Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

I couldn't think of a good "From Chicago" line tonight, so I asked Austin and Savannah what I should write. This is what they came up with. . .

1. From Chicago, Chi town!
2. From Chicago, let's go fly a kite!
3. From Chicago, home of the wiener, I mean the macaroni, you know that thing outside Wrigley Field!
4. From Chicago, the town that's almost 99% lint-free!
5. From Chicago, the town that's rarely sticky!
6. From Chicago, Chicago!
7. From Chicago, where it's always cold. Except in the summer. Then it's hot. And the spring and fall are just right. Most of the time. I guess it isn't always cold after all.

Yeah, so anyway, from Chicago, it's your host, the woman who should know better than to ask her teens for help, Dawn Damalas Meehan! And now, here are the answers to your questions this week. Feel free to ask me your question at

You didn't answer my question about how many people visit your blog a day! I knew 2 or 3 silly woman!!!
I dunno. I think my average is somewhere around 6000 a day, but I have more than that who read my blog from an rss feed daily as well.

Have you ever got hate mail that was so lame/pathetic you found it funny?
Yup. In fact, these days, I find most hate mail amusing.

Holy Mackarel! Way to induce self-esteem at a young age! Can you imagine how that teacher would be crucified these days? [When I was Seven]
Yeah, that's probably true. Ridiculous, but true. Children are not so fragile that their precious self-esteem is going to be crushed beyond repair unless they're constantly coddled and made to feel like they're number one all the time. I mean, my attitude is far from Amy Chua's here, but still, I think a lot of parents go to extremes in making sure that nothing hurts their beloved children. Guess what; they're going to get hurt. And it's okay! Then you help them to deal with the hurt in healthy ways, learn from their experiences, and move on. I mean, look at me! I turned out perfectly normal even if I don't have pink eyes and long blond hair!

Remember those purple Xerox copies??? I don't even remember what that machine was called, but I remember that it SMELLED! And the kids would all smell the paper when we got fresh copies. Or maybe that was just the kids in my class. Copies were the gateway drug...
Oh yeah! The dittos! Who could forget that purple ink, the smell of pure alcohol, and the cold, damp feeling of the paper when it first came out of the machine?! Nothing like a classroom full of kids getting high off their dittos.

...Your post started me thinking though, what kinds of foods do you make for dinner? With 6 mouths to feed there's got to be things that each kid refuses to eat. Is there anything that everyone likes?
I've given up cooking. I just hook up an IV and feed them intravenously now. Seriously, all the kids are good eaters. Well, everyone, but Brooklyn, that is. They all eat pretty much whatever I make. Brooklyn eats, ketchup, chocolate milk, peanut butter, carrots, mac&cheese, and candy.

wow, by the other comments, this one will seem so off topic... but is the car in your picture a right hand drive?
I have no idea. If I don't have a picture of my own that I can use, and/or I'm too lazy to go take a picture, I use creative commons to find images for my blog.

A month or so ago, you were worried that you had no income and you didn't know how you were going to make it and now you're writing funny blog posts like nothing's wrong. What gives?
Didn't you hear? Everything is magically better now. <---That was sarcasm. I'm explaining because I'm not sure you'd grasp that otherwise.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about my circumstances. Not a day goes by that I don't feel sick to my stomach when I think about it. Not a day goes by that I don't hyperventilate a little and think, What am I going to do? Really, what on earth am I going to do? This is very real and very scary!

However, not a day goes by that I don't put on a happy face for my kids. Not a day goes by that I don't try to maintain a semblance of normality around here. Not a day goes by that I don't work my butt off toward my goals of being self-sufficient. It's been almost two months since my ex lost his job. I have no reason to believe he'll ever get another one since he makes cash under the table doing side jobs. He can take care of himself and not have to pay a penny of child support that way.

Yeah, my circumstances are still downright scary. But what am I going to do? Cry all day? Scare my kids? Give up? Or go on believing things will turn out okay, work to ensure that they do, to the best of my ability, and continue to see the good, the fun and the humor in every day? Yeah, I'll choose the latter every single time. So sorry to disappoint you, but I'm going to continue writing funny blog posts because laughter is the best medicine!

Have a great week, everyone! And remember, Tuesday is Pączki Day! Don't miss out on this most delicious of all holidays!


PamGram said...

The person who asked "What gives?" must have never had challenges like yours.I did after my divorce,33yrs. ago.I had 2 small boys,no $$ and would not ask for family help and they would have helped,but I put on a smile and played with my kids,joked about my shoes falling apart,told them it was camp-out nite when electric was out.I knew it wouldn't be forever,well I was hoping,lol.And it wasn't.I met my present hubby and it has been 30yrs.and 3 more kids.Life can be tough so laugh,it helps. Thank you for helping us laugh when we don't think we can.

Jenner said...

I hear you about smiling because, what else can you do? We gotta keep our chins up, there isn't any other choice, really. People always say that that things get better... I'm just waiting!

Frau Mahlzahn said...

Just a short stop to let you know: I think you are doing a great job making the best out of a bad situation and facing it every day -- and still find the humor in things. Not many people are capable of that.

Thanks for your blog!

So long,

Cinderella (aka Kristin) said...

By the way, I've meant to share this before but always got sidetracked. My 8 year old son beats Brooklyn by 3 foods. He eats 9 things: nuggets, fish stix, tater tots/fries (depending of if the stars are aligned), Nutri Grain bars (strawberry adn blueberry), scrambled eggs, toast and waffles (Eggo buttermilk or homestyle only). And Oreos and orange sherbet, which I don't always feel should be quite included. OH, and chocolate milk? For the love of Hersheys, we should own stock in it. But yeah, when I freaked out about his eating habits when he was 4, the pediatrician asked if I knew ANY grownups who only ate chicken nuggets? I felt better. But it's still aggrevating at times....

Amy said...

Great way to look at things Dawn! Trust in God and keep moving forward. You can't just sit down and cry over what you can't change. If your kids are like mine, they expect to be fed and have clean laundry even if the world is coming to an end. I mean really? Why do they expect fed? ; )

Tammy said...

Hey, where'd your chip in button go? I was going to give my regular contribution, and it was gone. :0( I guess I'll have to resort to snail mail. bleh.

Anonymous said...

I had an elementary gym teacher who used to ridicule me and a boy in my class - we were the shortest of each gender. He essentially told us we'd never amount to anything because we were short (he was very tall). He loved to torment us during basketball week and made us play with the short goal.

I wouldn't say he destroyed my self-esteem, but I do periodically stop and think about what I have achieved in life and how none of it was hindered by my height. I'm a successful attorney, mom, and wife! So poo on him :)

Jennifer said...

I just feel compelled to send you a word of encouragement after reading your last question and answer. I know the future (even the present) is scary but know I am praying for you and your family and I know you know God is in control. Keep the faith. God bless.

Mark said...

MIMEOGRAPH was the school machine which everyone went into ecstasy over. (NOT DITTO!!) Of course, they are out of business,but the manufacturers of ALCOHOL appear to be thriving.

Dawn said...

Not in my day. It was the ditto machine (or spirit duplicator).

anonsi said...

I like looking at your lists of things Brooklyn will eat because, occasionally, new things are added. Like carrots! Or maybe they were always there and I just focused on the ketchup/choc milk combo.

Sandy said...

I love your creative ways to reply to stupid questions. Of course things don't change magically overnight, but you know people like to hear the bad stuff. You just choose to give us the good stuff with a little bad mixed in.
Your response was great. I remember those days, I think we all have them to some extent, but we choose to go on and put on the happy face, knowing that we have to put our faith in a God who loves us and will "carry us " when needed.
So glad you keep your blog up I love reading it.
If you decide to come back to the NC beach this year look me up our company does rentals and would love to see you and help.

V1nce said...

I was a picky eater when little but healthy. My Dad kept complaining so my mom told him go take him to the doctor if you're so concerned. It cost him over $200 to get "he's doing fine nutritionally don't worry about it."

Now, not so picky. Food-wise. Human-wise very very picky :-)

Lisa said...

I hope you are compiling a book of all the stupid hate mail. Who sends hate mail?! Idiots, I guess. You just have to take everything one day and try to not think too hard about tomorrow. It will get better! Oh, and I have a picky eater, too. Hershey's syrup helps him eat carrots!

Tonia said...

I don't know the context in which that last question was asked but when I read it didn't sound offensive to me. They just sounded curious. I think most of your readers really care about you and hope for the best with your circumstances; I know I hope sooner more than later life gets easier for your family not by magic but by God's grace. I've seen miracles happen. In any event your answer as usual amazes me. I love the way you handle life; you handle with your own grace and I know faith plays a major role in that. I love reading your funny blogs but I also like that on occasion you let us in a little deeper; it helps us all with dealing with life either through the funny or by knowing we're not alone. You're a beautiful person and a wonderful mom. I have faith like you that it will be okay and whatever struggles you face will only make you stronger and that much better. You are still in my prayers.

Sarah said...

Love the answer/last paragraph. You are a fighter and are doing EXACTLY what you need to do for you and your family. You go, girl! :)

Francesca Fine Jewelry said...

Have you contacted your support enforcement office yet? If so, do you have a case worker yet? He has to pay child support. It's the law. Once you have a case worker, your ex will get served with papers. Support Enforcement will also get a sheriff to serve him. They'll also find him for you if you don't know where he's living. Take advantage of what your state has to offer. You're paying their salaries. The judge will tell your ex to get a job and if not, he'll go to jail. Let him spend a couple of nights in jail. Maybe it will have an effect on him. Did you get your ex's tax refund yet from last year's income? You're entitled to that too. I've been through it, my friends have been through it. Don't give up. Just work with your case worker. They are there to help you.

Francesca Fine Jewelry said...

Here are some links. This is for IL. They will even take his driver's license away. Ask them for support enforcement and get a case worker if you don't already have one. Here is the link for All Kids, the state's insurance in IL Here's the income chart for food stamps Take advantage of what your state has to offer. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Apparently, some commenters don't understand the philosophy that keeps moms of large-ish families going: KEEP PEDALING! No matter what is happening, you have to keep going and act like you enjoy it. If you stop, you fall down.

Wildberry said...

Liked what Francesca Fine Jewelry had to say. If a parent is behind on child support and the custodial parent reports it, these things can be done:
•Garnishing his or her pay
•Refusing to allow the parent to obtain a legal passport
•Intercepting unemployment compensation
•Offsetting federal and/or state income tax refunds
•Enforcing jail time

Kirsten said...

I just have one thing to say...I love you Dawn! Some people ask the stupidest things, and you continue to be positive and make us all feel better!! There are 3 people who I admire in the cyber world...Peggy Larson, Mimi Avery and you, Dawn Meehan!! Thank you for everything you do!!

Sheila said...

I love your response to the last question. You answered it with grace and although you really could have bad mouthed your ex you didn't. In your situation I don't think I would have been able to hold back like that! I truly hope that things turn around and your situation improves. Until then, keep your head up and continue to do the great job that you are doing.

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