Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Edition of Wackadoo Googlers

It's time, once again, for a list of the strange words people Google that land them on my blog.

do you want your hubby to wear girls clothing yahoo answers
Well, I don't know what Yahoo answered about this, but I'd have to say a big resounding "NO!"

i said my tables over and over, backward and forward too...
They landed on my blog with this one because I talk about math tables all the time. You know, because I love math so much.

i had to hold my child so she didn't throw my computer through the window.
Did you play her that scary Yo Gabba Gabba video? Because I want to throw my computer out the window when I see that.

average grocery shopping trip
I don't know if I'm the best person to talk about average grocery shopping trips.

what blueberry look like in brooklyn
They look pretty much the same as in any other city.

i don't know y is my life so boring
Oh, but look how you spiced it up with your funky spelling of the word "why"!

blogspot family my cast duck tape
Here's another example of googling under the influence. And it's DUCT tape, people!!!

why does little bear not wear clothes
He wears a scarf when it's cold outside. That counts.

dawn's family's feet geting ticked by pokemon
"Ticked" by Pokemon? Ohhh, you mean "tickled" by Pokemon. Well, that makes perfect sense.

tickle torcher until we there self
Huh? Although I enjoy your creative spelling of the word "torture", I really don't understand what on earth you're trying to say.

dawn meehan is too cool!
Why yes, yes she is.

tell dawn i said so
Hey! That's my line!

should i get paid if i resign
Yes, yes sure. Let's all resign from our jobs and still get paid.

if guys wear girl would you make them peeing
An example of someone using English as a second language.

what can i have for supper
OK, this one stumps me. Seriously, someone googled this? And what came up? A menu? A list of dinner choices? My blog???

i got a blackeye shiner and i am proud of it

boob stickers
Take it easy, take it easy folks, this is just from the mammogram I had

always a hilarious word

what should i get my son for my birthday if i have forgotten about it
I generally don't buy my son anything for my birthday. And I almost never buy him anything for my birthday if I've forgotten about it. You know, because I've FORGOTTEN about it.

pictures of a 19 yr old in diapers being babysat

caught my 8 year old son picking his nose and eating it
What's your point?

guys love girls that smell good
Although I do tend to shower every day, I can't figure out how some of these land people on my blog.

do bats poop on humans?
I'm convinced they do! So walk very quickly through the free-flying bat exhibits at the zoo.

how to relate to the 6 year olders
Just say lots of words like "juicebutt" and you're good.

reaction about love stories where the girl is so busy that she dont have time for his man
"She don't have time for his man". I think as long as she has time for her man, it's ok.

do squirrels in nebraska carry rabies?
No, but they do carry cute little umbrellas when it rains.

clay toilet clog
Yes, Clay has clogged the toilet more than once.

am i supposed to warm up a chicken nugget lunchable?
No, you're supposed to throw the whole thing in the garbage because chicken nugget Lunchables are gross.

can wearing pants too tight injure
I've gained 10 pounds since I left for L.A. last month and I can say with full authority that yes, wearing pants that are too tight can indeed injure. OK, well maybe they won't injure you, but they don't feel good.

pictchers of pokemoncards
When you're unsure if the word is "pitchers" or "pictures", just combine the two to cover all bases.

moth catipliers
Yes, the famed moth catiplier. It turns into a beautiful butterfly and can be used to grip things too.

so i am a mom now what?
Now you should start reading my blog. :)


My Three Sons said...

"tickle torcher until we there self"

I'm guessing this person was attempting to say tickle torture until they wee theirselves.
Yes, I clearly spend too much time on stupid things! Back to much more important things!
Like asking, where do you find out the google things for your site? Maybe its just that no one has ever arrived on my blog through a google search but I simply can NOT find the option to see this through statcounter.

Michelle said...

By the way, there is such a thing as duck tape - its a brand

I know this because when I was a kid, my dad bought rolls of Duck packing tape when we were moving.

I didn't like it. It smelled funny.

Anyway, they do carry duct tape - in all sorts of colors as well.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

oh good googly moogly....i don't even think i want to know what people google to land on my blog...then again it might prove to be some additional entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I love how so many people don't understand what Google is for. It's a search engine, people, not a Magic 8 Ball!

Thanks for the laugh, Dawn!

Anna said...

These things are always just WAYYYYY too funny.

My blog never gets so many interesting search word choices.

:) Thanks for the outright chortles today!

Jennifer said...

Hmmm.... I feel the same way about the chicken nugget lunchables.

CatholicGirl said...

How do you figure out what these goombas googled to find your blog? This stuff is hilarious! A big THANK YOU to all the crazies who google bizarre stuff! Have a blessed day!

miss said...

Tears in my eyes. So very funny.

Brandi M Walsh said...


Dawn said...

moth catipliers
Yes, the famed moth catiplier. It turns into a beautiful butterful and can be used to grip things too.

ROFLMBO!!!!!!! I love this one!!!!!!

Dawn in MI

Tina said...

These always make me laugh :-)

And I'm sorry, but "scarry Yo Gabba Gabba video" is a redundant phrase. That whole show scares me. Too bad it's one of my two-year-olds' favorites!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!

Thanks for the google search items. I sure needed a laugh today!

Regarding "tickle torcher until we there self" Huh? Although I enjoy your creative spelling of the word "torture", I really don't understand what on earth you're trying to say.

Perhaps the writer didn't mean "torture" but "torcher" as in someone who sets things on fire. The phrase then makes a LOT more sense. Really. Uh huh.

Sandy in Tucson

Erica said...

Ah Dawn but there is Duck Tape... lol. It's a brand... Duck brand Duct tape also know as Duck Tape.

MaBunny said...

Being a very good speller myself ( read speller, NOT typer...) I freak when I see words like caterplier, and others that people try to spell.. it just plain hurts...

Michelle said...

Everytime you do these, I always wonder how many posts you inspire on the similar topic elsewhere. I know I'm certainly reminded to go see who (or what) has been looking for my blog.

And they actually MAKE chicken nugget lunchables? Actually, the whole concept of lunchables sorta grosses me out. Mostly because I don't yet have children old enough to take a lunch to school, I suppose....

Kristen said...

So, I am having one of those days where a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 month old walk into a bar...just kidding. But I am having one of those days of fleeting patience, exhaustion and hubby being out of town, etc. Thank you, thank you for the laughs. I so needed that today. I literally had tears running down my cheeks. I truly enjoy your blog and your humor.

Melissa said...

Yes it is duct tape, but there is also a brand name "Duck Tape" of duct tape. Here is the link:


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I'd love to know how Google gets those people to you--ROFL! Actually, SIMCL! (sitting in my cub laughing...) a co-worker just asked, "What are you laughing at???" ;-) Thanks for making this Friday afternoon a little brighter. Have a great weekend and glad Lexi's arm is good!

Anonymous said...

"tickle torcher until we there self"

Tickle torture until they wee (pee) theirself

Jen said...

so i am a mom now what?
Kiss your sanity good bye.

I love reading your random google posts. Hilarious!!

Patois said...

Any Lunchables are gross.

Love the umbrella-carrying rodent.

Rick said...

I'm always amazed at these searches, and by the fact that they lead to your blog.

But, then again, I'm often fascinated by really stupid stuff.

Melissa said...

Those are great. I don't really understand the last one though. Once you have kids, don't they kind of dictate what's next? I mean, you don't just sit around twiddling your thumbs, trying to figure out what you should do with your spare time. I'm pretty sure I haven't heard too many moms ask "now what?", it seems like they're too busy feeding, laundering, bathing, consoling, etc to even SLEEP, let alone ask what's next.

But I've never been a mom... so what do I know?

Anonymous said...

The tickle torture one is obviously trying to find out how to make someone "wee" themself (and has an agreement problem, but that's for another day...). Are you an expert on that? Because I used to do that to my sister when we were young...

I love when you do these posts. Some people have way too much time on their hands, during which they should be taking a spelling course.


caroline said...

Not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been reading for ages. OMG, you are so freakin' funny!

Is it weird that I feel like we're really good friends? I know, weird. Don't worry, I live faaaar away from you, I won't show up at your door...

Roni said...

I can't stop laughing over here... Please share how you find this stuff out. I will NEVER again try to take a sip of my soda while reading your blog thats for sure. Not sure what people are thinking when they google some stuff, I really would love to know how you find this stuff out.

ComfyDenim said...


Oh, my gosh, that's priceless.

Dorothy said...

Dawn so funny yet in did something, or many things right. Much more success to you and your blog..

Dorothy from grammology

glory_and_grace said...

Thanks Dawn! I laughed so hard that now I have to go find my inhaler because I am starting to wheeze. Good stuff! (your comments, not the wheezing.) :)

Sudee in Florida said...

That was just toooooo funny. I think I laughed harder at this post than I did about the pokemon cards or the Alli. I needed that.
Thank you.
P.S. Still haven't found the bracelets.

Brenda said...

Squirrels in Nebraska are not carrying umbrellas. It is getting cold and they have switched to stocking caps and mittens.

Karen mom of 3-MI said...

So funny, I was looking at he chicken nugget lunchables in the store today and I was too wondering if they had to be microwaved..

tchrbev said...

You are so funny! You should, like, write a book or something!

I fully intend to use the terms juicebutt and boob stickers throughout the day. Just imagine the looks I will get from my husband and children.

Still laughing...


Melissa said...

Wow, and I thought some of the things that got people to my blog were weird...yikes!

Anonymous said...

I was just laughing so loud reading this list that my hubby in front of the TV shushed me! Awesome list.

Anonymous said...

I just love when you do these, Dawn. I don't know what part is the funniest, the weird questions, the crazy spelling, or your witty answers.


Anonymous said...

I received a receipt from Walmart that has duct tape spelled "Duck" tape. Seriously. :) Margie

Amy Molander said...

What? No bat poop this time? What is the world coming to when you can't count on some crazy person googling about bat poop and ending up at Dawn's blog??

Anonymous said...

Okay...what is with your blog and bat poop?

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