Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mako Mermaids, an H2O Adventure on Netflix

A guest post by Lexi Meehan on Mako Mermaids, an H2O Adventure now on Netflix (and she's well-qualified since she's my kid who wants to be a mermaid when she grows up!)

At first when I heard of Mako Mermaids, an H2O Adventure, I thought it was just a copy of the original H2O, but it turned out to be different, and pretty cool. I say it’s the best. I especially liked the second episode because when they were walking because they looked so funny!

Mako Mermaids, an H2O Adventure is a show all girls will like. It’s about three girls who have to protect the Moon Pool in order to be part of a pod (a pod is a group of mermaids), but a guy named Zach falls into the Moon Pool. Zach turns into a mermaid and gets powers. While he’s telling his friend about this, the three mermaids: Sirena, played by Amy Ruffle, Lyla, played by Lucy Fry, and Nixie, played by Ivy Latimer overhear him and find out. The mermaids try taking away his powers and his mermaid abilities, but . . .  (I would ruin the surprise if I told you! Watch Mako Mermaids, an H2O Adventure on Netflix for yourselves to see what happens!)

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