Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

I wasn't going to do a post tonight. I just wasn't into it. How can I post and make jokes when Mimi is making funeral arrangements for her little boy? :::sigh::: And then I remembered Mimi telling me awhile back, " Keep writing your blog because I have a feeling I'm going to need the laughter in the coming weeks and months." So, for anyone out there who has a need to see the lighter side of life...

I've had a busy week. It's official now. I signed the contract with Guideposts! Not only that, but I sent my manuscript to my editor on Friday! :::raise your glass for a toast::: I'm sure this is a common thing for writers, but I'm so nervous that she's going to hate it. I have visions of her falling asleep while reading it because it's so darn boring. Or worse - throwing up. Or even worse - her eyes bleeding as the words on the pages make her want to toss the whole thing into the fireplace. And for all of you waiting for my book to come out (like anyone's waiting for it after I just told you it's going to suck) you won't have too long to wait. I learned that my book is scheduled to hit the shelves the first week of August and not October like I originally thought! You know what I'm doing the first week of August? I'm going to my local book store, standing there next to my book, and announcing to every patron who walks by, "That's my book! MY book! I wrote it! Can you believe it? MY book is in an actual store! Don't you want to get a copy of MY book that I wrote?!" until security escorts me out.

It was Clayton's birthday this week. He's officially four. We had a little celebration for our immediate family. We're having a big joint party for Clay and Brooklyn in a couple weeks though.
He's requesting a Lightning McQueen cake. And a duck. Help?

I had my first speaking engagement this week. I spoke to the women's group at my church on Wednesday. I didn't pass out or throw up, and I don't think I said anything too stupid so it's all good. Now what are the chances I'll be able to do the same when I speak at my high school for Writer's Week next month?

On Friday, I went to a read-thru of a play. I haven't decided if I'm going to be in the play yet. I know I probably shouldn't because I'm just a wee bit busy these days. On the other hand, being in a play isn't so much work as it is fun. It's a kind of escape from everything else going on. Besides this one has far fewer lines than the one I was in last year (I played Aunt Abby in Arsenic and Old Lace). Hmmm, I have to think about this another day.

This is what my son did today. This is the 13 year old I'm talking about here. If only he had a little common sense to go with his mad genius.

Mom, does this look like an orange tree?
Uhh yeah. An orange tree for elves. Why?

I walked into his room and was greeted by this scene.
Oh. my. God.
No, Mom. It's not God. It's Florida.

(No, all that fluff in the background is not snow. Austin stuffed it all down his jammie pants yesterday, walked into the family room and said, "Does this make my butt look big?" I'm guessing it's going to sit on his bedroom floor for the next two months.)
You're using MY SPATULA to paint?!!! Oh for the love of Florida, WHY?!

I'm blaming it on the people who sent cards and letters from Florida. Austin has decided that's where he wants to live. So naturally, he needed to empty all the containers of salt in the house to make up some goo so that he could make a topographical map of the state complete with 3D orange trees.
Speaking of cards and letters. He's received 96 now. I'll post the updated map tomorrow. Austin wants to move to Florida and Joe wants to move to Napa, CA (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the people who sent the card from Napa are car people and belong to a car club.)

And now for your questions...

Thank you for the address and the links. Are they in need of donations and if so, is there a special place or should we just mail them? - ma2jenna
Although they haven't requested donations at all, I'm sure, after almost a year of cancer treatment and everything that goes with it and now a funeral, that the Averys could use money. I know they could use prayers. This is their address...
The Averys
111 Aviator
Fort Worth, Tx 76179

Do you plan on sending the kids to college?
Yes! As soon as possible!
Are you saving for it now? We only have 0ne child and can't even save for him. I bet you will be able to send them after you sell a million books! Kristine in Michigan.
A million books, huh? LOL! I think college is important and I do want all my kids to attend. I plan on helping them financially and/or by researching and filling out scholarship and financial aid forms.

Hi Dawn, I noticed you mentioned starting back on the Feingold Diet and I was wondering what you are "treating" with this diet? Our 3.5 yo is autistic and we are about to start down the "fun" road of alternative treatments. Anonymous
We'll be using this diet to help treat ADHD, but I don't think this diet would hurt anyone. It's really just cutting out artificial flavors, colors, additives, and preservatives. Think back a couple generations when store shelves weren't inundated with all this highly processed food. Today everything contains neon colors, artificial flavors, and man made preservatives. Cereal with artificial preservatives, crazy colors and fake flavors, yogurt with artificial flavors, colors, and sprinkles, bread made from flour that has had all the nutrition bleached out of it are in everyone's home. Now think about how many kids get diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and autism (just to name a couple) now as opposed to a couple generations ago. Now, I'm not saying that artificial ingredients in food is solely to blame for this, but it does make one think, doesn't it? It just seems to me that there could be a correlation between the two and if you can afford it, it may help to eliminate some of these artificial ingredients in favor of more natural, organic ones. And taking the junk out of your diet won't do any harm, so it doesn't hurt to try. (Although I admit, if it weren't for my son with ADHD, I probably wouldn't give it a second thought and I'd feed my kids Fruit Loops, waffles with fake maple-flavored syrup, and Kool-Aid for breakfast.)

Oh and one question for your next Sunday sound-out - DO you really read all the comments or do you just approve all? :) - Lucille
No, I don't read any of them.

Glad you girls had fun. But get out - that's the first autograph you've given? - Karla Well, I've autographed a few permission slips, checks, and medical forms. Does that count?

So I jumped over to Mamas Like this morning, then hopped over to the Tribune article that you mentioned, (can I count all of that jumping and hopping as exercise?)
and was struck by this line: "Her literary agent is chatting with a movie producer." Have you ever thought about which actors should portray you, hubby, and/or kids in this film of epic proportion? - Tina in Ohio
One of the ladies at my church asked me this and I answered, "I'll play myself, of course!" to which she replied, "And Brad Pitt will play Joe?" LOL!!! (He's not quite who I had in mind.)

Tell me Dawn, do your kids have stories like this from school? - Jennifer
I really don't. My kids are good in school. It's just in my presence that they lack the ability to behave.

So, technically, do chickens really have butts? - Jill

Apparently so.

I must have missed your children's ages since I'm a new reader. How old is Clay and Brooklyn and all the other kids? - Twilight
Austin - 13
Savannah - 11
Jackson - 9
Lexington - 6
Clayton - 4
Brooklyn - 1

Another question....Would you ever think about having Super Nanny come? - Kristine in Michigan.
No way! Forget Super Nanny. I'm just sending them to military school.

A question for your Sunday sound off: What is the most crazy thing that your kids have done (so far)? I know... it's so hard to choose... but give us your top 10.
The top ten things this month? Or today? Or in the last hour?

What instruments do your children play? - Rick
Austin plays the saxophone

Savannah plays the clarinet.

Jackson plays the tin whistle.

Ha.....for me it's always someone REALLY tall or with BIG POOFY hair manages to sit right in front of me at my daughter's chorus concerts and never fails matter where I sit....they find me...LOL - Maggii
Sorry about that.

Hi Dawn...I was just wondering if a lot of people in your hometown, or your children's schools, know that you are a "World Famous Blogger". For instance, the secretary at the school and the pencil incident, the booger boy's father from last night, etc. Do you hear feedback from these people who personally see you everyday? - Donna :)
I don't think too many acquaintances read my blog. If they do, they don't really say anything about it to me. (trying to remember if I've said anything really bad about anyone else over the last 6 months)

Thank you for your questions and tune in tomorrow for answers to pressing questions like this...

"Mom, do you have a screwdriver?" ~ Clay
Wait a minute.... a screwdriver? Hmmm vodka and orange juice? Vitamin C? Sounds nutritious.


Rick said...

That you with the big hair? I hear ABBA breaking out with Dancing Queen.

Good luck with your book - I look forward to buying one for myself. Any chance of your book tour taking your all the way to Oregon?

All moments remembered said...

I feel just horrible! I had to stop reading the updates from Mimi. I was getting so depressed and so sad. I cried every single word I read. OHHHH what kind of friend does this to a mom? She needed us all. I got scared of the out come and hide from her. What do you say to someone who has lost her child? I can not imagine in a million years the pain. I sit here crying right now feeling sooo sad for them all. My prayers go out to them and I know I must right to Mimi and tell her she is in my thoughts! I am sooo sad it came to this ending.

THANKS Dawn for introducing us all to Mimi and her sweet boy! Amazing how through the internet we can feel so much compassion and love for someone you have never met.

Lucille said...

Awwwww MAAAAN!

I don't think my nice long comment got to you. Grrrr.

If so - great. You can delete this one then b/c I'm sure it isn't half as good as the other one. If not, just know that it was really really nice and I'm too beat to re-create it.

I gave you big kudos for posting in spite of Julian's news and keeping us all upbeat.

I said that you have a gift and I love that you found your calling.

Ummmm.....Oh! Nice that you are putting WHO asked the questions AND linking to our sites! Thank you! Thank you! We little people appreciate all the help we can get! :)

Also - will you be doing any book signings in August or do we need to stalk you at the grocery store?

And lastly I think I asked you for a blood transfustion since you amaze me and I'm not 1/4 the woman you are! I need way too much sleep to accomplish what you do!

Long post = long comments!

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you and your book. Now don't spend too much time worrying and being nervous. Your editor knows what you write and how you write. They will work with you through the editorial process. Can't wait to see it come out!

And that painting of Florida? Um I kind of freaked at first thinking he did it on the floor until I finally saw the cardboard. I'm a hell of a lot more uptight I think they you are. I couldn't leave my kids alone with paint--even though they are younger--I'm just not sure I ever will.

I admire your ability to let your kids do stuff like that. Me? I'm just working on relaxing and to stop worrying about what kind of mom I am or am not.

Heather said...

Hi. I'm very sorry on the passing of Julian. He will be happy to see that you posted :)

Very late or early morning as I should say, I happened to be watching a show by a Psychic Medium. Not sure if I'm allowed to post his name :) He made a connection with a Father in the audience who lost his boy to cancer at 4 years old. The Mother could not be there and John felt that it was needed to have her there so they called her.

He asked her how they got thru it and still caring on the day to day routine. At 1st she said she did not know and then she said "I guess it's because.. Always Blessings and Never Losses".

Even tho some lives are cut short we are blessed to have them for even a second.

I hope this helps in some way.It was interesting that I saw that particular show after reading about the passing of Julian.

Many Prayers to The Averys, you and your family and to anyone else that may need them :)

Lisa Brooks (Henry) said...

Awesome. I read your blog while watching Ace of Cakes. How sweet is that? You need a cake with Lightening McQueen in a Ducky Car Wash, Duh! I found this on the internet. Just add a duck to the car wash sign:

I started experimenting with fondant after I saw your bacon. Check out my Star Wars cake for Jack's 5th:

Good luck!

Kathi D said...

I am the youngest of 5 children, and although the name on my birth certificate is Kathleen, and Mom and Dad decided I would be called Kathy, the name I responded to most during my early years was (in a loud frazzled Mom-voice) "DaytonmillieglennbobKATHEEEEEEEEEE!!!" What made me remember that is how long all your kids' names are and how long Brooklyn must wait before finding out what she is in trouble for. (forgive me, I'm a new reader and I don't actually know whether Brooklyn is a boy or a girl)

Anonymous said...

First of all, my prayers go out to Julian and his family. I'm glad that he's at peace, but I'm also very sorry for his family. I hope they will get trough this.
And now for some worldlier issues: All vitamin C is good, hopefully he was just making sure that you stay healthy.
And second, I hope my letter from Sweden will arrive at the beginning of the week. Since you've recieved so many, and Sweden obviously won't be half as cool as Florida or Napa, will Austin be sharing some of the letters and postcards with friends in school?
Take care. Julia in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Reporting from Dawn's first speaking engagement.
I was at this speaking engagement and she did great. And, of course, she didn't throw up because we all know that she dosen't "do throw up" and she knew for sure none of us there would have volunteered to clean up after her. Besides, her mother, sister, and grandmother were all there too and they probably wouldn't have wanted to clean up either. We thoroughly enjoyed her time with us and are thankful she came and practiced on us. We needed her to come before we couldn't afford her speaker fees. God bless you in everything you do Dawn. We will follow you to the book store and line up for a signed copy.
Sandy, HE, Illinois

Unknown said...

Thank you for the pictures of Julian. I've been following his carepage and was just so sad and yet "happy" to read about his passing. So glad he is no longer in pain!!

On a different note, my almost 3 year old wants a lightning McQueen cake as well....Michael's has the pan. And the's not as hard as one may think! I did an Elmo one last year that came out surprisingly looking like well, Elmo!
Good luck!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Hey Dawn,
Thanks for writing humor today. I spent a 1/2 hour with my 9 year old crying after I told her about Julian dying. We have only followed him through the carepages, but like many others become very attached to his story.
Now about your book deal, good grief! Of course they will LOVE it! If it's anything like your blog, people will be wetting their pants! And if someday I ever get a book published, I would do the same thing....stand next to it in a bookstore and skip and dance (until security dragged me out).

Anonymous said... has a race track cake. We made it for my three y/o's lightning mcqueen birthday. Instead of using matchbox cars on the track we used the mini Cars cars. Oh and FYI Walgreens has the best selection of good and plenty for the cake :o)

Anonymous said...

I have 6 - I'm tired all the time. You have 6 - you're funny and wonderful! Thank you for that, you keep me going :)

Anonymous said...

If you ever find a military school that will take a 6 yr old and a 3 yr old, PLEASE let me know, I think they both need one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm a speech-language pathologist working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. Although I'm an organic eater (Who really knows what all that stuff is doing to us?!), I had a hard time reading your comment about non-organic ingredients being a possible cause for the increase in the number of children being diagnosed with ASD and/or ADHD. The literature published in this area is supportive of the idea that this increase in diagnosis is more likely due to increased awareness in physicians, parents, and therapists, as well as the detection and diagnosis of more cases that are mild. In previous decades, not only were doctors/parents/etc less aware of these conditions and therefore less likely to seek a diagnosis, but also they were less likely to diagnose a mild case of ADHD or ASD. The mild cases were labeled "active" or "a little socially awkward" rather than with medical jargon.

Alright, I'm down off my soap box now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I want to send a letter from where I live but I need the P.O. Box number. Can you give that to us again? I'm a new reader and I love reading your blog. I will be the first in line to get your book!!

Anonymous said...

I'm lying on the floor laughing right now about the *big hair question* and your picture!! How da** funny is that? (your answer, "Obviously, very funny!) xoxoxox Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I have a birthday cake idea for you. Make a regular 9 by 13 cake. frost it brown- with some sprinkled sugar effect for sand. Buy several cars from the movie "Cars". Place them on the cake and make them run a few laps on the "dirt" racetrack.

Feel free to figure out a way to add a cactus.

Anonymous said...

You COULD call Duff... but there is like a 6 month waiting list (unless you're looking for a weekend in May, June, July, or Aug for the next like 2 years). The starting price for a cake is like $500. I was just shocked and astounded when I saw that on his website. But! If you pay for all of his expenses he'll come and deliver the cake to you since you don't live in the Baltimore metro area.

Susan said...

LOL - the whole last "tune in" part I read in my head in my best "announcer voice" like at the end of a cartoon cliffhanger! I always hated cliffhangers, which is why I can't watch shows like LOST or 24. Oh and love, love, love your answer to the college question. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

He used your SPATULA to PAINT FLORIDA?? Kids are amazing... Just amazing!!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Julian is just so beautiful...may his memory be for a blessing.

Brenda said...

Thank you for the very sweet pictures at the beginning of your blog. I will have to check into that diet. A few of my kids have ADHD too. It might help! Can't hurt! You have a lot of new adventures headed your way. I think it exciting when life stretches us out of our comfort zone to try new things! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Heehee, first!
Oh, and a question for your next Sunday Shout Out: I don't hear a lot about Savannah or Lexington. Do they just not get in as much trouble, or is their trouble-making done on the sly?

Anonymous said...

Are those your kids real names or do they also have some not named after places? i.e. Baptism names perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Okay enough negativity! You are a very talented writer!! Hello! You have a website in which lots and lots and lots of people visit every day!! I understand you being nervous, but don't be so negative! Your book is going to be wonderful - okay!! And hey, if only 100 copies sell, that's 100 more than what I could sell. So hold your head up (but keep the ego in check) and remember God's blessings are with you and the book is going to be great!!

Dawn said...

To anonymous:
I didn't say that artificial ingredients in food CAUSES autism or ADHD. I simply said that it seems to me like there COULD be some correlation and it doesn't hurt to cut the junk out of your diet if you can afford to do so.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love the painting pictures! :) the "paint brush" seriously cracked me up!! :D :P

Tammy B said...

ack! my eyes are bleeding!

hee hee ;)

Anonymous said...

I just chose you for the “You Make My Day” award that is going around the blogosphere. You don’t need to play along unless you want to. I don’t normally participate in these things, but I thought you may like to know that I read your blog every time you update it, and enjoy it. So, whether you make me laugh, think about things in a new way, or just let me see your part of the world and your point of view, THANKS !

You can read more about your award on my blog:

And if you want to know more about what we do, feel free to visit our website too.

Thanks again for making my days more interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've probably come across this brand before with the diet your family is on. But Moms Best has some very tasty foods and they only use natural dyes.

plainprecious said...

This is what I posted on my myspace. Yes I have myspace since I have 3 teenagers and need to keep them in check.

Current mood: grumpy

Ever have a day where you wished you had stayed in bed? That was yesterday for me. I swear it was horrible. I got up and cleaned. Well that wasnt worth it boys had everything undone in a matter of minutes after they got up. Then I had changed the cats litter box. 25 pound bag of cat litter had a hole in it so...... I emptied most of it into a old bucket sat the bag that had the rest of it on top. Sawyer wanted to wash his hands so he uses bucket that had litter in it to stand on. Now you are probably sayingto yourself But it had litter in it how did he do that? Well let me tell you how. He dumped entire bucket into litter box. Well most of it went into litter box rest went onto floor. So after I screamed ranted and raved Luke I think cleaned that up. Earlier oil had spilled into top of stove awhile I was cleaning that up I heard a crash and went to see what hapopened I totally forgot about the stove. That was until I was making dinner and had a pot of potatoes on to cook. I was at sink when Kadie screamed FIRE!!!!!! Yep flames shooting out from under pot. Stan put it out when Noah ran into livingroom and roused him from couch screaming theres a fire in the kitchen. It was at that point I said I gotta get out of here and i retreated to my room. About an hour later I went down and Stan says I am still hungry. Hmmmm no one finished dinner. So I finished it. But I noticed when I walked into bathroom later that the floor was wet. Stan says Oh yea either the toilet leaked or it overflowed, I broke the light fixture when I threw door open to see where the water was coming from. Oh thats dandy. So next to the washer was a HUGE mound of wet VERY wet towels needing to be washed. I asked Petey if he wanted me to fix him a plate of food and he said Yes dearest but hold the fire. I wanted so badly to slap him!!!!!!!!

To add to the misery of not only tomorrow being my 42 birthday. I was driving Kadie to work yesterday and she says to me Hey mom you have a gray hair!!!!!!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN I am an old grumpy woman. I give up.

OK Dawn, Heres a question for your Sunday column. If you had an entire day to yourself home alone what would YOU do? Let me set the mood. The ENTIRE house is clean there are no clothes to wash absolutely NO work for you to do. How would you spend your time alone?

Thanks for listening to my rants too LOL. By the way. My loving hubby cleaned the house for me today since it was my birthday. I went to school with my 4 year old for 3 hours and when I came home I was shocked. House nice and clean. He told me Happy Birthday. Wasnt that swet?

Anonymous said...

Now is not the time to doubt your talent.

You love to write stuff, we love to read your stuff.


Nicki said...

I'm so excited about your book coming out. Will you give the address of the book store? Your kids were awfully busy in Florida this weekend:)

Unknown said...

Tell Austin if he moves to Florida, he has to deal with hurricanes, which are not fun, in any way shape or form, not to mention the outlandish insurance prices due to said hurricanes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
This is in response to the anonymous speech-language pathologist working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD who mentioned that instead of chemicals in food having a link to ADD/ADHD and other disorders, that it is more likely that professionals are better able to diagnose these disorders. However, I teach with people who have been teaching elementary school for 30 years, and they say it used to be that you would occasionally get a class that was difficult to manage. Now it is more likely that you occasionally get a class of students who is easy to manage. I seriously think something is happening to our kids that is beyond better diagnosing.

Autumn said...

If you have a Publix near you, they probably have a Lightening McQueen cake (shaped, or just a sheet cake). I had my son a "4" cake made when he turned 4.

Good luck with that!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sad to hear about Julian. And Mimi... My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

I must say that you'll have to let me know what bookstore you'll be primping at. I'll be there and be sure to ask very loudly for your autograph on the book I purchased for me, for my mom, for my friend who's getting married in May and wants kids, for my sister.... You get the drift. Maybe they'll let you stay longer if I buy some of the books ;)

Good luck with the cake. My son's the same way, although he wanted a Thomas cake. I got a plain cake from Costco (I'm nuts, we had 60 people at his party), made train tracks from stick pretzels and licorice strings dipped in chocolate and laid symmetrically, and put Thomas trains on the "track." Not too shabby, and my son loved it. Of course, I've SEEN your cakes, so that probably doesn't suffice!

Anyone have any suggestions for a 2yo miserable with some yucky illness who can't sleep because she feels so yucky? This is the first time either kid has not been able to sleep because of illness, and it's so sad to see....


Robin said...

Okay _ I was just going to make a complete idiot of myself by asking a stupid question....since I can laugh at myself I'll share it with you. I was going to ask if you were kidding or serious about not reading the comments to your blogs BUT obviously you DO read them or you wouldn't answer the questions! DUH!!! =)

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting even with the sad news of Julian. Know that he is running now and carefree. The best thing to do is go back to the things you do. To Julian's mom, I am praying for you and your family. I wished I lived a little closer to FW and I would be there at the funeral. *hugs&prayers*

Okay for the cake you can do a duck driving Lightning McQueen or the race track idea with LM racing a duck (I think the duck should be winning).
Florida? This is for fun, no school project attached to it? Wow can I have him for a son, he can use any of my spatulas for paintbrushes! Did he put a Mickey on Orlando?

Rebekah D. said...

I'm cracking up at Austin's "salt goo" Florida! He really did a good job, though. I guess creative genes run in the family, huh?

Happy Birthday to Clayton and Brooklyn! My oldest turns 3 tomorrow and I made him a choo-choo train cake for his party today. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Everybody loved it, especially Brody. You can take a look if you click on the link to my blog.
Check out for cake ideas, mostly made by other moms, and you might get some great ideas for Cars/ducks. That's where I got most of my ideas for the train cake. I know you'll do a great job, as always!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Dawn, loved the whole post, but your big hair picture really made me laugh! I have to follow that up by saying, I graduated a couple years ahead of you. And now that they're not in style anymore, I have perfect "wings" (Kristie McNichol, look out!)

Also, will your book display be strategically located next to a supply of depends? Or do you plan to just attach a free sample with each copy?

Your book will be a best seller!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to read the book and I am so glad you chose Guideposts. I've read their magazine since I was in college. (Many moons ago!)
I cracked up when I read tonight's post. I even read parts to my husband. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house but I doubt if I could hang on, I'd be laughing too hard.
We loved the part about Joe wanting to move to Napa. Thanks for letting me know you got my letter. If you come to Napa on your book tour we can introduce him to LOTS of car people. Maybe even show him a Jay Leno type garage or two. You would probably feel at home here, too. I've heard that several famous authors have homes here, even Danielle Steel!
Anyway, Thanks for keeping things light even though it's been a sad week. Please send my thoughts and prayers to Mimi. My heart aches for her, but I am thankful that he is out of pain and with the angels now.

Anonymous said...

First, what an amazing example of faith Mimi is. God is good!

Second, if you can find a way to fit doing a play in, GO FOR IT! My oldest daughter (12) auditioned for Suessical a few weeks back, and even though I have never done live theatre before I was so tempted to audition too. She's been having so much fun doing community theatre! I'm way too chicken to actually audition, so I fall back on the "need to be available to drive the other kids to and from their activities" excuse. I'm sure I could make it work if I had to. For now, I'm just sitting back and helping dd practice her JoJo songs, and enjoying the ride.
Let us know what you decide!


p.s.- If Brad Pitt plays Joe, then Angelina can play you! (Think Tomb Raider, only she's wiping up paint as she swings through the house.)

Traci Lyn said...

So sad to read about Julian....But thanks for posting!

I'm a child therapist and a big fan of the Feingold Program. I've seen it work with some of the kids I treat. I have two kids (ages 3 and 1), and I use the program (loosley)not to treat anything...but just because it makes good sense. I think that if more people were aware of the nasty stuff they put in our food, more people would make a switch. I mean, really, how many people are aware that the dyes they use are PERTROLEUM based? Ok Kids! TLet's sit down and have a great big bowl of Pertro Loops! That's just GROSS!

Regarding the cost of eating healthy food--it does stink! But, here's a thought. My little guy is allergic to Peanuts, Wheat, Eggs, Milk and Bananas. So, feeding him is a challenge! And, a strain on the budget! However, I was told that I can deduct the difference in regular food and the cost of food for him as a medical expense on my taxes. He falls under the ADA. I'm not sure how accurate that is...but I willing to give it a try. Ask a tax professional! Every little bit helps, right!?!?!

Happy Dad said...

I am sorry to hear about Julian. My 5 year old nephew died of cancer 2 years ago. He also battled it for a year. It was and still is so hard. To quote my cute nephew "this cancer stuff really stinks." Maybe Cameron and Julian will meet in heaven. I am sure there is a special place in heaven for them.

Anonymous said...

My best friend made an AWESOME Lightning McQueen cake for my son when he turned 2. I'd offer her services...but we live in Texas! Don't suppose it's worth flying her up there, huh? Good luck!


janetcc said...

Wilton has a Lightning McQueen cake pan!

I work in the Loop, next time you come down and need directions, or just a lunch (my treat), give me a shout.

Suzie said...

Dawn, I can supply the duck ;) (I sent the 'duck' postcard) :)

Janet said...

I, too, had to stop reading Mimi's updates, because all that crying was upsetting my toddlers. She is a very strong woman, which she will need. I know Julian is out of pain now, but I fall back to my old question of "Why children?"
My heart is with her.

My daughter turned 4 on the 9th, and I made her, by request, a "sparkly, pink castle cake" (which you can see on my blog if you have any time or interest whatsoever - It's not as good as any of yours, so I have no doubt your Lightning McQueen will be most admirable.

By all means, do the play! I just started one myself, and it's good for hubby to fly solo for a few weeks at a stretch. Especially in the evening, when everyone is tired and cranky.

I'm still planning to send a postcard, if I can find one, and if you still want one. Hazard isn't exactly the tourism mecca of the East, so I may have to settle for some homemade photos.

signed the Countess formerly known as Janet

jemmyling said...

hi! the carvel near us has a lightning mcqueen ice cream cake. and it's really affordable, so you might wanna check it out... our son LOVED his, well the look of it anyway! the carvel website doesn't seem to have a picture of it. you could check it out on my blog though:

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