Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that has Blackhawks Fever, it's your host, the woman who completed a whole 28 minutes of tae bo and didn't hit herself in the face even once (this time), it's Dawn Meehan!

I FINALLY got a copy of your book! I have to say it was quite a feat here in Australia. I am so excited!! Do you think my work would mind if I took a day off to read it? :-)
Absolutely! When I worked outside the home before Austin was born, I called in sick so many times that my boss told me the next time I tried to get out of work, I'd better call in dead. I did. I called in dead. Then I brought him chocolate donuts the next day so he was cool with it. I had an awesome boss. I miss that job.

You said, "It has Brendan Fraser. Yum." I totally agree!! Ever since I saw "Encino Man" (yeah, that ages me!!) I've been drooling over him. ;o)
Here too! He's on my list. I think I need to revise my list though. Heath Ledger had been at the top, but I think my chances of running into him now are slim. Wait, I'm single now! I don't even need a list, right? Anyone's fair game, yes? Snort! Because I'm sure there's a line of men just waiting to meet an old, fat, tired mom of 6. Hoo Hoo Hee Hee Ha! That was a good one!

I'm still amazed at the amount of food that ends up in your van!! :)
Yeah, I'm just an awesome mom like that. Spring is the worst. My kids are just in so many sports and there's not time to sit down as a family and have dinner and still get everyone to their fields on time. The rest of the year, we eat dinner together as a family every night.

So you just hit 6 million when I wasn't paying attention. Congrats.
Thank you! And thank you to all my awesome readers for coming back again and again even when I write stupid stuff, or when I can't think of anything to write, or I'm too tired or stressed to find the funny. My readers are THE BEST!!!

So, have you compared her pic to a pic of you from the 80s? Do you look like twins? Just curious, because moms and daughters usually do look very much the same at the same ages.
Nope, I couldn't find any of me at that age. My parents have them. Mom? Dad? Do Savannah and I look alike?

Ok and a SSO questions. So have any of your kids broken out of preschool and tried to walk home?
Nope, can't say that they have. They have, however, broke out of the house to walk to school. Does that count? But they were returned home unfortunately, I mean thankfully! Thankfully, they were brought back!

Also: remember how excited you were to get a Walkman? Which played tapes? Ah, the good old days.
Oh yeah! And there was no going to a computer to download songs to your Walkman. Nope, we had to hold our tape recorders up to the radio and wait for our favorite songs to come on and then hope the DJ wouldn't talk over the beginning and wreck it!

She like totally like looks like a chick like from the like 80's LOL!!!!!! Anyone else have a friend that did use the word like every other word???!!!!!
:::raising hand guiltily::: That was me. I'm pretty sure I still overuse the word "like".

Did you get authentic Aqua Net for the hair or did you use some environmentally friendly version?
It HAD to be Aqua Net and a hairdryer. Had to. The Suave stuff I use leaves your hair too soft to stand up 4 feet like that.

What do you think is the best song to come out of the 80's?
Yes! All of them! You should see my iPod. Ask my friend, Chris. He'll tell you how much I like 80s music. And Savannah likes 80s music now. I call that a parenting success!

So like totally wow, what kind of grade did she get on this report?! It's gotta be like, you know at least a major "A"
She did! She got 110 points for the project, 100 for the Power Point and 10 extra credit for dressing up.

Literally... like, totally gag me with a spoon! xD jk, jk. What a sad, sad era. *Sniffle*
I think someone (Natasha) is just jealous she's too young to have lived through the 80s.

BTW- off subject I know-- but when are you going to do another review/giveaway?
Let's see here. Take care of 6 kids, make breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, do 4 loads of laundry, write a blog post and a couple articles, drive the kids to 3 different schools, pick 1 up from kindergarten, then hit all 3 schools in the afternoon, clean the house, diffuse fights, read to kids and sign homework, drive kids to church, friends' houses, baseball games, hockey games, read email, pay bills, take out the garbage, go to the grocery store, plan Sunday school lesson, sleep for 4 hours. Yeah, I'm sure I can find some time in there to do more reviews. Honestly, I have a couple reviews I'm going to put up this week, but I've been turning down review/giveaway requests because I really don't have the time. I have to scale back somewhere.

Isn't it considered child abuse to dress a kid up like that?
Noooo! No way! Now, if I'd dressed her in duds for my earlier years (70s), then that would absolutely be considered abuse. Ugliest era in fashion ever.

Coolots. That's right, they're called coolots. Even the name screams "beat me up". And then there's the knee socks. And shoes. And the hair! Well, actually, I can't blame the hair on the 70s. My mom just wanted me to look like the son she never had.

Note the plaid pants. Can never go wrong with plaid pants (in 1976, that is!) That's my gun-slinging boyfriend. He's a good listener. Never interrupts.

Are you sure he's been wearing clean socks & underwear too? Those who are sports superstitious have a tendency not to change these items either. :)
Eh, as long as I don't have to see/smell them, I don't care. Less laundry for me.

I'm not going to share this post with my husband, he already thinks because you're Greek you had something to do with THE GOAT!
Rita, assure your husband that I have never brought a goat to a Cubs game. I swear.

And I found this blog the other day. It's written by a single dad of 6. Yeah, he has a potty mouth sometimes and writes about boobs too much (men! @@), but when he writes about his kids, I crack up. He's the male me. Seriously, read a couple posts and see. He sounds like me, no? Maybe better. Funny guy!

Who does his son sound like HERE?

And his 8-year-old daughter picking up boys (and carrying them) HERE.

And fighting the undead HERE.

That is all. I'm tired and sunburned on parts that should have been covered. Time for bed in the Meehan camp. Have a great week!


Delbos said...

Oh Dawn! The picture of your having knee socks, that's totally Brooklyn's face!! Whoa, I am surprised how alike you two are! And indeed, i think Savannah and Austin really looks like you too!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

WOW! Since when are you so efficient that you have the SUNDAY SOUND OUT up this early?
I was busy watching.....wait for it, wait for it....

KATE + 8 and then blogged about it!

You didn't expect any less did you?!

And, no, dressing your kids up funny is NOT child abuse.... I call it "Revenge Therapy!"

Keekee said...

Are you sure that isn't a picture of Brooklyn dressed in those plaid pants? She looks SO much like you!

Hildigunnur said...

You and the father of 6 ought to hook up - then you'd have twelve...

Sara said...

I just laughed my eyes out when you mentioned the Walkman. I have fond memories of having one. I also have fond memories of when my dad bought me a portable cd player I had to clutch real tight so I could walk and listen at the same time. The stupid thing could not take a bump.

But my favorite memory is when I let my dad listen to it. He was all like "My GOD, it's like the music is inside my head!!!"

Oh men, I miss those days.

Spuds said...

Holy Cow!!! I rolled out of bed this morning and, just like a good blogger, plopped down in front of my computer to check my stats and wondered who had thrown a party without inviting me! I think I tracked down the source!

I'm not sure what the protocol is for this; if I should bow or curtsy or high five or fist bump ya', but THANK YOU for your comments! Geez! I have read your blog for a while and you are amazing! (I think I'm blushing)

And as a fellow parent of six angry pygmies I salute you with the energy of an eight year old!! (And with that,I now need a nap!)

Thank you, again! Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Tae Bo - I'm impressed. When I tried it, they expected me to know my right from my left - ugghh. Way to go on your kids liking the 80s music - any ideas on how to get mine to like it (of course they are still young enough to like Laurie Berkner).

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

OK. Those clothes you were wearing are hilarious!! I have pictures of me in those same kinda plaid pants. What were those people thinking?? WHy did they think those were remotely cute??? Oh well... :) Then that dad and you should totally get together and swap stories. He is hilarious!! The jeep?? Oh yeah, that sounds like another little boy you've talked about many times. :)

Christina said...

You should totally hook up with Spuds and have the Brady Bunch!!

Shawn said...

There was nothing better than my old "radio tapes". To this day, there are certain songs (many of them by Bon Jovi) that I can't hear without thinking they sound weird without the DJ saying something inane over the intro.

Tmomma said...

we have a new dress code at work, we're now required to wear more formal women's attire, including joke.

jennyandcompany said...

that is totally brooklyn in the plaid pants! and you have definitely found your match - talk about great blog material if you two hooked up ;)

Laura G said...

OH, marry Spuds, and you can be just like the movie, "Parenthood" ! Actually the original is even better than the newer version!

geelizzie said...

Single dad with six kids? Hmm...could it be fate calling?

Luwanna said...

I love Brendan Fraser, too! Yep, on my list! I have a Scholastic poster of him promoting "Inkheart" I love that since it is Scholastic, I claim it is more appropriate for me to have it at work (in an elementary school) Great way to start every work day, saying 'good morning' to Brendan :D

Anonymous said...

Coolots!!! I had those.... I hated them so much. About ten years ago I was telling my husband how my mom tortured me by making me wear coolots and he said he had never heard of them before. I thought perhaps it had just been a nightmare. Now I see that no, coolots were real. I know, first time the kids tell me they are "bored" this Summer I'll threaten coolots.

Mimicutelips said...

I love 70's fashion although I wasn't around to appreciate it. I was around for the 80's and it was the worst.

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