Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santa's on MY Naughty List

I need to have a serious talk with Santa. Year after year, he brings my kids gifts that drive me up a wall. I’m sure his intentions are pure, but he sure makes some stupid gift choices. I really don’t understand these rookie mistakes. I mean, the guy’s been delivering presents to good little boys and girls for what, like a bazillion years, right? And speaking of good little boys and girls, I’m not entirely sure his “checking it twice” method is working. I’m pretty sure I have a kid or two who should’ve been on the naughty list.


1 comment:

The Queen said...

At our place that's not Santa, it's Gwamma.. I make a point of buying the stuff that will totally drive her mother insane.. it's called JUSTICE.. it's the prize you get for not strangling your kid when she was growing up. lol

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