Tuesday, January 29, 2008

But I Don't Wanna Play Tag

I've never really liked the game of tag. I try to ignore it when someone "tags" me for a meme, whatever that is. (Although I admit that someone tagged me the other day and I meant to do her meme thingy, but I totally forgot who tagged me and where her blog was.) However, my friend Michelle just had to go and tag me and well, she's my friend and so I have to do this. You know, because she guilted me into it. Thanks Michelle. :P

Five random things about me:

1. I used to judge parents when I'd see them feeding their little kids fast food. I used to give dirty looks to parents whose child was having a meltdown in the middle of a store. I used to think, "MY kids will never do that", when I heard stories of kids getting into something, talking back to their parents, or saying something loud and embarrassing in the middle of a restaurant. I used to judge parents whose children weren't potty trained by the time they were two.

Then I had children. I learned the fastest way to have your children misbehave, get into mischief, say something embarrassing, or have a fit in public was to judge someone else. I'm pretty good at not doing that anymore. Besides, it's not my responsibility or privilege to judge anyone. Only one person can do that.

2. I had purple hair and wore 4 inch long alligator earrings in high school.

3. I stink at sports. Pretty much all sports. I'm especially bad at volleyball. If the ball comes my way, I scream and run in the other direction.

4. I used to donate platelets almost every month until, when I was pregnant with my sixth, I developed a blood clot and found out that I have a clotting disorder. I had to give myself shots of blood thinners in the abdomen twice a day throughout my entire pregnancy. I can't donate blood anymore because, according to LifeSource, it could be dangerous for me.

5. I've worked at more than 30 restaurants. I'd have to kill a small forest to print out my resume.

Five places I want to see or want to see again:

1. I'd love to take my kids to Disney World.

2. I'd love to see pretty much every country in Europe.

3. I'd love to see heaven, but not quite yet.

4. I'd love to be able to take another cruise to the Bahamas with my girlfriends.

5. I'd love to visit my bed tonight for more than 4 hours.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 25 below with the wind chill. It's definitely time for a vacation to someplace warm.

Check out Mamaslike and my FAQs.

Edited to add - I guess I forgot to tag 5 other people. Ugh. Tell you what - anyone who would like to participate, knock yourself out! Anyone who doesn't want to do it, don't.


Brenda said...

So where is the photo of the hair and the earrings?

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Purple hair! Cool! Really! I love the punk look even today. I'd look pretty funny with it now that I'm almost 40.

Anonymous said...

I like you learned very quickly also about judging ppl with children. My oldest child Sierra (7) was/is an awesome child very quiet, well mannered, cleans her room, and when we go somewhere she just sits and enjoys everyone else having fun was potty trained by 2 then my sisters (both of them) children are OMG horrible, they talk back one is 4 years old and not potty trained, they spit, bite, fight i'm sure you get the picture and for a long long time i said sorry but they just need a good old fashioned beating b/c they are awful then I had trinity (now 2) boy oh boy do i regret some of the things I've said she is nothing i mean nothing like Sierra is she will only potty when we put her there and make sure she stays she wakes up at 1am and stays up till 4or5 (we get up at 530 for work) she talks back and spankins on the bottom do not work at all she's immune to them. She runs and gets into EVERYTHING!! She throws fits in stores, and whines alot too. When everyone told me you better watch what you say or your next one will be a handfull I didnt believe them b/c I was not gonna have anymore children ha that worked for a couple of years then my birthcontrol baby came along. So I try my best not to judge other parents even though sometimes I really wanna go up and yell at some of them. We can get Trinity to sit in a restaurant without making a scene but just last week another family with 1 little girl let her run all over the restaurant climbing on tables and all and did nothing to stop her. I was so frustrated b/c then Trinity figured she could do the same lets just say dinner was not as peaceful after that. As far as your weather goes I dont think i could handle it that cold I live in southeast Texas and it got down to 37 so far this winter and I just knew that we were gonna die I cant wait for the summer to come back.

Donna. W said...

I have no doubt your family will visit Disney World, and it won't be that long until you do.

I've sworn off judging for Lent. And hopefully for life.

I don't do many memes either, unless it looks like one I'll enjoy.

Purple hair? Really?

Anonymous said...

Uhm...Brrrrr! :( Fellow Illinoisan here, and I'm freezin with ya! Jeesh, it was like a summer day earlier this morning, and then BAM winter storm! Try to stay warm! : )

Suburban Correspondent said...

I still have nightmares about high school volleyball. Thanks for reminding me.

Marly said...

I came to visit Chicago 2 weekends ago and I couldn't believe how cold it was! I left Salt Lake with 15 degrees and went to your lovely state of negatives. It was so cold my poor baby kept getting her breath taken away and it wasn't even windy!

Stay warm and I think most people judge parents before having kids. My kids were going to read by age 3. Yea, that didn't happen :)

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

You are so fun!!!
Thank you for humoring me!
I promise not to tag you again (if I remember that I promised!)

:)Love ya friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

You got your blog done early today. I suggest you make tonight the night you get to bed early and get more than 4 hours of sleep! Good night! Chris

HeyItsBeej said...

"2. I had purple hair and wore 4 inch long alligator earrings in high school."

Crap. I don't have a picture of that. But I remember it. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a pact with my friends, I won't have a ...(fill in blank with tupperware, pampered chef, mary kay, etc.) party if you don't.
It still bothers me that even though you are on the "Do Not Call" registry, charities can still call you. I know who I want to support and I don't need people calling me and trying to make me feel guilty for not supporting "the friends of the people who once lived next to the ex-wife of a police officer philanthopy."
And, by the way, I already gave to my alma mater - it was called TUITION!!!

Six-Pack Momma said...

OK, sorry, I tagged you the other day..and you were sick. I'm so considerate. I hope you're feeling better. I used to judge parents as well. There was no way my kids were going to run around like orphans with snot running down their face and their hair uncombed in mis-matched clothes....then I had my own. Now I feel like it's a good day when the kids get dressed (I don't even care what it is...) and I run a brush through their hair!

Lisa said...

I LOVE those silly little surveys. I get at least one a week and they are usually all the same. But I fill them out and pass them on to the people I know who also like them.

As for your vacation to somewhere warm. I live in southern Florida and it's always warm. Its a great place to vacation!

Anonymous said...

Alligator earrings! LOL!!!
ONLY 25 below? Our windchill has been at 40 below all day and will be again tomorrow. Gotta love Fargo, ND! I felt soooo guilty making my two youngest ride the bus this morning. I so agree with the giving people dirty looks regarding their children. I can't tell you how many times we had to leave a store because one of them was pitching a fit! Dawn, thank you for the laughs. Steph

Dawn said...

six-pack momma! It was you who tagged me and I totally meant to do it! I will later this week!

Michael M. said...

Tough luck re: the blood donation. Your blood bank was fortunate to have a donor like you for so long while it lasted!

If you make it to Disney World, visit Epcot also....it is *almost* like visiting Europe too. Then you can cross 2 things of your list. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you with purple hair! LOL!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ha Ha Ha.

I got tagged by two other bloggers (Semblance--calling you out) for this same exact Meme, and my first RANDOM FACT I listed happened to be:

Here's a random fact you didn't know about me: I don't do tags.

I love them, yes, but they are too time-consuming. You're a nice friend to have done it for your friend.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Whoops! It was SEMBLANCE who tagged US BOTH!!!! I suck and you don't!!!!

Heather said...

lol Dawn- my new hobby is laughing at judgemental non-parents or parents of onlies. I love reading advice from them about potty-training (the mother of a 6-month-old knows so much about that...) and sleep-training (yeah, my first child slept through the night with no trouble either...) Oh the naivety...

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Just a quick note to say that we are having a cold front here too. Not good beach weather. The low is 56 tonight. I guess for the northern folks that would feel wonderful and it is I might add, but when it drops from 80 to 56 it's kind of cool. Especially when your blood gets thin. Hope you can get warm soon. I don't miss that cold weather. Take care.

Unknown said...

Five random things about me:

1. I am the youngest of 5 kids

2. My mother had me when she was 45 1/2 exactly
3. I am totally insane at times
4. I used to donate blood every moth then I had my fourth child then 5 fifth and just never got back into doing it
5. I had my last 2 kids by c section

Five places I want to see or want to see again:

1. I would love to walk around my parents far mthat we sold 7 years ago

2. I'd love to visit my sister in Mississippi

3. I'd love to go to see the grand canyon

4. I'd love to go anywhere with just my hubby

5. I'd love to visit California


Kim VanDerHoek said...

Loved reading your FAQ Dawn! The rum is in the mail....

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn: I'm writing from way up North in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA (bet you'll have to look on the map!). Tonight the wind chill reached -60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is cold, even for us, but we do get several weeks of -40 weather, and our winter weather begins in October/November and ends March and sometimes early April.

Anyway, I have two children, almost 6 and 4. Every ideal I ever had about raising children went down the drain when my second was born. I definitely prejudged, but usually didn't voice it. Now I constantly tell my husband to shut his mouth when he flaps about rude or obnoxious TEENAGERS. I, too, learned my lesson. I just wish he would!

Love your blog, read it daily.

Darla H

chunk said...

thanks for spelling "definitely" correctly. it really bugs me when people don't. bugs me to the point that i, without meaning to, lose a little respect for said people. i realize that's weird.

brandi (and tim) said...

I think we may have the same clotting disorder...is it Factor V Leiden? Anyway, I also had to do the shots during my entire pregnancy, and am pretty sure I'm not up for doing that another 5 times. In fact, my daughter will be lucky if she gets a sibling.


Rick said...

Purple hair? 4 inch long alligator earrings? Yes, I think you served me in one of those 30 restaurants that you worked in. I was the guy that gave you the extra big tip - remember?


Anonymous said...

Haha, i don't blog [anymore] so im just going to do this in your comments.

5 facts...Hmm

1. When i was in elementary school, it was cool to die your hair with Kool-Aid. So my hair color always changed. Green, Red, Blue, Purple...

2. Speaking of Kool-Aid as hair dye, the night before my 3rd grade picture day, i used green Kool-Aid on my bangs. I went to school telling everyone that i woke up like that. Lol

3. I drink mountain dew daily. ATLEAST 50 oz. That's a little less than a 12 pack.

4. When i was in 3rd grade, i stole my best friends Britney Spears cd and blamed it on someone. She still doesn't know [9 years later] that it was me who did it.

5. I live in California and i'm TERRIFIED of traffic. I hate being on the freeway. I don't trust other peoples driving. I don't drive simply because i am so afraid that someone is going to cut me off and im gonna swerve and cause an accident. If im in a car on the freeway, i have to tilt the chair back and close my eyes.

Five places I want to see or want to see again:

1. I'd love to go somewhere where there is NO traffic. I'm thinking back to Nebraska, or somewhere around there.

2. I'd love to go be somewhere really warm right now. Yes, it's only 50 degrees...that's cold for us Californians.

3. I'd love to go to Australia

4. I'd love to see my Grandpa again and actually remember him.

5. I'd love to go to Disney World

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ok, Michelle tagged me too. I'm now really glad she did because I just read your #4 and it's ME ME ME all over again. Whatcha wanna bet we're blood clotting disorder sisters. I have Factor V Leiden and take coumadin daily. I also have had numerous blood clots: PE, DVT's, etc....During my pregnancy in 2004 I took 620 Lovenox shots in the stomach. Not too fun. Email me and let me know what blood clotting disorder you have. Casaderice@sbcglobal.net Heather

Maybe we're "blood" sisters. Wink

Christina said...

My hubby has a clotting disorder and he has to take blood thinners for the rest of his life. He has been in the hospital 2 times for blood clots...not any fun.

I hope you make that trip to Disney World. Your kids would have a great time.


Anonymous said...

I too have a clotting disorder and am pregnant again and doing the blood thinner shots everyday. What clotting disorder do you have exactly?

Valarie said...

Ahhhhhh, wanting to see Heaven...that is a good answer. Although, you better start dodging those lightning bolts now..... :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about not being any good at sports. I REALLY suck at them also. I just tell people that God made some people with every intention for them to be spectators. Everyone needs a cheering section even if it's a cheering section of one.

Flea said...

I'm right there with ya on the kids and the judging. Now I actually smile at unruly children in stores and restaurants. Unless, of course, they're screaming while I'm eating and the parents won't take them out till they calm down. Grr.

And I'd like to go to the Grand Canyon. Heaven, too, but not for awhile.

Anonymous said...

What is Tag? It sounds like a merging of a chain letter and an elementary school slam book (circa 1978). I guess I'm not as "hip" as I thought I was.

Anonymous said...

Right now its -23 F, who knows what it is with the windchill. Yesturday, it was -25 with a windchill of -53. Tomorrow it will finally warm up to above 0. I feel for the ones who have to leave the house to go to work. We are at Minot AFB, ND by the way.

Aimee Dunjey said...

Its been about 100F+ here for over a month, Id be happy to swap with all of you who are complaining about the cold!!!
You should all move to Perth Western Australia, then you will miss this cold front you all are having!
Im one of those people who 'judge' what other mothers do.. I dont have kids (yet) but my sister has 4. I soon learnt not to judge!!!!
Thanks for making me laugh all the way down under!!

Donna said...

I took a stab at it - check it out http://doingmybestct.blogspot.com/

Laural Out Loud said...

Halleluja about seeing your bed for more than 4 hours! Sometimes I "accidentally" fall asleep with my daughter when I put her to bed, just so I can get some sleep and not have to deal with any house or husband stuff. I end up with a double load the next night (I work during the day), but it's worth it!

MomNKid said...

Hey Dawn,
How long does it take you to get your kids dressed to go out in the snow? I dressed my daughter (who is 5) yesterday and it took 18 1/2 minutes. That snow suit and shoes takes forever to put on.

As for your tag... thought I would help rid you of your guilt (more like waste my time, so I do not have to make a phone call).

Six Random Things About Me:

1.) I have OCD so bad when I see pictures of messy houses or kids, it makes me clean my house for the second or third time for the day or even give my daughter a second bath (which she apparently enjoys). At times on the computer, I wipe my monitor down... to see if it helps.

2.) I love paying bills, cleaning,organizing, doing dishes and laundry. But I dislike cooking.

3.) I have lived in California, Connecticut, Tokyo, Guam, California again, Victoria BC, and Washington. Amazingly the colder it is the better I liked the area.

4.) I absolutely love getting tattoos.

5.) I do not believe in the word 'hate'. My daughter gets into trouble if she says that word.

6.) I am very disappointed at the school district I am in because they go by age and not maturity... damn them.

Six PLaces I Want To See Or Want To See Again:

1.)I would like to see the Cherry Blossoms in Japan again.

2.) A trip to Australia would be nice.

3.) Chicago, for some Pizza

4.) A Cruise to the Bahamas

5.) A Cruise to Alaska

6.) Spending more time in Hawaii too

AlaneM said...

OMG I so wanted purple hair in HS!! My parents just weren't having it, can't imagine why not...I even tried to compremise & only get my tail (remember those?) colored. Nope - those darn parents!

Anonymous said...

I do still judge other parents' decisions. I have 2 under 2, but I know their limits, and if they can't behave for as long as it takes to do a whole meal in a restaurant, we get fast food instead or drop them at a sitter. I don't understand putting your kids through the frustration when you know they're not able to handle what you're asking of them... Also, why do some parents think that because they can ignore the screaming and whining, everyone else can? That's really irritating. Since everywhere is becoming non-smoking, maybe they can make sections for parents with small children and contain the noise to one part of the place, rather than spreading it all around. My toddler especially, even when she's behaving well, talks loudly, squeals with excitement, etc. I would gladly sit somewhere separated from everyone else to spare them this--even though I think it's cute--it would be a courtesy to the other guests.

Anonymous said...

Although you can't donate anymore...I just wanted to thank you for donating platetets!!! My son has an autoimmune disorder that effects his platelets. He receives a blood product called IVIG about once a month and he couldn't receive it without donors.

darling said...

I had 2 sisters who were 8 and 10 years younger than me and I babysat and worked in daycare all through high school and college. Whenever I saw any child throwing a tantrum in the store or a frantic mother trying to catch a runaway toddler, I knew not to judge. I would often try to run interference and try to say or do something to help that poor mother (father/grandparent/nanny) out. I firmly believe that is why I was given the best behaved child ever. She's 11 now and still the coolest kid you'll ever meet. She doesn't keep her room clean, but hey, I'm not exactly keeping the rest of the house clean either, so I can manage to overlook that.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Dawn, I just had to share with you what my three-year-old said this morning...

I was on the couch when she came and sat by me. She likes to wear her socks to bed, and still had on the ones from yesterday at that point. They're light blue, and somehow they had twisted around so that the part she walked on yesterday was now on top of her foot. She caught a glimpse of it, and said, "Oh, no! My socks are going bad! They're turning green!"

I almost fell off the couch I was laughing so hard!

Nicki said...

Judging other parents is so true! I would have loved to see you in high school. I hope the weather in Chicago improves for you. My husband and I just ditched the cold ourselves and arrived in Aruba. Try to stay warm.

Unknown said...

So was the purple hair and alligator earrings before or after http://bp2.blogger.com/_0p-trbcKhm8/R5QZUderhwI/AAAAAAAABEg/QhFIe6yyXM0/s1600-h/034.jpg

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I can totally laugh at the big hair/ earring era! I am a hair designer and have had every hair colour out there. And in the eighty's my hair was so big we called it beer tent hair.( Muskegon, Mi is the beer tent capital LOL!) My earrings were so big I would say I was afraid to drive past a lake or a fish might jump out and bite my fishing lures! Kristine in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Minnesota. It's freezing here as well. I have to say though I'd rather have the cold than the hot. You can always put more layers on...you can only take so many off. (Before you're arrested that is!!)

Anonymous said...

Your FAQ was helpful--it certainly gave me the A to my Q!

Jen said...

I second the vacation to a warmer client. It's currently -22 here. Gah, I hate winter!

Anonymous said...

Re your son: He's always been a weird kid. He never played with his toy cars or plastic animals. Instead, he categorized them. He lined them up around his room according to size or color or species or make and model.

My son was like this too. He used to line up his cars and play "traffic jams". Each car had to be the same distance from the other one in front, and woe betide me if I accidentally knocked one whilst vacuuming. He also made incredible lego models - creating his own and arrange his Star Wars toys in scenes. Never actually playing with them.

Well, he now just as fussy, a goth and currently training to be a Priest....hmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Dawn- Somehow I think we would have been great friends in high school. I once had hot pink and orange hair (a mishap after trying to dye it white like Amy Mann from the band Till Tuesday). Oh and in my senior class picture I have a modified mohawk. I am so conservative now it is sad. I secretly want to be rebellious again....

Supplanter64 said...

Dawn! Stop reading all these messages and get some sleep! ;-)

chris said...

I lived in Europe for three years it's a nice place. I still haven't
got to my tag.
working Dad

Whitney said...

"3. I stink at sports. Pretty much all sports. I'm especially bad at volleyball. If the ball comes my way, I scream and run in the other direction."

I know this is a little late but.....OMiGOSH!!! ME TOOO!!!! My husband makes fun of me and uses me as an anti example for the kids - 'Don't run like Mommy. Don't hit like Mommy. Don't grimace like Mommy - the other team will start tackling you every play." LOL

Anonymous said...

what kind of blood disorder do you have? with my last preg i found out i have MTHFR (a genetic blood thicking disorder) and i had to do the shots also.
Thanks, Charlene.

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 yr old, and since his birth, I feel like I have changed EVERY preconceived notion I had of parenting. So much for all organic, no whining, no yelling... He loves to make a liar out of me!

Melissa said...

I have a blood clotting disorder too (APS)! I found out after two miscarriages. I had to give myself a shot of blood thinner in the stomach and take a baby aspirin during my pregnancies. Now I have three beautiful boys. It amazing how many people find out they have these disorders. Had to leave a message after reading your little fact there :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, man! I tagged you a little while ago. I am crushed that you forgot me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for "playing" tag. I know you have nothing else to do, LOL. The family photo story made me cry with laughter by the way. I'm sure it's going to look FAB. Thanks again and remember only 45,000 more words to go. UGH. Call me if you want to whine as I just got done with the WTM book! Hang in there!

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