Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Being Left Out Can be a Good Thing

file3111258685095I wrote a post about how my son took his little sister to the annual father/daughter dance at her school. It just happened to work out for him to take her, but I was prepared to occupy my daughter with alternative activities had she not been able to go. And last year I wrote a post about how my other daughter didn't attend the dance. I got comments on both posts from people who were shocked and disappointed that a school would hold an event like a "father/daughter dance" in this day and age, knowing that some people would be left out because there are so many complicated families. In fact, it seemed to be the general consensus. But I have to disagree.


1 comment:

Cyndie said...

Just another example of the Wussification of America!

PS. You are totally awesome and funny =) Been following you since Brooklyn was itty bitty.

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