Friday, January 3, 2014

Easy-to-Make Good Luck Cake for New Year's

This is a recipe for Vasilopita, a traditional Greek cake served on New Year's Day. It's easy to make and everyone will love the rich, buttery, orange-flavored cake. I'm Greek and if there's one thing I've learned over the years it's that Greeks are all about food and traditions and traditions that include food and superstitions of good luck and food that brings good luck and more food. And of course, let's not forget about the food. This cake is not only yummy, but it contains a coin. Traditionally, the first slice is cut and reserved for God. The second slice is given to the head of the household. The third goes to his wife, additional slices are cut for the children from oldest to youngest, then other relatives and guests. The recipient of the slice of cake that contains the coin will purportedly have good luck for the year. It's a fun tradition and hey, you can't go wrong with cake, right? I'm all for any excuse to eat dessert.


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