Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I think I may have found the way to get out of hosting holiday dinners...

It got worse before it got better. I think my house still smells like smoke today.

On a brighter note, we all had a nice Christmas!

A huge igloo that Austin made. He could lie down in here, completely stretched out, and still have room for more kids.

Meet Patrick Froggy

And Spongebob Froggy. These are Clay's new pets courtesy of his godmother, Denise. Thanks Dee! He loves them!!!

My kids don't let a little snow stop them from enjoying summer-like sports and games.

Here they are playing track ball.

Like the crazed look on Clay's face?

Little Lexi



Brotherly love. Or wrestling on the couch. Something like that.

Princess Brooklyn

Rock on, Jax, rock on.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!!!


Michelle said...

At least your food got cooked... our oven's ignitor went out on the 23rd. That made cooking food quite interesting when the gas won't turn on.

Glad everyone had a good Christmas though! And it looks like everyone enjoyed their presents. Savannah gets more beautiful in every picture, you know that?

Merry Christmas, Dawn!

Sarah said...

Thanks for these, they are all getting big. Savannah is beautiful (she always has been but now she's strikingly so!) Can't believe how big Brooklyn is 'pecially...and that Lexi is cute as a button, too! :)

Glad you DIDN'T completely burn down the house and that you had a good CHRISTmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the smoke detector on the ceiling in the last picture.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Dawn.

I hope your family had peace, love, joy and a whole lot of laughter!

Quick Question: I noticed that you labeled one of Austin's picture with a "Aj". Is this a nickname or has your teenager decided to change his name? I have a hard enough time with my 5. Sometimes, I find myself saying, "Child # __" or "You know who you are, You!"

Praying for you,
Lisa Kiesling, Dallas, Texas

MaBunny said...

Looks like you had an absolute blast! We actually had a white Christmas too, but it was all melted by mid afternoon...
We also had a wonderful Christmas, with the main gift being the Wii!
Will check back in later /hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I never read!!! I mean, I think the last time I read a book it was required by my high school. I bought your book because I am completed addicted to your blog. I received it yesterday & finished it today. I laughed & I completely agree with 90% of it or have experienced most of it. I have recomended it to all of my friends. Thank you for the amazing book that wasn't just for me to read to pass a class, I actually enjoyed reading.
Allison Ches, VA --Mommy of 2 (17yr old girl 11 yr old boy)

Unknown said...

Are those African clawed frogs, perhaps received from the Grow-a-Frog company? I ask because I sent away for one of those when I was younger..maybe eight or nine? (I'm twenty-one now.) Good ol' Frogzilla lived until the summer of my freshman year in college. =D

Anonymous said...

Is that stove Harvest Gold??!!? Sweetie, it's maybe time for a NEW one?! Also, it looks like your microwave is about to fall off the shelf! CAREFUL!!

Your kids are ALL GORGEOUS!!
from Sparkle

dhaynes said...

OMG Dawn, I loved the "put salt on it" comment. My grandmother used to tell that to my mom all the time! I still can hear her saying it sometimes if my oven catches something on fire or gets a little smokey, not that it happens THAT much - hee hee. Looks as though you had a great Christmas and made it through it! Thanks for all the blessings you bring to everyone and here's hoping 2010 is a great year for YOU!


Anonymous said...

Nope, does not get you out of hosting. Will, however, get mentioned over and over until the end of time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,

The froggy names are cute. Glad Clay likes them.

The kids are beautiful as always.


The Bateman Clan said...

Your blog always makes me smile!! Merry Late Christmas!

I thought you might also enjoy reading this blog I stumbled upon.

Mrs. Who said...

Hmmm...did the bottle of wine at the side of the stove contribute in any way to the near catastrophe?

What a gorgeous family...I think they'll appreciate the wonderful memories to laugh at in years to come. Far more memorable than a 'perfect' dinner.

Shellie said...

It looked smoky but still edible food! Glad you had a great Christmas!

Kay Green, Child Safety Mama said...

You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

Kay Green
Child Safety Mama

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