Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Ready for the Oscars! Are You?

I'm hopelessly out of the loop. The day OF the Superbowl, I texted my son, "Is the Superbowl this weekend?"

He answered, "Uhhh yeah."

"Who's playing?"

"The Ravens and the 49ers," he answered.

"The Ravens? Are you sure? I've never heard of them. Where are they from?"

"Baltimore," was his answer.

"That's the Orioles!"

"Mom, just stop talking."


Amanda Taylor said...

You sound like myself! I do catch some gossip and such though, at times, in the checkout line. :) Other than that, I'm lost.

Anonymous said...

I am so far behind I had to go look up when the Oscars are. It seemed more fun than folding my mountain of laundry.

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