Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm Not a Hero; I'm Jello

IMG_5059Friday evening, Savannah and I drove to Hungry Howie's. For those of you who don't know, Hungry Howie's is a restaurant that serves something that Floridians call pizza. According to this Chicago girl, it's nothing even remotely like pizza, but when in Rome central Florida you order Hungry Howie's because, although it's disgusting, it's cheap. 

 When you walk in the store there's a small area where you can wait for your order. There's one table, a pop machine, and a TV on the wall to help pass the time while you wait. Directly in front of this area is a counter with a register and behind that is the kitchen which is completely open to the front. You could conceivably see your pizza being made if you were so inclined to watch.  Savannah and I stood near the table while we alternately glanced up at the TV, played up with our phones, and talked to each other. Another 7 or 8 people milled about, filling in the area between the front door and the counter, waiting for their orders.


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