Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clay's Limeades for Learning Project

It's time to vote! I talked about Sonic's Limeades for Learning HERE. (Teachers, it's not too late to register a project!)

Want to vote for a project to be funded? Just go to Limeades for Learning to vote. You can vote once a day, every day from September 24 through October 29! And if you purchase anything from Sonic, you'll receive two extra votes. Not only that, but for every 10 votes you place, you'll be emailed a code for yet another two bonus votes.

This is a very easy way to help some hard-working teachers give their students a terrific learning environment! It only takes a minute of your time to vote and there are so many schools, teachers, and most importantly, students that could really benefit from the funds! Please take a minute and vote everyday!

I spoke with Clayton's teacher about the Limeades for Learning program and asked her to help her class brainstorm some ideas on how to use the money. This is what the class came up with . . . (Man, I love second graders!)  

*  Legos to build ideas which support our themes in reading, science, math, and social studies
*  IPads or laptops
*  A visit from a very famous person
*  A tablet
*  Game systems
*  Give money to charity
*  Puppy for our classroom
*  IPod 5th generation
*  6 kittens because my cat died
*  A ship trip
*  18 Apple Fives
*  A trip to Washington D.C.
*  Go to an Orlando Magic Game
*  Whoopy cushions for the whole class
*  Silly putty(the farting kind)
*  Headphones
*  A never ending bottle of cold water

BWAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!! That's great! Whoopy cushions for all my friends!

The class decided on computers since there are several students who don't have computers at home and there are only two working computers in the classroom.

A big thanks to Sonic for funding Clay's classroom project and a big thanks to all the money they have donated to classrooms across the country!

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