Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Kids Are Just . . Sigh . . . My Kids

Jackson and Lexi are visiting family and friends back home this week. They saved enough money to pay for airfare (and I got an amazing deal on it too!) so I took them to the airport this morning. Unfortunately they wouldn't allow me to accompany them to the gate this year because the cut-off age is 15 and Jackson is almost 17. I said goodbye at security and stuck around to make sure they found the gate. We'd gone over how to find the gate, and how to make their connection in Charlotte, and I was confident that the kids would be fine. Still, I was a little sad not being able to stay with them until they boarded. Instead, I texted them until they got on the plane.

Yep. Those are my kids. Good luck to all my family and friends in Chicago who are taking them in.


Cindy said...

You know your kids will be fine. We all know our kids are much better behaved in the company of others than they are with mom. :)

C-Rah said...

Ah, sarcasm and wit via text. Gotta love it.

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