Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leave the Lipstick at the Door

I read an article on MSNBC today about how a school in England has banned the use of makeup for their 13 – 16 year old students. Not only have they made it against school rules for girls to wear makeup, but they’ve also removed the mirrors in the bathrooms to prevent vanity. Maybe they think that if they remove the mirrors, the girls won’t realize how they look without makeup. According to the article, John McNally, head teacher, says, “The mirror ban is to break a cycle where social groups started to emerge in the bathroom.” Oh my gosh, no, not social groups! At a school?! The horror!



Chantell said...

Hi Dawn, I love your style of writing, and sense of humour! I have a 13yr old daughter, and yes, I don't think a lack of mirors would prevent her from doing her make-up, haha! Banning mirrors is a bit extreme ~ and would no doubt just encourage the girls to smuggle little mini mirrors into their school bags ;o) I am a single mum to four, so I can relate to your posts ~ thankyou for sharing! :o)

Tracy said...

Hi Dawn, just wanted to say that my sister's name is Dawn. :P

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