole genetics project. I got partnered with another girl. The "daughter" we came up with had blonde hair, brown eyes, and a unibrow. She was hideous. Imagine my utter shock when 10 years later, I have a god-daughter with the same description who is the most adorable child in the world - unibrow and all. (-:

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

Sounds like your son will make a great chef!:)

yamato said...

Ours threw some chocolate easter eggs into the pan last sunday. What a mess - but he's a kid

Katrina said...

My 6 year old calls them graveled eggs! So now my whole family calls them that.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great way to keep him doing the right kind of thing in the kitchen! I'll bet if he keeps learning to cook, he'll stop his 'speriments. :) Maybe you could get a night off too. Just have him cook. LOL.
That's pretty cool that he remembered how to do it. What a great kid!
My friend actually made the cayenne pepper mistake. To be honest, it wasn't too bad. We called them devilish deviled eggs. :)

geelizzie said...

You know what makes good deviled eggs? Instead of mayo, use 1000 island dressing-it's so good! That's all you add, just the dressing.

Terri said...

Thank goodness the granddaughter mystery is solved! I think Clay will be a wonderful husband someday...and it will be to your credit. If he's not, of course, it's not your fault. It's Joe's.

hallejbeagle20 said...

I love your blog you and your children are so cute and funny. You are one of mine and my wife's blog addictions. Our other addiction is coupons. If anyone else has such addiction, http://thecouponbarnyard.blogspot.com has a contest going on right now to win some extra coupons.

Wade & Cait

Missy said...

Cute... my 6 year old calls them "doubled eggs" too, which we now all are calling them. I think it's precious. And we do add a teeeeensy bit of cayenne to the eggs, but paprika on top, for sure.

Ruth said...

I love to bake and hate to cook. My husband loves to cook but can't bake. He does most of the cooking and I do the baking. Any man who can cook is a sure winner in my book. Keep him in the kitchen, your future daughter-in-law will thank you for it!

Anonymous said...

your granddaughter is gorgeous

Liesl said...

since my son was little we have always had "doubled eggs" at our picnics!! We all call them that now.

Mendi said...

Not only is Clay funny, he's one smart cookie, too! You should let him watch the Food Network and you might get a meal out of it!

Step Monster said...

ok so I saw on twitter you need help with the title for a book about pregnancy. You needing help for something like this makes me laugh in the first place...but I like the idea of calling it (in a kids voice because they say the most 'cutest' things) "Mommy swallowed a watermelon seed."

Good luck!

navymommy said...

My daughter calls them "angel eggs" because she doesn't like to say devil. : )

Candi said...

Thank you, Clay. We love "doubled" eggs around here, but never know what to call them. In all honesty, I just call them deviled eggs but eyebrows raise at church socials.&}
Some call them spiced eggs but there are spiced eggs that come in big jars with brine, that many people don't like and wrinkle their nose when you mention them as part of the menu. So Doubled eggs it is, from her on out around our house! :) Mmmmmmm.

Nicki said...

I was in the bookstore today because I had a gift certificate from my stepmom left over from Christmas. And I was trying to think of what kind of book I wanted, cause I barely EVER get the chance to spend money on a new book for myself! Then I remembered your book, and even remembered the title, and I went to try and find it... and found out it isn't even out yet! Bummer! (Maybe I'll get another book store certificate for my birthday next month!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I don't want to come across mean or snide or any other bad adjective, however, I would like to state that I am a little disappointed in you lately. I understand you are busy with you book release and interviews and whatnot. Although, I feel like your readers (who love you so much) are getting the short end of the stick. Your readers are the reason you have gotten where you are right now. They are the page views that keep coming back day after day hoping that you will have updated your hilarious blog to brighten their day a little. But then we sign on, and nothing....no updates for days on end.

I get that you are busy, and I don't want to be that reader that's all "poor me" about this. But please come back and write for the people that have been here since the beginning!

We miss you, I miss you. Come back!
-Lindsay L.

Jen said...

I just finished reading your book! I loved it and I will definitely recommend it to all of my mommy friends!

Dawn said...

Wow, I just don't even know what to say to this so I think I'd better keep my mouth shut. People never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I have a suggestion for the person who still has the ability to amaze you. Perhaps she could use you as a role model and then utilize her talents to reach up and grab her own star! There's always plenty of room at the top, it's just the cotton picking bottom that gets crowded.

You enjoy every blessing that is sent your way and the rest of us can either chase our own dreams or sit in our rocking chairs and read about your life.


By the way, you will love Georgia. A bunch of wonderful people live there.

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