Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For the Love of the Game: an interview with my son about the dangers of football

Last week I read an article about a 16-year-old boy who died after sustaining injuries that resulted from a helmet to helmet collision during a football game. Of course I felt horrible for the boy’s family. And as the mom of sons who play football, I feel scared for my own boys’ safety. I mean, I know that injuries can occur in any sport. Heck, injuries can occur outside of sports too. But catastrophic head injuries are much more prevalent in football than in any other sport. Oftentimes, head injuries that don’t seem serious at the time cause problems down the line when repeated head trauma has a cumulative affect on the player. I asked my 15-year-old freshman what he thought about football and the risks involved with playing.


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Susan said...

Dawn, Football is the best medicine for young men. My son played in high school (he was a center.) It is THE BEST confidence builder. It's an equalizer on the field. They can take their aggressions out on the field (because all males need that.) His non-football friends looked up to him because he could take a hit on the field (and he had his clock cleaned a couple of times.) I don't advocate violence but males need an outlet. He has since graduated from LSU (his dad and I are very proud of him), married and works as a project manager for an engineering firm. Support Jackson in his quest. It's a commraderie builder too. By the way, Clif was the only white starter on an all African American team. He had a mountain to climb and he did!

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