Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Walk Down Main Street USA

I live near the cutest little town ever. I've been wanting to walk around in the town center and take pictures for some time and I finally got around to it this weekend. I'm no professional photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures. I think I got some decent ones to represent this adorable town. I could probably go back a dozen more times and get new, completely different photos each time.

There are several restaurants, many with outdoor seating. There's an old fashioned barber shop and soda fountain, and I'm in love with the used bookstore. Every Friday night there's live music in the square and there's a farmer's market every Saturday. Nearly every month, some special event, festival, or car show takes place in town. On any given evening, you can see couples strolling hand in hand, seniors relaxing in the swings, watching people walk by, and kids enjoying ice cream cones and splashing in the fountains. I could sit, basking in the balmy air, hair fluttering in the breeze, a smile of contentment on my face while watching people and creating stories about their lives in my head every night. Heaven!


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