Thursday, July 16, 2015

Style It Yourself with Suave's Luxe Style Infusion!

I've been using Suave hair care products for years! Not only are they a FRACTION of salon products (and even other drugstore brands), but they do an AMAZING job! As a single mom to 6 kiddos, I'm always looking for ways to save money, but so often you get what you pay for; you may save money, but you'll sacrifice performance. It's so rare that you find a product that is affordable yet works as well as more expensive brands. Suave is that brand! Luxe Style Infusion are those products!

I have very thick, coarse, dry hair. I live in Florida where there's always 1000% humidity. By the end of the day, I look like Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Really. See the resemblance?

Who has the time or the money to get a blow-out every week? But thanks to Suave's Smoothing Light Weight Weather-Proof Cream, and Anti-Humidity Hairspray, I can look like this . . .

I love how lightweight the smoothing cream feels. My hair doesn't feel weighed down with a lot of "gunk" when I use it. I use a small amount of the Smoothing Light Weight Weather-Proof Cream on my wet hair, then I blow it dry if I have the time. If not, I let it air dry while I do other chores. Then I use a flat iron to smooth it out. Finally, I finish with a mist of the Anti-Humidity Hairspray. Voila!

Ignore the weird face I'm making. It was a quicky selfie.

On days that I don't have time to flat iron my hair, I use Suave's Curl Defining Gel Serum. This stuff is awesome! I just pump a couple squirts in my hand, distribute it throughout my wet hair, and go. (If you use too much, it can make your hair a little crunchy. A squirt or 2 is all it takes.) It tames my curls/waves and prevents the frizz of epic proportions that would otherwise occur.

Suave also has a line of volumizing styling products if you have thin, limp hair. You can check out Suave's Luxe Style Infusion products and instructions on how to Style It Yourself HERE!

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