Sunday, February 9, 2014

How a Bottle of Wine Made me do More Random Acts of Kindness

I pulled my items from the shopping cart and placed them on the conveyor belt in the check-out line - cake mixes, powdered sugar, eggs, vegetable shortening & 2 bottles of wine. The first 4 items were for the birthday cakes I was making for Clayton and Brooklyn who were having a shared birthday party on Saturday. The last item was because it was Friday. Or because it was raining. Or because the moon was out. Or because I was wearing pink shoes. (Really, you can insert any reason, any reason at all, here and it would be accurate.)

A woman got in line behind me and put her purchases on the belt. I noticed the pair of leopard print ankle boots she'd set on the conveyor and commented, "Those are totally cute! Ooooo, they're on clearance too!" praising her sense of fashion and ability to find a bargain.

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