Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

I'm writing updates on my trip to L.A. over on my review blog HERE. Be sure to check it out.

Hi dawn i have another SSO question: this is hypathetical but what if one of your childern was disabled in some way, like say one of you kids has a sight impairment. How would you balance the time specail treatment, medical bills etc with the cost of having other kids? I have 3 kids and my oldest is blind, I having such are hard time making sure that my other kids are cared for while I care for her. What would yo do?
I don't do hypothetical questions or I would hypothetically hire a wonderful nanny to help me out or I'd come up with a hypothetical cure for his ailment. It's always hard trying to evenly spread your time so that all your children feel loved and cared for. I think we all struggle with that. We can only do our best though.
That said, another reader suggested this:
miriamp said...
For the first commenter -- have you hooked up with National Federation of the Blind ( and/or Parents of Blind Children (a division of NFB: )?

OK I have four kids and I'm a little bit of a germophobe. I wash underwear separately in a hot water wash because I fear that poopy germs will get transferred between kids if I wash them with other clothes or a cold water wash with my nursing bras. Yuck!!! Is that over the top??? Do you just throw all the kids underwear in with the rest of the wash? I just need some common sense advice!!!!! I let my kids eat cereal off the floor. Do you think I care about "poopy germs"? Heck, they're lucky I wash their clothes at all especially when they take those nice, clean, folded clothes, and throw them on their floor only to pick them up and put them back in the hamper when I tell them to clean their rooms!

I never realize you have blue eyes!
They're green actually. Did you know that all 6 of my kids have different colored eyes? Weird, huh?

Love the reunion pics! Were you at Emmett's?
Yep, I was!

Is it bad that my DH and I both thought of Monica Lewinski first?

OMG that is one of the funniest things I've read in quite awhile. And I know exactly the hairball you're talking about although mine is MUCH bigger. That's all the hair you lose in a shower? Now I really am worried!
No, I lose a LOT of hair. The kids used to say stuff like, "Mom, there's a squirrel in the shower drain," if I forgot to clean out the trap. Now they tell me there's a wombat there because it's so much funnier.

This is totally something I can see myself doing, and I only have 3 kids right now. I don't know how you keep everyone's schedules straight with 6 children and a husband to keep track of. Do you have an organizer you'd receommend? Of course my problem would be actually using it once I bought it.
I have one of those huge desk sized calendars. It takes up the whole side of my fridge. I don't personally like organizers that give each person their own column. I have a hard time coordinating all the columns. I have a big square for each day and I write everyone's stuff in the same square. My problem is when I forget to write something on it or when I forget to look at it before I go to bed. Of course, there are also those times that I write things down, I look at them, I know what's going on, and then I still forget! I don't think any organizer in the world can help me with that.

Atleast you got him there! Hope he had fun, where did they go anyway?
A farm. It's a rule. Everyone has to have field trips to pumpkin farms in October.

I have a question for you though (maybe for SSO)... is there a way to access your older posts? I have noticed sometimes you link back to your older ones and they are always hilarious and I would love to read more. Thanks in advance!
Sure, look over to the left, about halfway down, where it says, "History of Hilarity". There you can click on any month and bring up the posts for that month.

What is your reciepe for fondant?

I'll have to get back to you on this one because I don't have it with me here in CA and I don't have it memorized. Next week...

Hello Dawn...I have been following your "life" for about a year now. Thx for the laughter and fun :-) but i must say that this is the first time i have seen a picture of your husband. May I say he is a very HANDSOME man!
He's all yours.

LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip. Are you going to try the "routine" like Monica and Ross did on the show? I'll be that would impress her.
Hmmm, I don't think "impress" is quite the right word. I think if I did the routine, I might get escorted out. (But it would sure be fun until then!)

What a fabulous redesign! It's just perfect.How can you now have a great time out there, what with fielding inane questions from the kids?
Eh, I'll just leave my phone off.

And, this is said with only the best intentions, your hubby is a hottie!!
You can fight the other reader for him.

Holy Cow, Dawn! The blog looks AMAZING! Who designed it? I am very impressed and have love your blog forever! God bless, and keep us laughing!
PulsePoint Design! But I have to warn you that they aren't taking on any new clients right now.

I love Love LOVE your new design! Is that really what your fridge looks like (because mine totally does, complete with the messy handprints!).
That IS my fridge!!!

side note: wouldn't it be great to have a fridge that just kept expanding to fit everything we needed to put in/on it? :)

Did your book change covers today? I thought it was blue but maybe I made that up.
Wow, you guys amaze me with how observant you are! Yes, my book was blue before. My publisher just emailed me and said, "Wow, we love the new site. Just one little thing...we changed the cover of your book." So, Kelli went back to the drawing board and recoded stuff and voila! Now it's orange.

I might be asking this after you have said it before.. But how did you come up with all the kids names...?? I love them all. I really love how you went with Lexington and not alexis.
We got out a copy of Rand McNally

To the tune of the Mickey Mouse "M-I-C K-E-Y" song...Got a couple links on my new site that aren't work-in,P-R-O, P-A-G, A-T-I-O-NPropogation, Propogation,while becauseIsaidso dot com spreads to all of creation,P-R-O... that's right boys and girls,P-A-G... hyuh hyuh!AYTEEEYEOHENNNNNNNNNNN(clap clap clap *WOO!* clap clap)P.S. You forgot to close your [BEGIN WEB DESIGNER CODESPEAK] tag.[/BEGIN]
Did you see me looking at you, straight face, one eyebrow raised, while you sang that? LOL! I'm sure the designers got a kick out of it though. :)

Oh, Dawn! I love the new design! Making it look like a fridge was brilliant (and I assume all your idea). It's so homey and fun.
Not my idea at all! I was so wonderfully helpful to my design team. When asked what I wanted my site to look like, I answered, "I dunno." So Kelli asked me to go through some templates and send her ones that I liked so she could get an idea of my tastes. After sending her a couple dozen sites, she told me, "Umm Dawn? 95% of those sites were beach related. Now I know you love the beach, but your book isn't about beaches. You don't live anywhere near a beach. I don't think that's going to be the best idea for you." Then she asked me to take a picture of my fridge and send it to her. She's a genius! Those are mostly my magnets and my kids' artwork.

Hey...did the little cutout guy on the freezer door change his outfit? I could have sworn he was wearing red the first time he appeared, and now he's decked out in blue...
Yes! Wow! Again, you guys are observant! When Kelli changed the book cover to orange, Flat Stanley clashed so she changed his shirt to blue.

And mostly, I want to thank all you for making me feel so much better. I'm having some serious marital issues. I don't want to get into here because my blog is just not the place for that. But know that your comments help me feel so much better! They make me laugh (go back and read the comments on my Spider post!) and sometimes they make me cry because they're so darn sweet! I just love, love, LOVE reading all your comments. You're the best bunch of cyber friends a girl could have! You guys really do make my day. For that, I thank you!!! :)


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Okay, I didn't even notice it was a refrigerator. I am so out of it.

And for the woman worried about poopy germs in the wash, the heat of the dryer should take care of all that. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Marital issues? At least your husband isn't censoring your blog posts!

Kitti said...

Glad you are feeling better. It must just be the season for marital issues, b/c I'm in the same boat. We've been together for 20 yrs. and married almost 16.
How long have you and Joe been together/married?
Hope ya'll are able to work through it.
Off to go read more on your trip.

Michelle said...

Wow. Some of those observations are freaky! Impressive, but freaky :)

And stupid question, but I can only come up with five colors.... blue, green, hazel, brown. Oops that's four. Apparently I can't count either :) Wahat are the other 2 colors?

I love how that's actually most of your actual fridge items -- I *really* hope the "Home of author Dawn Meehan" is one of your real ones. If not, you may need to get one like that made up!

Enjoy LA!

Sue R said...

I love your new site too.

The fridge isn't quite like I remembered it from your video "Clay Steals a Cookie" - I can see why you got a different style fridge if you had to replace that one!

Anonymous said...

LOL took me AGES to realise why they're talking about a fridge... i was like... huh???? fridge??? what fridge??? and then spent the next 5 minutes searching for a fridge...

aw... Dawn, hope you and Joe will work everything out.

All the best,
Elaine from Brisbane, Australia

Cora said...

I did not know there were 6 different colors of eyes. I guess I could google it but I am to lazy, my husband assures me there are, yet he can only come up with 5. oh well I guess i will live in suspense, until I obtain the energy to google it.

Rick said...

"Serious marital issues" What? Your pregnant again? That would be a really serious marital issue. But would make great fodder for a zillion blog post.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Fireproof yet? See it with your hubby, it might change your marriage!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that person "close to you" was not Joe.

Joe, I'm gonna kick your butt!!!!!!!!!

Dawn, keep your chin up!!!!!!!!!

Holly C.

Megryansmom said...

How did I miss "serious marital issues"? I noticed Flat Stanley and the book, but missed the marital issues?

Andi said...

I'm sorry about you being sad. That's why I am on husband #2. I was tired of being sad all the time. Actually he made the decision before I did and after five years of being divorced, I know now it was the best decision he had ever made in our 13.5 year marriage. Don't take my advice unless you want to. Fame and fortune still take a toll on marriages and face it Dawn, you are now a celebrity. He's a guy, quit crying and have fun with the kids and it'll all work out the way it is supposed to. Lots of hugs and kisses coming your way. Your friend always,
Andi in St. Louis

Anonymous said...


I hope things settle down at home. If you get the chance I would recommend seeing the movie FireProof. It was so good.

I will be praying for you guys.

We have never met, but I feel like I know you.

Have fun on your trip.


Anonymous said...

Dawn as soon as I read the SSO question about Joe and your response "you can have him"...I knew that was the issue from yesterday. I admit I laughed out loud and almost choked on my coffee, but I completely understood your comment.

Every wife has felt that way in their marriage. You are definitely not alone on that one. I am sure things will smooth over soon. Please try and enjoy yourself in CA. You can work on the 'issues' when you get back. ;)

Donna in Brockport, NY

Anonymous said...


I'm glad we can all brighten your day just like you brighten ours. What're friends for -- even cyberfriends?

Know that we all love you and hope everything gets worked out.

Donna in PA :)

Amy said...

I found it interesting that your wrote "I" am having maritial issues and not "we"???

trishia said...

Thought you might be interested- I am trying to spread the word about the Butterfly Project from the Holocaust Museum Houston. They are trying to gather up 1.5 million handmade butterflies to represent the 1,500,000 children killed in the Holocaust. For more info on how to participate, please stop by my post about it here:

and if you can, maybe you could do a post about the project, too?


Anonymous said...

Well, I have a confession. I did notice that the cover of your book changed. But until I read this SSO, I did not realize that your new website was designed after a fridge. I thought it was cute and colorful, but I missed the whole fridge thing. So we are not all observant! And I'm very sorry about your marital issues. I will pray that you and Joe work things out. Go see Fireproof and do the "Love Dare" together. That's guaranteed to help!

Anonymous said...

I know some of your readers are observant, but I would be one that is not! It took me going up and down your site looking for a fridge to finally realize the whole design is a fridge! I know, I know, my brilliance just amazes you! :)

Your daily reader,
Jen in MI

rthling said...

Well, this post helps the last post and a couple of your SSO answers make a little more sense.
Take a deep breath.
I'll be praying that the real issues are handled with love and patience. Let the other ones ride. They have a way of handling themselves.

Brenda said...

((((((((((hugs)))))))) My love and prayers are with you. I'm not very funny so can't cheer you up. But I'm a big supporter anyway! : )

Shan said...

Sorry about the marital issues. I can only say that I hope everything works out for the best. Or, I could be a total girlfriend, and say, "Hope he pulls his head out soon!":-) Have a great time in California, and try to forget all the "issues" for a while.


Jess said...

I am sorry that you are having serious marital issues. I obviously do not know what the issues are but I know who has the answer. GOD. Pray for yourself, for your husband and pray together. The closer you get to GOD the closer you will get together. God will provide for you an your family.

Cathie said...

Oh Dawn I am so sorry to read that you are having Martial problems.

i love the new look!

Cookie said...

"Marital issues" huh? Is that like your husband thinking he's turning 40 and deciding it's time to move your family (including a 2 and 3 year old) from NJ to Seattle in just 6 weeks? OH wait, that's a midlife crisis that leads to marital stress!
Don't worry, you're not alone and you'll get through it and be stronger as a result :)
Cookie/ the other Dawn

Mandy said...

We've all been there with the "marital issues". Last year I cought myself fanticizing about my husband's untimely death-my freind told me that was actually a positive thing. It proved that divorce was not an option. We made it through. I'll be praying for you. You were right that the blog is not a place for going into those issues-but you were also right to mention it. You have an amazing support of women who "know" you and will pray and encourage you.

Nancy said...

Marital issues are beyond tough, my husband and I have 4 kids and have been married 15 years. We had some major issues about a year ago and were separated for a couple weeks. Things have gotten much better. Right now I'm reading a book called Boundaries in Marriage which I highly recommend..
I will keep you in my prayers.

The Golf Widow said...

Love the new blog....So glad you kept the shoe! Have a fun trip!

Kristie Leaphart said...

I hope your having a great day! Have fun and relax!!
I love the new site and your answers on SSO!

Anonymous said...

What is it with this year and marital issues? I know so many people who are separating and my own husband stuck his head up his arse last night and said to his lovely wife, who had just recovered from food poisoning and is still suffering from bronchitis, a sinus infection, and PMS, "The house is a disaster, what project did you do this weekend?" If my toddler starts using the "F" word in conversation, you know where he learned it! Hope yours goes better than's 15 years in my state before a relationship is considered long-term so I have to hang in there 2 1/2 before I leave him for someone with some damn common sense and tact!

Ashleigh said...

Sorry to hear that you are having marital issues=/
I hope they can be worked out.

Joan said...

I saw Fireproof yesterday and was going to suggest going to see it-- and then saw that others had commented the same thing! It's a great movie, and I think it just might help!

diddlesgirl said...

ok, so this doesn't really go with sunday sound-out, but I see that you found one of the malls i was telling you about! was it the one attached to the Rennaisance (can't spell) Hotel?

anyway, i really love your blog and i love the new page!

oh, to the poopie germs lady, I work in a daycare, you cannot wash soiled laundry at the daycare per state regulations, something to do with the poopie can get through the holes in the drum,etc. but, as a mommy, as long as there isn't actual poopie, then I don't worry about it. believe me, your kids are getting so many germs from elsewhere, this is nothing . and yes, my children have been known to eat the cereal that just (I hope) spilled on the floor too!

diddlesgirl said...

hm, now i am on the 6 eye color kick too : brown, blue, green, hazel, grey (really, mine are grey - they change with what you are wearing) ... and i ran out of colors, but there are so many colors of blue eyes.... oh, yeah, RED - i have the pictures to prove it!

mhgood said...

I, too, went to see Fireproof last weekend. I didn't want to go, actually, because I'm at the place where I'm sorta resigned and I don't want to do the work necessary to save my marriage. But I won free tickets, so we went. It's really good, but I'd also recommend that you get your husband a copy of the "Love Dare" book, too, which is in the movie.

Now, movies don't heal everything (it certainly hasn't caused a miracle in my marriage), but this one is a good movie, and will give Joe a good kick in the pants.

[[HUGS]] I hope your time in California helps clear your mind and rejuvinate you.

I gotta say, you are my hero! My parents have six daughters, of which I am the eldest, so big families are very familiar to me. Every hilarious story you tell is like a hearkening to my own childhood. Thank you for everything--for opening up your home and sharing all the stories with us, your readers. Over the past year, you've been a blessing to me!

No, go out and have a Singapore Sling and some truffles or something! Alcohol and chocolate have these mystical qualities that make things feel better. :-)

rthling said...

I agree with Joan. I definitely recommend Fireproof (the movie). But you and hubby MUST see it together. If you watch it first, you will want him to watch it, and he might resent you making him. But then again, if he is wanting to work on the marriage, and it IS work, he might actually WANT to see it.
Still praying.

Rose said...

Don't know if you know it but on the main page if you click on BLOG, it takes you to the index page of a list of files. Don't know how much of a big deal that is, but it is driving me crazy. LOL

lisa said...

Love the new site, love your honesty, love your willingness to let all these people who don't actually know you but who truly care about you to help you feel better, love your candor AND your humor - you're a whole person, and as such have ups and downs -- just know that your sharing is helping everyone who comes here process their own lives more realistically, more hopefully, AND A LOT MORE FUN!!! Have a GREAT time in what looks to be a whirlwind month for you! Waaahoooooo!

Gloria said...

Hang on, Dawn. My dear husband and I had "issues" through the years, though there were times I didn't think he was even aware of it. Now that the kids are married and out of the house and it is just the two of us, I realize so many things that I didn't see along the way.

Life is so sweet now. It has been a process and not an event, but I make sure he knows how much I love him, how much I admire and respect him, and he responds by giving to me the same and even more. It has taken me a long time to get to this point and I regret the many times that I was looking only at my needs and glossing over his needs. We knock ourselves out for them, but it's like giving them a cookie when they are starved for a meal, because their needs are so different.

I don't know your circumstances, but I hope that things can be happily resolved. I know you have a lot on your plate, what with caring for six energetic kids, writing books, blogs, and becoming a celebrity, and he may be feeling a bit left out emotionally.

I'm praying for your family.

Anonymous said...


Hang in there. I'm guessing that so much of your life has changed with this success. Everyone around us (husband, kids, well-meaning friends) unknownly have a stake in keeping everything the same. So you are changing, your routine is changing,and those you love don't want don't want the change. So they fight you on it. Someone once described it as the married couple's dance. You dance around and around on this wooden floor, inscribing a rut. And when you leave that rut, the spouse tries to pull you back into it.

One thing that helped me once was telling someone how my husband and I met and what attracted me to him in the first place. Even though I was so angry with him (everything was his fault, including the guilt I felt about doing an occassional thing for myself), it made me fall in love with him all over again.

I hope this helps. I've been wondering how the blog, the book, the trips have been affecting your marriage.

God Bless

Vivian M said...

Dawn, have you ever had your thyroid checked out? Hair loss is one of the symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid. (It's an easy blood test and the problem can be managed with meds). You may want to google hypothyroid to see if you have any of the other symptoms, and then have your doctor do a quick blood test to rule it out.

Keeley said...

Soooooo, I'm perusing your most recent post and my 13 year old hormonally charged young man comes up behind me, sees the pictures of your family, and exclaims,

"WOAH!!!! How old is Savannah?"

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. Here is something I read that I think might help:

Anonymous said...


I've been married for almost 19 years and all of them have not been the best of times. The WORST year of you marriage was the year his dad died and as we were literally walking out the door to bury him there was a call that my uncle (who was VERY close to me and my husband's family) was found murdered. I didn't know if we would make it through that time in our lives but when we came out on the other side our marriage (and faith) was MUCH stronger.

Right now he's in Galveston doing disaster relief work for the week and I miss him terribly. We are best friends and I can't imagine being without him but I'd be lying if I said that I've never imagined my life without him....the years of the step son being with us were the times I thought that I could do this without him and the little "terror". Now the "little terror" is all grown up and out of the house and I'm glad I stuck it out.

You are in my prayers.

Christina said...

I wasn't going to comment because I know you get 100 million comments anyway, but you've been on my heart and in my prayers all day. Just wanted to encourage you with Romans 8:28:

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

Expat Mom said...

My first thought when I saw that "you can have him" answer was that it was Joe who let you down in the post where you mentioned that. :( I`m so sorry to hear that you`re having problems, but at least know that you aren`t alone. I hope things work out.

On a lighter note, I`m another person who TOTALLY didn`t see the fridge. Actually, my browser is stuck on some horribly huge size so I only see a fraction of a website at a time, so I had to kinda scroll around to see that, yes, it is indeed a fridge. Very cool. :)

I hope you have fun on your trip despite things back home, though I know how hard that can be . . . maybe some of those delightful mimosas will help?

Jake said...

Why don't you have your review blog part of your new website?

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to tell you that I love the new layout! Especially the pictures of you all on the left side. That'll help me keep all your kids straight when you tell those great stories about them.

dedekae said...


Hope you are enjoying your trip. The issues will get better i bet when you get back. I try to give away my husband on a weekly basis. LOL... Sometimes I really mean it though.... Thanks for always making my day.... Hope someone or something makes yours. dede

Anonymous said...

what color are your kids eyes? thats pretty rare, but cool that its all different colors!

Cheryl said...

When you mentioned you'd been crying, someone let you down and you felt stupid, fat and ugly I almost left a comment saying "Divorce Him!" Not so funny now that I've read you are having troubles. I'm sorry. Go to counseling, if you're both open it can be an amazingly positive experience.

Joanie said...

I know the last thing you need is more advice from a reader you don't know. I just wanted to say I am praying for you and Joe... praying that your resolve to make it work will be unshakable and that you will remember all the reasons you married in the first place. My husband and I are going to a Weekend to Remember marriage conference soon. Check it out at God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't even notice that it was a fridge till I read the comments, it's so cute!!!

Rebekah D. said...

I'm so sorry you are having marital issues, and I'm saying a prayer for you right now because I KNOW prayer has helped our marriage.
That and a book a lady gave me, "Created to be His Help Meet." I wrote about it in this post, if you want more info: It's a tough message, especially for a smart, successful woman, but it's TRUE, and it's already helping our marriage immensely.
We only have three kids, but they came boom boom boom, and with the oldest only three, it's a stressful time. We got to the point about a month ago that I told my husband I was making an appointment with a counselor, with or without him, because I had lost hope that anything could ever change or get better. It was my last ditch effort before I walked. I mentioned it on my blog, because I wanted prayers and I wanted people to know help was readily available (100% covered by our insurance!), and then the lady gave me the book. I think it has helped me as much as, if not more than, the counseling.
I don't want to walk anymore! I have hope that our marriage can be great! Everybody needs that hope, no, that reality, don't they?
I pray that you can work all this out and be stronger for it.
I love your blog and the fresh breath of honesty you give.

Shellie said...

Hope the trip is going great and the "issues" improve. I agree with the other poster about prayer. It's worked for you with the blog and it will work for you with all your family struggles too. I'll add my 2 cents worth for your family in my prayers.

Laura said...

Hi Dawn - I'm relatively new to your blog and have only commented I think once, but I wanted to let you know that I love the new layout.

I had noticed before that all of your kids seemed to be named after cities...except Clayton. Is that one a city too? I had wondered if it was intentional and you just answered my question. lol

As for you and your hubby... My husband and I have been together since I was 16 and he was 18. We have two kids and have now been married 16 years (together 20). Marriage is definitely hard, and the economy being what it is certainly doesn't help. We've separated a couple of times over the years with the last one being a 10 month separation. To be honest, I think the last separation really helped because it gave me a chance to be independent for the first time ever and the absence definitely made the heart grow fonder but our situation was a little different since we got together at such a young age. We are definitely stronger for it now though. I wish you the best of luck and hope things work out for you two.

Oh, and I haven't seen the movie everyone keeps mentioning, I'll have to check it out. One that really hit home for me though, was The Story of Us, with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeifer. It was a pretty realistic look at marriage and separation.

mommykerrie said...

this is hilarious! i like the question about the germs. i wash cloth diapers and then dish rags, so whatever. cereal off the floor is common at my place, too! and i'll bet your kids and mine are the healthiest things in the USA!

Jessi said...

Haha! I loved reading all that! Thanks for making me smile today. :)

Kristine said...

Dawn, just wanted to add that I too hope that you're able to work things out with your husband.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sahm who has been married for 17 years and I spent half the time wanting to divorce him and half the time happily married. If I had any financial independence, I would have left him. Then I got treated for chronic depression (runs in the family) and he has been a sweetheart ever since! (okay, just most days, but he is worth it.)

We didn't date for almost 10 years while I had so many little kids and no money for a sitter. (Marriage is important to nurture as much as we nurture our relationships with our kids.)

Finally we went on a big vacation without the kids, it took me about 4 days to get out of kid mode and then I began to remember why I fell in love with this guy and we became friends again instead of just co-parents and co-mortgagees. He isn't the guy I married. But, I am different too, and I am still enjoying getting to know him.

Life was never meant to be easy, but I hope you can get through this without losing any more hair. And I will be praying for you and your family! You have been such a great blessing to me and to many others who read your site. But, we would all support you if you had to take a hiatus to spend some down time. Good luck!

Josh said...

Re: spider in the shower

Saw this video and thought of you, Dawn!

Karen R. said...

BTW, I was wandering around your wonderful refrigerator and found your games. I must say that i am close to a professional now at the octopus ping pong!! And the pumpkin one! Wow, easily amused...anyway, it was fun!!!

Jen said...

Have you ever done a Mickey Mouse cake? I want to do one for my son's second birthday but I'm having a hard time finding ideas/supplies. Any tips?

been there in Idaho said...

Just remember, that God loves him too. Now, you need to find out why. Ask God, he can show you. And help you to love him the way God does. This thing called marriage is more than we can do on our own. And those little complications that are so convenient at tax time, don't make it any easier. But, they do make it even more important to work through issues.

Remember that all marital issues are caused by pride and selfishness. In your spouse. okay, the last part, I added. But, there is usually a combination of error from both parties. Hang in there and you can get through it.

If you can get through these kids and all life has thrown at you, including becoming a celebrity, then you can become elastic enough to get through this. I am sure this has been a hard time from his point of view as well to see so much of the family online and to see your fame and praise.

Plus a guy that cute working at my house would be a temptation for any woman... (Did I just say that outloud?)

Well, God bless you and yours and we will pray for you.

Kasey said...

All 6 of your kids have different colored, green, brown, hazel, gray...purple? Orange? Red? What's the sixth color? I can't think of 6 different plausible eye colors. Help me out here.

Kate said...

SSO - will you be blogging about the Sauve event?

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