Monday, February 11, 2013

The Rules

My kids and I got Universal Studios season passes for Christmas from my parents this year. We haven't been able to take much advantage of them because my foot has been hurting too much to walk and it took me a couple weeks to heal from my leg surgery. And then there's the omnipresent reason - I'm too busy. This weekend, like every single weekend since receiving the tickets, the kids asked, "Can we go to Universal tomorrow?"

I replied, "I'm sorry, but I have way too much work to do this weekend. I have to file my taxes and I need to catch up on laundry. I have bills to pay and I really need to find a third job. I should probably go to the grocery store and I have some writing to do too."  The kids looked disappointed, but they didn't argue or try to persuade me to take them. I'm afraid they know all too well just how difficult this single-parenting thing is for me. And I hate that.

I looked at their dejected faces and wanted to shout, "The heck with the work! The work will always be there! Let's go!" But if you've ever been in a position where you can't even buy a gallon of milk until you're paid in another week, then you understand that even though you passionately want to say those things, you can't always form the words. This weekend, however, I squished my eyes shut, blinking back the unshed tears that seem to perpetually burn the backs of my eyes, and I tamped down the nausea and burning pain in my gut and I said, "You know what? Forget what I just said about work. Let's go!"

And we did. And we had a wonderful day. And we laughed like crazy. Because laughter trumps sadness, depression, and worry. So, when we saw these warning signs, the kids couldn't help but translate them. Feel free to click the pictures to see them more clearly.


Tina said...

And sharing laughs with others should count for something too! Wishing you and your family all the best.

Notsopc said...

Glad you just said YES.. You had fun in sunny Florida while the north is cold.. You not only did it for you and your family but for all of humanity!!!! oh and yes I've been in there before too, the milk thing.. it sucks.. Still waiting to win the lottery to help you out.. I haven't forgotten I said that..

PamGram said...

O M G So clever and hilarious,I can't stand it LOL. And that's exactly what they look like. What is the "no lap dancing" one supposed to be? CRAZY

Korinthia said...

"If you've eaten a baby!" Damn your kids are funny! So glad you had a good day with all of them.

AlaneM said...

Epic Mommy win Dawn! Your kids are hilarious...I think they get it from you.

Anonymous said...

You should say 'yes' at least once a month as your kids are never kids for long but the laundry, etc. will always be there.

They are older now and can help out at home - as I am sure they do sometimes already.

They will not remember the unwashed floor, etc. but they will remember the good times they had at the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Since you have a legitimate medical condition, make sure you visit guest services and get a pass that allows you to jump some lines a little. My Dad has one, and it allows up to six people to join you. It saves time and increases enjoyment for my Dad... and all of us!

DarcsFalcon said...


I'm sorry things are so rough right now. Hopefully, this is nothing more than the dark period before the ... dawn :) , and things will get so much better for you real soon. I'm praying for that for you!

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