Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Firemen and Facial Hair

I picked Clay up from school today and as he climbed into my van, he said excitedly, "Mom, firemen were at school today! REAL firemen!" (as opposed to, you know, the fake firemen)

"Oh yeah? Did they teach about staying safe and what to do if there's a fire?"

"Yep!" he replied beaming. "And....." he paused dramatically, "I got something too! You have to wait until we get home to see."

We got home and he pulled out a little fire safety coloring book. He didn't want to put it down during lunch and when we went to the grocery store this afternoon, he asked me if he could take it along.

"Sure whatever," I told him. Hey, it was better than what Brooklyn wanted to bring - a purse filled with Barbies, a blanket, some play medical instruments, her sister's pack of gum ("just so I can look at it"), a necklace, a couple puzzle pieces, 3 markers, a pair of shoes, and her toothbrush (oral hygiene is important, you know!)

So we're shopping and I'm walking along talking to myself, "Hmmm, I think we're low on flour. I'd better pick up a bag. Do we need any crackers? Where's the kind of yogurt you guys like? I know we don't need any cereal. How much chocolate can I sneak into the cart without these guys noticing?" I stopped in the middle of my ramblings when I saw Clay.

"Clayton! You have marker on your face! You must've been rubbing the marker by your mouth! It looks like you have a mustache!" I giggled a little.

He perked up. "Really?" he asked. "Can I see?"

I took a picture with my camera phone and showed it to him.

He looked contemplative for a minute, then grabbed the marker to fill it in a bit more.

"Really Clayton? Really???" sigh "Oh child," I muttered, shaking my head.

At some point during the trip, Clay shared and let Brooklyn color in his book for awhile. That was sweet of him, no? This is how she looked on the way home...

Yep. I couldn't be prouder.


Brandi said...

Baby wipes! I learned fairly quickly that baby wipes take most of the maker off skin.

Anonymous said...

Hey, he's in kindergarten right? My then 5th grade girl was drawing goatees on herself during school last year. At least his was semi-accidental.

Tammy said...

Oh Dawn! You sure handled it better than i would have! But I don't let my kids have markers, either. I did catch my son coloring on my daughter's face with a black crayon, though. LOL

Teresa C. said...

When I read your posts, I realize just how uptight I am. I'm glad my 3-year old can't read them or he'd probably realize what he was missing too!

Elleah said...

That is funny!

Jag said...


I've been watching the 6 year old in the balloon today like most of the world and I gotta tell you my first thought when it aired was :

"where are Dawns boys"?

I expected to log and and read it was one of your boys stunts!

Prayers for this little guys safety. And glad to see yours are where they belong (I hope!)

Anonymous said...

haha, look at her dirty hands. My boys know how to get messy with anything too!

Happy mom,


Michelle said...

Looks familiar. And I LOVE the tip on baby wipes. Which I should have known since that's what I use to clean the permanent ink off my rubber stamps. :)

And the fake firemen? Those are the ones who show up to bachelorette parties!

Anonymous said...

(Responding to Jag) They found that little boy, he's ok.

Brooklyn is getting so big!!!

Unknown said...

I shop at Aldi, too! That's awesome your kid's are so well behaved while shopping there. I have to endure mine poking through the toy section and explaining why over and over again we don't need a 5 pack of more Hotwheels cars. (ok, in all honestly, I haven't had to take all of mine there lately- just the littlest, and she pretty much just sits in the cart and pokes holes in the bread.)

Jennifer in Wisconsin said...

They are just reconfirming that you are done having kids, right?

Erin said...

You have the BEST kids!

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