Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm taking time to work on my book tonight so I thought I'd repost something from last year at this time. Click HERE to read it. Just keep in mind that this is a year old so some of the links in this post no longer work.

I know, I know, no one likes reruns. But I have a deadline to meet so it's this or nothing tonight!


Kristen said...

I did not know about your blog last year. Thank you for the rerun. It made me laugh. I always love to laugh!!!

Michelle said...

So does this mean you have significantly fewer than 43,000 words left to write?

And I was SOOOO thinking about writing a post really soon along the same lines as that one. Somehow it isn't the same if I'm cheating from a year ago vs right now. *sigh* I'll find another topic somehow ;)

Good luck with your writing!

Dawn said...

What exactly do you mean by "significant"?
And don't be a dork - you don't have to think of a new topic!

tchrbev said...

Enjoy your time working on the book. I can't wait to see this one in print, too. We, your loyal cheerleaders, are proud of you and so happy about your success. You are the captain of the MOM team -- the Moms Of Many. (Okay, maybe it's a little bit for selfish reasons since we live vicariously through you, but only a little bit.)

Yay Dawn!

:-) Happy Thanksgiving!


Jennifer in Wisconsin said...

Hey a little tough love never hurt anyone. Good us you to show us that we need to fulfill our commitments and can not always be our friends. Oh wait, that's what we try to tell our kids.

mandyhugo@aol.com said...

Hello Dawn

I was cleaning my boys room last night and found something VERY disturbing. I am so mad at myself for not taking a picture and sending it to you to see if you could figure out what is was. I dumped everthing in the room into the middle of the floor and started sorting and pitching when I came across a dried up, flat, dead frog!! I went to church afterward and was telling the story and the lady said "so did you come to say a prayer for the frog?" I replied "No I came to say a prayer for the boys". I thought you might enjoy that story. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Regina said...

I empathize with your husband. There are not enough savings in the world to get me out on Black Friday. Anyway, the stores are so eager for us to buy this year, the deals should be good all season long.
Mandy, I love the dried up frog story. It's stories like that that make me glad my son was more into video games than nature!

Mummy McTavish said...

Okay, nothing to do with the post... about the dried frog... They are a way of life here, we have dubbed our house "frogsend". The dried ones are the type you want... for some reason some dry up and make a little froggy shaped disc and some go all gooey and sloppy and hold their froggy shape until you pick them up and they ooze all over the place and STINK.
So, there's a little something to be thankful for mandy... it wasnt frog soup in a skin :)

Do you want pictures? I have a doozy I have been ignoring in our garage;)

Sorry to hijack your comments dawn.

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