Friday, November 15, 2013

From Divorced to Dating: The (Almost) Completely Normal Progression

introI remember thinking, when I first got divorced, that I'd have time to date every other weekend when my ex had the kids. Well, he's never taken the kids for a night, let alone a weekend so that plan was shot down real fast. Then there was the fact that I wasn't ready to date right away. My attention was on my kids and helping them get through the upheaval, as it well should have been. But now? Well, I've been on my own for 4 years now. I think it's time. Or not. Maybe. I'm not sure. Yes. Maybe later. Okay now!



mkd said...

I randomly came across your blog from an article on Heather ARmstrong (Dooce) in the NYTime from last year. I love your style of writing and thought I'd say hello. I got divorced in 2010 and when I was ready to date thought "WOW here I go". There has certainly been a good list of adventures and stories.....that's for sure! Good luck with the new journey!

crazymimi said...

It has been a long time since I have read your blog, or anyone's for that matter, but I just wanted to say that understanding a little of what you have gone through raising 6 wonderful children, I have only had 2 it's still so hard to understand how they can just walk away!

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