Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Check out one blended family's obsession with Christmas trees. What started as a way to encompass the traditions of two separate families, turned into a house filled with as many as fourteen trees at once! But the best part of their story is how they get rid of their tree after Christmas. On Subway's Fresh Takes for Family site there's a story about this family along with many other stories and videos of fun, new family traditions. I especially like reading these stories right now because my own family is starting some of our own traditions. In fact, I briefly considered decorating a palm tree instead of an evergreen this year. Hey, when in Florida . . .

What do you guys do Christmas eve? Do you have any unusual traditions? Anything fun you've started doing with your kids. I admit we always do the same ole thing - go to church, leave out cookies and pop for Santa (Santa doesn't like milk in my house), then the kids stay awake forever because they're too excited to sleep and I stay up way too late wrapping presents that should've been wrapped weeks ago. Do you guys do anything fun? I'm in the market for some fun new ideas. And be sure to go over to the Fresh Takes site to share your ideas there! You'll be entered in a drawing for a Subway gift card and could even be chosen to have your story featured on their site!

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Amanda said...

We watch Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase every Christmas eve. Not something to share with the little ones but the older ones and you would get a laugh out of it.

Debra said...

We order pizza (yep!! I don't cook at all!), and watch the Christmas DVD we bought. We buy one each year. First we let the kids open their brand new PJ's. After the dinner and a movie, we let them open their sibling gift. Since I have 5 kids, they draw names so it's just one gift.

Have you heard of the Disney house in Windermere? The lights are amazing! It's in Summerport community? Your kids would love it!

jmlewis0708 said...

We have a huge family dinner at my house, exchange family gifts, all the kids make their and decorate their santa cookies. This year, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, my sister and I are going to play a prank on our kids and after the hoopla and fun we are going to tell them that we are giving them one special present before christmas, however the present will be something cheesy and horrible that they wont like to see what their reactions will be. Like my 9 year old son who I have to fight with to eat vegetables is getting a can of peas, my 4 year old daughter will be getting a rock, and my 5 year old niece that is obessed with shoes will be getting a too big ugly shoe but it will only be one shoe and not 2.

Bethany said...

My family has dinner and exchanges secret Santa gifts. We then go to church as a family, but then split up. Everyone except for me goes and parties until 3/4 in the morning and I go home to my parents' house to enjoy the beautiful tree and QUIET :) It's not traditional but I love it. I may be a party pooper but at the party are all of their really good friends and I like my tradition very much ;)

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