Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thirty-One Giveaway

A long time ago I was given a roomy, awesome, large utility tote. It's my beach bag. I throw in snacks, sunscreen, toys, and towels for me and the gang. A teacher at my school has one as well. She uses it to carry her lunch, tests to be graded, and other supplies for school. The tote is from Thirty-One and oh my goodness, they have stuff that makes my bag-addicted self drool. 

Anyway, I love this durable tote and use it often so I recently took a look at my friend Mendi's Thirty-One SITE to see what else was available. I want 2 of everything! Okay, so maybe it's an exaggeration, but I do really like their products. I love the variety of colors and styles. In fact, I found this purse HERE that reminds me of one I had in junior high! The one I had 30 years ago had wooden handles attached to a muslin purse. You buttoned different colored covers onto the purse to change up the look. I remember I had a reversible pink/green cover for it and a denim one. I loved that purse! Thirty-One makes a totally cute purse for which you can get different colored/patterned skirts to change up the look. I want this for nostalgia's sake!

Check out their catalog HERE. They have everything from eyeglass cases, tote bags and purses, containers for home organization, insulated totes for picnics, and more.

Here's a flier with the MARCH SPECIALS.  You get 50% off all totes shown on the flier, with a $35 purchase. Thirty-one is also offering a "Flash Sale" between March 16-22 of select items (everything in the pink column o page 34 of the catalog) at 50% off WITHOUT having to spend $35 first. And these "Flash Sale" specials count toward your $35 purchase in order to get any of the other March specials at half off!  

Order a Mother's Day gift for the special woman/women in your life and get a bag at 50% off for yourself! Or get gifts for your kids' teachers to thank them for teaching and caring for your kids all year. Order now so you won't have to think about it as the school year winds down because we all know how crazy it gets with all the end-of-the-year celebrations, field days, picnics, field trips, etc. Plus, anyone who places an order by 03/30/2014 will be entered in a drawing to win a tote like mine (15+ prints to choose from) or your choice of one of the totes shown in the ad. 

(As you can see, you can get your bags personalized!)

And, of course, if you order now, I'll get some freebies out of the deal. Just sayin'. I mean, if you love Thirty-One products and want to order some fun bags for yourself or as gifts anyway, you might as well do it now, right?  ;) Or bookmark Mendi's SITE so you can check out future sales and order whenever you'd like.

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Mendi Pittard said...

I am excited to you treat Dawn's fellow readers. I have been a fan since DAY ONE of the Pokemon Card E-bay post.

When you order, your name will be put in a drawing for a FREE TOTE! (no strings attached..well the tote has straps attached ;) There are already several names in the drawing...will you be next? ~ Mendi

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