Sunday, November 11, 2012

On Second Thought, Maybe I Will Start Dating

I had the most awesome date Friday night! I know, I know, I said I didn’t have time to date and wasn’t interested in getting to know anyone who would undoubtedly just wind up annoying me anyway. But I couldn’t resist this guy. He was just so darn cute! Seriously, he’s one of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen. So I figured, why not? My kids could handle making dinner and cleaning up by themselves one evening, right? I reasoned that I deserved an evening out since it had been many months since I’d had the chance to do something for myself. So I agreed to the date.

We started with dinner at a casual place with a lively atmosphere. Right from the start, I was completely comfortable with him. We talked about our days and our families. It was so laid-back and enjoyable that I even started joking around with a couple sitting near us. He laughed at my jokes instead of being embarrassed by me. (I totally judge a person by their sense of humor and I could tell that this guy had a good one!)  We spent a large part of the night laughing which, in my opinion, means it was an excellent date! We ordered Diet Coke to drink and he called it, “pop.” That right there was enough to convince that this was my kinda guy! He also offered me part of his dessert which pretty much made me love him.

I learned a few things on my date also. Did you know most people can taste phenylthiocarbamide, but about 30% of the population can’t taste it at all?  Apparently I have the gene that enables one to taste it and let me tell you, it’s horribly, horribly bitter! It was almost as vile as Vegemite (sorry to my Australian readers.) I never knew that until Friday night. My date impressed me with his knowledge of the digestive system too. I think he’s pretty smart.

Although I think this guy is wonderful, I admit that he may not be entirely perfect. There were moments where our conversation included words like pee, poop, vomit, and boogers which are things you don’t generally talk about on dates. But hey, when you really like someone, those little things just don’t matter all that much.

I hope we get to do this again sometime soon. It completely changed my mind about dating and I’m looking forward to the next time. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I even kissed him goodnight!

Would you like to see a picture of my date?

thumbs gross out On Second Thought, Maybe I Will Start Dating
thumbs gross out3 On Second Thought, Maybe I Will Start Dating
thumbs gross out2 On Second Thought, Maybe I Will Start Dating
thumbs meclay On Second Thought, Maybe I Will Start Dating

Yes, my date was my eight-year-old son. His school held a Mother/Son Gross-Out Night on Friday. We had Subway sandwiches and pop in the cafeteria, then we visited different stations that were set up throughout the lunch room. Each station featured “gross’ science-y stuff like poop, vomit, scabs, boogers, and warts. Clay had fun going around and getting his passport signed at each station and I had fun spending some one-on-one time with my son. I’m going to try to continue this, doing date night with each of my kids so we all get the chance to spend some one-on-one time with each other.  Being a single mom to six kids, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but I still think it’s important to make the effort to have a little alone time with each kid even if it’s just taking one to the grocery store or the bank with you. These are times to bond and make memories and just enjoy each other’s company. :)

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