Sunday, July 7, 2013

How True Love Happens

Sometimes you meet someone and right off the bat, you "click". You never struggle to find the words to say; conversing comes easily. That person possesses an intellect and a wit that complements your own. They know when you're joking and they laugh at your humor; they "get" you. They're quick and can laugh at both themselves and at you without any hurt feelings. 

You fantasize about taking them to meet Mom and Dad (or in my case, my kids) Wow, that's a scary thought! You imagine meeting them in person (if you've met online). You dream about a possible future. Sometimes, one email is all it takes to know, to just know. 

Today, I received such an email. I'm pretty sure it's true love. It may even make me reconsider my stance on never, ever sharing a bathroom with a man ever again. 

Hello there,my name is Peter Edward,how are you,I'm so happy to found you on here,it's a great feeling and a desire to meet you on here please try to notify me when you will be free to talk to me. I know it maybe a disturbance from me by interacting you on here, but i am sicking for your kindness and devotion of building true friendship that can end not just a year but forever.Please, i will drop immediate apology if my attention of friendship interest will hurt our moral ethnic,please let me know but if my friendship request will be granted by you.i promise you that i will handle it with care till the days of our life.I will stop from here,till i hear from you.have a warm day! 

Yes, I can envision our future together. It's a match made in heaven! I will immediately accept his friend request so we can begin our journey of romantic bliss.


Kris Roach said...


Elisabet said...

He had me at "have a warm day" AND I'm almost positive English is not his first language. I bet he's waiting on the friendship granting thing and then he'll ask you to wire him money so he can come see you...hahahahaha! But use your best judgment :)

Korinthia said...

"Sicking for your kindness" huh? That's deep. And creepy. And deeply creepy.

Let me know where you are registered when you set the date for the wedding.

Leanne said...

Oh, Lordy . . . . He sounds like a catch, for sure. Love . . . Ain't it blissful? ;)

PamGram said...

The "have a warm day" must mean he knows you have pee'd your pants reading this,LOL. Did he mention 20 million American dollars in a Swiss or Nigerian bank?

Shellie said...

Ah, Google translate! Almost as funny as Siri. This is why I'm not too worried about machine translation taking my job from me anytime soon.

Lauren Miranda said...

Oh my I got 2 very similar to this from guys apparently living in America! I was so deeply moved by their grasp of the English language that it made me want to just jump right on it and form an ever lasting long distance relationship!!

Apparently they were taken by my sheer beauty and hoped to form ever lasting friendships !!

Pity I live so far aware or gee it could have been a match made in heaven!!

Unknown said...

I suggest he write your wedding announcement because he has such a way with words.

BTW - have a warm day. :)

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