Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I started writing a post about taking Austin and Jackson to the store this evening, but I was interrupted by puking and crying kids so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

It was Brooklyn's birthday today. Unfortunately, she's been running a high fever since Sunday night, so her birthday celebration included a little trip to the doctor this morning. Her lungs sounded clear despite her nasty cough and although her throat was red, she doesn't have strep. In other words - She has a virus. Give her rest and fluids. That'll be $145. She slept most of her birthday.

Lexi stayed home from school today because she wasn't feeling well. She didn't have a fever or anything, but still, knowing how sick Brooklyn is, I figured Lexi was probably next to get it. About an hour ago, I heard that most awful of all sounds - retching.

All I can say is, "THANK GOD SHE MADE IT IN THE TOILET!!!" As poor Lexi was throwing up, Brooklyn woke up, crying that her eyes hurt. I kind of ran back and forth between the two of them until I smashed my foot into the vacuum cleaner that was sitting in the middle of the room (Yeah, yeah, if I'd put it away, this wouldn't have happened. Whatever!). I think I broke my toe.

Now, I'm going to look up one way airfare to the Bahamas check on the girls and pray that no one else gets sick.

Actually, it's not all that bad. Savannah's best friend had a seizure at school today and is spending the night in the hospital. I guess I can handle a couple kids with viruses. Praying for Savannah's friend "Kimmy Gibbler".


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I had to have a giggle over 'Kimmy Gibbler' - is Savannah even old enough to know who that is?

Here's hoping for a safe and swift recovery for her friend! *fingers crossed*

And hope your two munchkins recover soon too.

WarsawMommy said...

Oh, this never-ending illness thing. We're playing the same game over here, and it looks as though Round 14 is on, as of this morning. Alex is all wheezy and Max is coughing. Here we go - back on the merry-go-round! But without the fun or the cotton candy.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I hope the girls feel better soon, and that it doesn't creep through the rest of the family.

MaBunny said...

Oh no, I hope everyone gets to feeling better and that no one else gets sick. There is a lot going around down here too, and the school nurse says that everyone either has a sore throat, headache or is throwing up. Love this time of year, lol!
Hope your toe is ok too:)

KingerMom said...

I know how you feel.. i had two kids home sick tuesday too..

i also understand how you think you got it bad than someone else tells you they have it worse.

I've dealt with that this whole month.

I hope the kids feel better soon. ( and your toe )
Kinger Mom

Anonymous said...

Y'know, if you stopped vacuuming you probably wouldn't have to worry about running into it. I'm just saying - housework is gross.

Six-Pack Momma said...

I had an idea yesterday: what if the doctor only charged a co-pay if he could help you. Say, with antibiotics or a cast. If nothing is wrong, or it's "just a virus" you get your co-pay back. I mean, he can still collect from the insurnace company. And I know I'd be more likely to take my kids in if I knew I wouldn't be charged for a virus. So in the end, the doc would actually earn more.....just a thought....too bad it doesn't work that way!

Tammy said...

Dawn - regular Coke from a can or 2 liter is the best thing for settling stomachs. If your kids can handle the caffeine, that is. Mine act like they're on crack cocaine if they have anything with caffeine.

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Cinderella said...

I wrote a long post once about viruses...does your kid have a high fever? does your kid have a mild fever? Puking? Diarreha? No puking? No runny stools? Does your kid look and act fine?

Probably a virus. Which means there is NOTHING you can do about it but let it run its course all over your house.

Personally, I think "virus" is the doctor way of saying "we don't know and don't care."

Cookie said...

I was just moping around not wanting to do much because my kids were driving me crazy. But now knowing I don't have it as bad as you or the girl with the seizure, I'm going to get moving.

Chick Hatchers said...

I sure hope the girls feel better soon and that you are able to get some rest. I'm praying today for you and that it doesn't spread to the whole crew! Hopefully and prayerfully the doctors can determine the cause and address it quickly!

I really enjoy reading your blog and you convey so much with a sense of humor that would stress me out if I were living it. No one likes the sound of puke hitting anything! However, this past Monday night I heard something worse. Something I never want to hear again. The sound of my 220 pound husband hitting the bathroom floor head first in the middle of the night. His blood pressure dropped while he was in there and he passed out. I found him unconscious and we spent the rest of the night in the ER. He is fine now and I will be blogging (hopefully today) about God's answers to prayer.

Lisa said...

Praying yah'll feel better soon and no one else gets the "Crud"

Anonymous said...

My niece had something this last week where she had a high fever that wouldn't go away, and she also complained that her eyes hurt. It must be the same virus. If so, don't worry, it'll be done soon enough. My niece was only sick for about 5 days or so. So you should be in the last days here soon. Good luck!! And I hope your kids get better!!

Yvonne said...

Funny.. I really went to school with "Kimmy Gibbler".. she is a sweet girl.. not at all like her character on Full House....

hope the kids feel better!

Stephanie said...

Hang in there, Dawn. I hope the girls feel better. I hope things go well with Kimmy as well. Our 10 year-old son also had a seizure last week. It is so, so scary to see your child seize. He is a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic, but this was not diabetes related. It was just a random thing. VERY scary.

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