Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Lock Down Your Charger With Charger Cuff

Recently, I was given the opportunity to check out the new Charger Cuff. Inventor, Terry created the Charger Cuff after he and his wife experienced the frustration of having their chargers walk away (presumably in the hands of a technology-obsessed teen.) This handy little invention is a pretty cool gadget. Several times a week I have to get up and walk allll the way to my bedroom in order to get my phone charger. Of course I never remember to take it back to my room when I go to bed and once in bed, let's face it, I'm much too lazy to get up and retrieve it so I just hope I have enough charge left for my phone's alarm to go off come morning. It's a whole Russian roulette of "Will Dawn Wake Up In Time For Work?"

What makes this charger stand apart from others is its ability to be locked down. For those of you with kids who like to walk off with your charger, this is for you!


A special tool is included with this charger so you can install it (in any standard outlet) and your kids won't be able to remove it, unless they find the special tool, of course. (I recommend hiding it with important items like your passports, last will and testament, family jewels, and your secret stash of chocolate.) Another cool feature is that each unit includes a 1 amp charging block and a multi-cable with 3 different charging cords (type-C, micro USB, and 8 pin x 2) to fit most any phone. So when an android-using friend is over and asks you, "Do you have a charger I could borrow?" Your i-Phone using self can say, "Why yes, yes, I do!"

I'm giving away 2 Charger Cuffs here. You can enter by leaving a comment, liking Charger Cuff on Facebook, and by tweeting. This contest is open to U.S. residents.


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Melissa said...

This is amazing! I have 2 teens that constantly take my charger and ruin them. Definitely looking into this!

Pam Zercher said...

Wooza! I t totally need this. Yes, I have 3 teens who *usually* have their own chargers but I also have GRANDKIDS who take my chargers now! ������‍♀️

Ernie said...

Oh my GOSH! This issue crops up every time my college kid Laddie comes home. He cannot track his own charger, so he takes mine or some other responsible family member's. It is mind blowing. No charger issues all school year and then BAM he is home on a break. What the Hell? My phone died today during an important call about finishing the unfinished kitchen. Lad unplugged my phone during thr night, because he keeps college hours and is very inconsiderate. SO my phone sat umcharged. Grrr!

BarbaraShowell said...

A great idea. Thanks for the opportunity!

Teresa said...

This would be awesome. I can never find a charger when I need it.

mom2sillyshorts said...

This sounds great! My charger regularly walks off and my three teens have no idea what happened to it!

Okie Nana said...

I sure wish I could own a handy dandy item like that. I have read your blog for years, and I find you funny and very down to earth. You say what others wish they could say but they keep their thoughts in their heads. Raising six kids is not easy. And I admire you for raising 6 kids as a single parent. Keep up the good work.

AuntyM said...


Jenny said...

I am so buying one for work! The ipad charger keeps growing legs and walking all over the daycare while me. I don't have it claims no knowledge. I refuse to buy another

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