Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Heart Attack (or indigestion)

So, last night, as I was working on my blog, I got these awful chest pains. My chest, my jaw, and my back between my shoulder blades hurt. Oh great, my kids have finally given me a heart attack, I thought. This was the fourth time I'd experienced pain like this in the past month. Now I'm the kind of person who generally says, "I don't need a doctor. If I ignore it long enough, it'll go away." And that theory mostly works for me. However, there's just something inherently scary about chest pain. After talking to some friends who urged me to go the ER, I decided - nah, I don't need medical attention. But my EMT friend made me promise to at least call my doctor in the morning.

Whoever heard of jaw pain being a symptom of a heart attack? When I think of heart attacks, I picture an old guy, clutching his chest and dramatically staggering around the room before collapsing. Apparently women tend to do things weird when it comes to heart attacks. We get nausea, or back pain, or pain in our jaws, or other weirdo symptoms that don't scream heart attack. The problem with that is too many of us fail to seek medical attention in a timely manner because we don't even realize we're having symptoms to a potentially life-threatening situation. Now you know. Anyway...

So I called the doctor's office this morning and talked to a mean, nasty nurse.

"I had some chest pain last night. It was the fourth time I've had such pain in the past month. My back and jaw also hurt."

"What's your name?"

"Dawn Meehan. M-E-E-H..."

She cut me off with, "Spell your last name!"

"As I was saying, M-E-E-H-A-N"

"In what area was the pain located?"

"In the middle."

"There is no middle jaw! It's either your LEFT or your RIGHT!"

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed! "Oh sorry. I thought you meant my chest which hurt in the middle. Both sides of my jaw hurt."

"Where did your chest hurt?"

Were you not listening to me at all??? "For real?" sigh "In the middle."

Did you have shortness of breath?"

"Not really."

"It's either YES or NO. Did you have shortness of breath?"

What is up your butt, lady? "Ummm, no."

I answered a few more questions for Miss I Haven't Had My Coffee And I'm Terribly Constipated Nurse. She told me someone would call me back and hung up.

A few minutes later, my doctor himself called me. (He's awesome and makes up for his nasty, mean nurse.) Long story short - sounds like I have cardiac symptoms and even though I don't meet the profile, he's gotta rule out heart attack. You know, because if I keeled over tomorrow, I'd have at least 20 disappointed readers. Although, after going over more symptoms I've experienced this summer like nausea, heartburn, and waking up in the middle of the night to throw up, he's thinking it may be reflux or something gallbladder related. The whole throwing up thing is my biggest concern because unlike most people, I don't think, "Oh if I could just throw up, I'd feel so much better." Oh noooo. I'm the kind of person who says, "Oh please God, I'll do anything, ANYTHING, just keep me from throwing up! I'd rather die than throw up! PLEASE!!"

I had an exam and a chest xray today and I even refrained from dumping a box of laxatives in nasty nurse's coffee cup while I was there. Tomorrow I go for a stress - echo. Oh yay, people will get to see me attempt to walk on a treadmill without falling over. (Not because I have heart problems, mind you, but because I'm so darn out of shape.) Maybe I should bring my video camera so I can capture myself on film as I fly off the back of the treadmill. I'm sure to acquire footage worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos.


Rebekah said...

WOW!! I hope everything goes OK. You seem very calm and collected about it. You should have put the lax. in the nurses cup. LOL Just kidding. I would love the see the tredmill footage. :) Please let us know how the doc goes.

mommyrox said...

I had something similar to this. I let it go and I ended up in emergency. Turns out I had some fluid around my lungs and some REST & Pain Meds did the trick.

ViolinMama said...

praying for you girl!!! Hopefully it is nothing, but put yourself back on the list!! Get some extra TLC.

Keep us your humor about things....stay empowered!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!

All joking aside, it is a really good thing for you to get all of your symptoms checked out by your doctor. All too often women delay seeking medical attention (for the same reason you mention).

Additionally, as you so eloquently put it in your blog, the cardiac distress symptoms for women are not the same for men. As a result, many women downplay what they are experiencing, or think they couldn't possibly be having a heart-related issue.

Even if, especially if, your symptoms end up to be nothing more than stress-related, it will have been worth you feeling foolish while walking on a treadmill.

Thank you for being honest about what you are experiencing. At the very least, let's hope it ends up being nothing. At the very most, maybe it will spur someone else who is experiencing the same symptoms you are to seek medical care.

Oh, and maybe you can fake a heart attack in front of Snotty-Rude Nurse. Of course, the risk is that she'll yell at you for being so inconvenient.

Sandy in Tucson

moonduster said...

It actually does sound like something gall bladder related. (I had mine out due to gall stones eons ago.)

Mark said...

Dawn: Your pains may be something as simple as poor posture while you were out-of-alignment office chair( or NO which case, those fine folks who handle your publishing..really ought to take THIS hint..and spring for something decent for you..GOOGLE Aero-chair..Tell them that as YOU are providing THEM with are calling in a "PERK"
Now the serious part: I am one of those old men who famously clutch their chests, act all DRAMATIC, and then collapse into a lifeless hunk (causing people to curse as they re-direct their steps over or around. BUT..IT wasn't like THAT at all. I am twice your age( you are 30, right?)My doctor had sent me to the local hospital to be fitted for a Holter Monitor( which provides a 24 hr readout..of what the ticker is doing for a full day. The lovely old volunteer had just finished connecting a dozen "leads", when I suddenly felt very odd. I could not complete a sentence,or a thought. I politely asked that hse (the volunteer) phone my something was very very strange. She said"Oh honey, just go home and rest.You'll feel so much better tomorrow." BUT, I insisted..She called...No doubt a relative to the Wicked Witch YOU encountered. My DOC got onto the phone immediately,saying that as you are already IN the hospital, go over to the ER,and I will phone ahead.
I almost laughed, as the ancient all-knowing volunteer got the job of rolling me maybe 20 feet into the ER. A Neurologist met me ...took me for an immediate CAT Scan...and located the blood clot which had traveled from atrial valve in the heart to an area where veins get ever narrower deep within my brain. We are talking a clot the size of a few grains of beach sand. ANd so, I was informed that I had had a STROKE...and perhaps going home to rest might NOT have been in my best interests. My point is: IF you must have a stroke, being just outside an ER requires some great prior planning, or some amazing luck. DO YOU personally, have a nice fresh bottle of ASPIRIN in your house...NOT the stuff from the local DOLLAR STORE..Get the BRAND NAME...When you felt the first bit of discomfort, immediately gobble down a full strength aspirin. Often, just THAT is sufficient to dissolve any traveling blood clots. The other product name to MEMORIZE is TPA...which , if given within the first two hours of a stroke, will go on a hunt,track down the offending gunk and usually dissolve it.
In any event, I realize that you are a brave lass, but regardless of the dozen excuses you can quickly think up(that is, IF you still retain the capacity to think...confusion is often one of the first noticeable symptoms) waiting to phone the doctor..a day later, is NOT
a tgood idea. Too many folks hesitate to call for help: they think that its just indigestion..or they feel they overdid it while raking leaves or mowing the lawn. Well, the best news would be IF those excuses were the reason for sudden pains. Incidentally, jaw pain which may or may not radiate into the back or an arm..or not at all...may well be an indication of some serious medical issue. What I am trying to say is this: Often, we do NOT have the luxury of already being inside a hospital..and one may worry that their pain,confusion, weakness,dizziness whatever, will turn out to be nothing..and "OH MY..How embarrassed I will be". What is better: being embarrassed(actually, no one at the hospital will make you feel embarrassed at all..ever) or hearing your friends say" Didn't they do a great job on her..she looks just likes she's sleeping."
Get yourself checked out,my honorary Baby Sister..and report back to us tomorrow. Afterall, YOU are OUR family too!

Mark from MASS>

Carol said...

I had similar symptoms when my gallbladder started acting up, except the jaw pain. Does the pain in the middle feel like a tight knot that is pushing against you?

My symptoms started about a year after I had my first child. I ignored them, thinking it was heartburn but they kept building. Apparently it's not uncommon for pregnancy to trigger gallstone attacks - I know several woman who had no problems at all until after they had been pregnant.

Good luck with your tests. Sounds like you have a fabulous doctor who treats you well!

Cheryl Duford said...

You're gonna just adore the stress test. I had visions of zipping off the back of the damn thing and flying into the wall behind me. But, there are rails. Yes, rails. Hold on for the walk of your life! It's better than anything they have at the Disney parks.

Good luck. And leave the video gizmo at home. You really don't want anyone to see this.

Donna said...

Glad you're getting it checked out...

Marcy said...

Dawn, you are doing the right thing. The grown-up, difficult thing. We need you around - oh, okay, Joe and the kids need you too - we'll share...

Jayne V. said...

I'll be praying for you, Dawn!(And that nurse should be fired.)

Elaine said...

aw... Dawn, hope you're ok :)

noexcuses said...

Glad you sought help. It may turn out to be nothing at all, but at least you will know.

Paleeeze...forget about disappointing your 20 readers! You are the world to the other seven family members who are nuts about you!

Great post! It's a good reminder for us do something about those nagging pains we think will just go away!

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawn,

I pray that the doctors find out what is causing you the discomfort. It sounds like they are running a lot of tests on you. I'm sure that will ease your mind that you are getting good care, despite the bad day that the nurse was having.

Take Care,

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I'm anxious to hear the results. I hope the cause of your chest pain is something harmless and embarrassing...not serious and scary!

Sending hugs!

Scrapingirl said...

Oh my gosh!!! Keep us posted. I'll say a prayer for you. How scary.

Kelli said...

Hi Dawn!

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but I haven't commented yet. Anyway, I love your posts - they're so funny and real and make me even more excited to start my own family (I just got married in July, and we are SO ready to have babies - just waiting for God to grant us that gift!)

Sooo I'm commenting because I wanted to tell you it sounds like gallbladder attacks - I've been having those since the night before my wedding (when I thought I was having an anxiety attack haha). My husband has been having them as well, since earlier this year. We were told by our doctors to try and control it with our diets for now, until it gets worse and needs to be removed - yuck!

I've found that I only have problems if I eat something really greasy (ex - pan pizza from Pizza Hut) or ANYTHING fried. Other pizza has been fine, thank goodness! My husband, on the other hand, has issues when he eats any large quantity of red meat. So he's fine if he eats a steak sandwich or something, but give him a big ol' steak and we have problems.

Okay, I think I wrote enough :) Sorry to take over your comments, I just thought that might be helpful and I wanted to say hello!

Thanks for writing :)

Tammy said...

I hadn't known that jaw pain was a sign of a heart attack until a couple months ago. I'm glad you are getting things checked out.

Do you think you need to mention the nurse's unpleasantness to the doctor?

Take care of yourself. I think there are 6 children who would miss you more than your readers.

Mum-me said...

Sounds a bit scary - hope everything turns out okay (as in, turns out to NOT be a cardiac problem.)

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing going on, turned out to be reflux. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'll be thinking of you today :)

Red Lotus said...

Oh, Dawn. I hope everything turns out ok for you. I will be rooting for you. That nurse sounded like a pain... I hope you don't have to deal with her anymore.

Katrina said...

Just be glad nasty nurse actually passed on details to Dr - the one I had to deal with when I had a semi - comotose 6 year old kept telling me their was not an appointment available until the following afternoon - I turned up with obviously not very alert child just as Dr walked out of his room, he took one look and took her straight in, after things were dealt with I explained to him what had happened over the phone with his staff (who I found out later has no qualifications of anysort except for maybe typing speed) and she ended up getting the sack - after I had mentioned what happened to several people apparently a few more people went into complain about what she had done with them - turned away a 75 yr old woman with chest pains cause it was the end of the day and she needed to leave on time was one of them
Hope it all turns out okay and they get it all sorted

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the appointment. Probably not serious, but better to know what's going on. I read you every day and enjoyed your book, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn! I sympathize with you. I had these pains once, and when I finally called our version of "ask-a-nurse" after being up the entire night because of the pain, the nurse threatened to send an ambulance to get me if I continued to refuse to go to the ER myself. Turns out it was my gallbladder, which I promptly had removed so that I would never have to go through that pain again.

I'll be praying that it's something "simple" like that for you, too.

Lorene said...

Dawn, please let us know how the testing goes. How very scary. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

(((((((Dawn))))))))) I hope all turns out fine.


The said...

I hope it is nothing serious, Dawn. About the nasty nurse, though ... do you suppose she was just feeling a bit panicky about your symptoms and wanted you to stop joking so she could get them straight? She probably knows that these are serious signs of a heart issue, and isn't in a position to make a diagnosis, but get the information accurately and quickly. Granted, her bedside (phoneside?) manner could have been a little more empathetic, but maybe she was really trying to do the right thing. I'd just be delighted to talk to a nurse. I get frustrated trying to convince a receptionist why she should give me or my kids an appointment sooner rather than later. (The internet and I make a great amateur physician team. :-) Luckily (?), at least at my pediatrician's office, the reception staff knows my kids well enough to trust me when I say I need an appointment TODAY. Take care of yourself! -- Sheryl

Anonymous said... forgot to include me in your count of disappointed readers... :)

Katrina said...

I had upset stomach and major chest pain one morning. Thought I was dying and it ended up being my gallbladder. It was infected and they scheduled me for surgery that day. I hope the dr finds out what it is quickly!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, You are getting excellent advise here from your readers and I need to add something too.
Years ago my husband was showing signs of a heart attack and I finally got him to go to a doctor and that guy said it was indigestion. Everyday he got worse and to make a long story short after 3 doctors and many tests a specialist finally did a 'dye' test and found 2 arteries at 98 and 99% closed. He went right into surgery and got 2 stints put in and has been fine every since. It was like pulling nails to get hubby to see all the doctors as no one could find anything. In fact one time while on the stress test treadmill he had an attack but it didn't show up on their machine.
They appologized and told me if I hadn't kept complaining he would have had a massive stroke and died.
I watch his breathing ect very closely now as I still want to cry at how I almost lost him !
So, if you do the test and pass everything and have your gallbladder checked and pass, then just keep at them to do more !

Good luck and hope all goes well.
You are in my prayers !!!

bdonna426 from Indiana

Anonymous said...

Let us know how it goes. Good for you for getting it checked out.

Bridget from the SouthSide

Wendy said...

You are in my prayers.

Wendy (in Idaho)

Bonnie said...

I'm thinking you're now up to 27 readers plus your family (cause who else would they have to torment) if you keeled over from a heart attack LOL. Seriously though glad you're getting it checked out and hey why don't you send nasty nurse a gift basket of laxative type items anonymously of course maybe she'll get the hint :)


B said...

I hope you feel better Dawn!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

How timely is your post?! I just went into the doctor with similar symptoms a couple of weeks ago, mine turned out to be reflux. I hope yours is not serious. Although, I'm still sitting here worrying that it might not be and every time I get the slightest twinge in my back or neck or anything, my mind wanders into panic mode.
I truly hope all turns out well for you.

Tracy said...

Feel better Dawn, I am glad you bit the bullet and went to the doc. I'm sure its nothing, and think about the funny blog posts you can write now. Hugs!

Amy said...

I'd tell Nice Doctor about Nasty Nurse...

Feel better! :)

Lisa said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. I am glad you are getting everything checked out.

April said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're having health issues. I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I'm 26 years-old, and have been dealing with unexplained chest pain since April. I've also been through all the tests in the book, and I'll have you know that the stress test sucks. I had one back in July, and there was no A/C in the room with the treadmill!

PS. I also HATE throwing up. I'm like Jerry Seinfeld, always striving for the longest "non-vomit streak".

Wendi said...

I laughed out loud over the comments that you crossed out while talking to the nurse on the phone. Hope it all goes well. And thanks for the public service announcement. :)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Holy Hannah Montana, woman! You need to just knock this sort of stuff off. So glad you're getting yourself checked out. So many of us moms sort of just throw up and take it. Feel better soon, my friend!

Mom of 3 Es said...

So glad you got checked out! My Dad died young of a heart attack, so I'm always a bit paranoid about any kind of symptoms that *might* be related. (You should have seen me when I was diagnosed with asthma in the ER several years ago...I SWORE I was dying! LOL) Hope you're able to get to the bottom of things quickly and get some relief for whatever is going on. Praying for you, Dawn!!! (Oh, and I think you'd be missed by WAY more than 20 readers!)

Keeley said...

Hang in there, Dawn! I hope you feel better soon and those irritating symptoms disappear.

I totally understand your pain re: nausea and vomiting. The rest of my family is like "Just get it over with, will ya? You'll feel better." and I think they're INSANE. Because you feel better for like 30 minutes and then you feel AWFUL again and have to throw up again. GACK! Why would anyone do that to themselves?

So anyway, this is what I do.

At the top of your stomach is a valve. I forget what it's called. It lets food in and is not supposed to let food out.
At the bottom of your stomach is another valve, which I believe is called the pylonic valve. Or something.

So anyway, I imagine that upper stomach valve getting really tight so nothing can get out.
And I imagine the pylonic valve being wide open so everything can empty out of my stomach.
Also, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Unless there's a stinky smell around that will trigger gagging.

And I pray. I pray really hard.

Maybe it'll work for you? =)

Charlie said...

Good luck tomorrow Dawn.

Mayberry Mom said...

I had all of the same symptoms (except the jaw pain and throwing up) when my gall bladder was acting up. I hope that's all it is for you, because that's a much easier fix than heart issues!

My first gall bladder attack was when my oldest was 9 days old. The pain rivaled contractions. I was only 26. When I got the gall bladder removed 6 weeks later (I had hemorrhaged in labor with the oldest so I couldn't have surgery when I had the attack~yeah, it was a rough couple of months there! LOL) nurses kept commenting on how young I was. When I said I had a 7 week old at home they all went "aahh" Apparently, pregnancy can cause the gall bladder to have problems. I'm surprised you still have yours after 6!! ;o)

Marsha said...

It sounds very much like my gall bladder attacks felt before I had my gall bladder out. Best of luck to you!

Melanie said...

Prayers for indigestion! Is that odd? Heart disease runs all over my family, so I figure I'll get it one of these days, too, and the thing I dread most is running on that treadmill in front of the docs and nurses...

Please keep posting through it though. Dealing with the medical community can be as funny as dealing with kids!

Kristin of course said...

My mom thought she was just having tooth issues and figured she would deal with it later.

Come to find out that jaw aches are the major symptom of women who are having heart trouble. I've been telling every woman I know.

Becs said...

Your timing is impeccable. My uncle had very mild symptoms that resembled indigestion for about a week. He would make himself burp (classy, I know) and then feel better. Anyway, he had a heart attack while jogging the other day, but with no ID was sent in as a John Doe. It was several hours before we learned of it. He is recovering, but spent over 48 hours completely unresponsive.

Thank you for getting your symptoms checked. If its nothing, oh well... you will at least have baseline reports for any subsequent issues.

And at least, we know we don't have to worry about you going for a jog ;)

Anonymous said...

I had ONE episode of chest pain, all day long. Sister insisted I go to ER. Yep, small heart attack. I was 37.

Listen to your doc, obviously not the nurse, however.

Anonymous said...

Heart Attack Signs Doctors Often Miss
1. Fatigue. More than 70 percent of women in the NIH study reported extreme fatigue in the month or months prior to their heart attacks. This was not just your run-of-the-mill tiredness -- the kind you can power through -- this was an overwhelming fatigue that sidelined them from their usual schedules for a few days at a time.

2. Sleeplessness or Insomnia. Despite their fatigue, women who've had heart attacks remember experiencing unexplained inability to fall asleep or stay asleep during the month before their heart attacks.

3. Anxiety and Stress. Stress has long been known to up the risk of heart attack. But what women report is the emotional experience; before their heart attacks they felt anxious, stressed, and keyed up, noticeably more than usual. Moments before or during a heart attack, many women report a feeling they describe as "impending doom;" they're aware that something's drastically wrong and they can't cope, but they're not sure what's going on.

4. Indigestion or Nausea. Stomach pain, intestinal cramps, nausea, and digestive disruptions are another sign reported by women heart attack patients. Become familiar with your own digestive habits, and pay attention when anything seems out of whack. Note especially if your system seems upset and you haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary.

5. Shortness of Breath. Of the women in the NIH study, more than 40 percent remembered experiencing this symptom. One of the comments the women made is that they noticed they couldn't catch their breath while walking up the stairs or doing other daily tasks.

6. Flu-Like Symptoms. Clammy, sweaty skin, along with feeling lightheaded and weak, can lead women to wonder if they have the flu when, in fact, they're having a heart attack.

7. Jaw, Ear, Neck, or Shoulder Pain. While pain and numbness in the chest, shoulder, and arm is a common sign of heart attack (at least, among men), women often don't experience the pain this way. Instead, many women say they felt pain and a sensation of tightness running along their jaw and down the neck, and sometimes up to the ear, as well. The pain may extend down to the shoulder and arm -- particularly on the left side -- or it may feel like a backache or pulled muscle in the neck and back.

In addition to the symptoms they do have, women differ from men in another significant way -- they may not experience many of the symptoms we traditionally associate with heart attacks. This, experts say, is a major reason why women's heart attacks go unrecognized and untreated. Almost half of all women in the NIH study felt no chest pain, even during the heart attack itself. Numbness is another symptom women may not experience, experts say.

How to protect yourself or the women you care about?

If your body is doing unusual things and you just don't feel "right," don't wait. Go see your doctor and ask for a thorough work-up. And if you have any risk factors for cardiac disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, or family history of heart disease, mention these to the doctor. Time is of the essence, so don't count on medical staff to know your background or read your chart -- tell them your risk factors right away, so your condition can be evaluated fully and completely.

trousseau4 said...

Have faith Dawn. I had all the typical tests because I was anemic and had an "irregularity" with my heart rhythm and they start you out on the treadmill "slow" and then increase the speed so you shouldn't have to worry about "flying" off the back. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm sending prayers your way. I hope it ends up being something not too serious. I know I've heard of many people with gall bladder issues having the same symptoms that you're having.

Secondly, boy I have to give you props for keeping your cool with Nurse Ratchet at the doctor's office. HOW did you manage to do that?? I'm very proud of you -- I know I'd have gone all "Italian temper" on her. I can say that because I am Italian. ;o) Good job for behaving!

Please be sure to let all of your loyal blog readers (all 20 of us ;o)) know how things go. We'll be waiting to hear!

((many hugs to you))

Donna in PA :)

MaBunny said...

Oh yikes Dawn - I hope everything turns out ok. I've read several articles that have stated that women get different symptoms of a heart attack then a man, but I have a major family history of heart disease and being the type of reader I am I read anything I can get my hands on. Good luck on your stress echo! Keep us informed

Lissete said...

I hope everything is ok. I'm sure that the stress test will go ok, it's only about 10 minutes on the treadmill. Plus, if they would have seen anything wrong on the EKG, they wouldn't put you on the treadmill.

In Feb. 2002, I was 35 yrs old and I had a heart attack. Symptoms? What you described. Exactly. Except I ignored it for 3 days. Then I started having a hard tme catching my breath. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and got 3 stents in my arteries. Now I am on a ton of meds as well.

Goof luck with all those tests. Keep us posted.

Brate said...

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Kelly said...

Glad you are ok. Does sound like it could be your gallbladder!

As far as Ms Nasty Nurse? Don't count on that person actually BEING a nurse. Unless you know for sure that it is, most people who are answering the phones in the Dr Offices nowadays are not exactly nurses...they are medical assistants or receptionists. It's actually ILLEGAL for someone who is not licensed as a nurse to call themselves nurses so if that person is passing themselves off as a nurse, I'd call them on it!

The receptionist who answers the phone at MY dr's office, is a witch too so I can empathize on that account.

And I am an RN.

Candi said...

Oh how well I can relate with the "Please God, no throwing up!" It took me years to figure out why. The answer came when I got the flu and before I realized I had it I ate my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Coffee Heath Bar Crunch). Sooo that's what was on my stomach when the flubug announced itself. It took me almost a year before I could make myself buy another pint. Then I realized that's the way I've always been. We love white bean chicken chili in the winter. One year when I got sick after eating the homemade brew (another flu bug) the first time I made it that winter, by the time Easter came my kids were begging me to make more. I had not been able to force myself to cook it again so soon after the "incident." There are many other examples, but basically they all simply point to the fact that I subconsciously know I won't be able to eat what I bring up at these "Flu meetings" for months on end and I don't want to lose out on a favorite any time soon! %}

Sylvia said...

Hey, you have at least 25 people who would miss this blog! ;)

Jimmy said...

Heart attack is quite dangerous disease. Its almost fatal. It needs good care to be taken. One should ask all the queries and doubts after getting discharge from hospital. Because even after getting discharge, one have to take good care. Also ask for extra aid like: nourishment program, an outpatient exercise program etc.

Pooja said...

There are many signs and symptoms of a heart attack but sometimes it is not easy to detect warning signs of heart attack. The warning signs include chest pain, pain in left arm, indigestion, weakness, sweating, vomiting, nausea, etc. Every person differs from other, so the signs may differ. It is very important to take proper medical treatment for any kind of chest pain. For more details refer heart attack early warning signs

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