Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Again

First, I'm so sorry I haven't updated my blog for a few days. That's really not like me. I have to turn in my manuscript tomorrow and if you know me at all, you know that I give procrastination a new name. I'm working at finishing it up right now.

I'm back from my trip to Campbell's World Headquarters in Camden, NJ. Whenever I come home from a trip, the little kids all jump on me and smile and tell me they love me and they stay attached to my side for hours. I don't know how people work full time away from their kids. I'm not saying it's wrong or anything. We all have to do what we have to do, but I feel so guilty when I get home. I mean, I really, really enjoy my time away. I like connecting to other women bloggers and I love when companies fly us out to learn from us and share information about their brand with us. I find it really interesting and I like passing the information on to you. And, of course, I just like getting a break from the routine of caring for 6 children day in and day out. But, ugh, the guilt I feel at leaving them!

Of course, the guilt usually disappears within a couple hours when the fighting starts.
"He hit me."
"Did not!"
"Did too! You're a goat!"


Or the "Can Danny sleep over?"
"No, we have too much stuff going on all day tomorrow starting at 8:00AM"
"You NEVER let me have anyone sleep over!"
"Uh huh. Never."
"Why can't I? whine whine whine"

Or Joe ranting and having a fit.

This is the time I feel like hopping right back on that plane and taking off again. Sigh.

I'll be talking all about my trip over HERE ON MY REVIEW BLOG. I can't write about paid trips on this blog because of my BlogHerAd contract, so click the link and hop on over to read about the fun times in Philadelphia! :)


Anonymous said...

I think kids are a bit like the weather - you build up a tolerance which you then lose when you are away for a bit. I love my occasional time away from my 2 daughters but I find when I get back my patience isn't as high as it needs to be. You have the wonderful reunion and then it's "can you just be a bit quieter", "can you stop hanging off me". But I'd still rather go away occasionally!

Brenda said...

Welcome back! Guilt is the perfume of motherhood. It really stinks but we just keep spraying it on!

Becca said...

i know this is totally out of the blue, but can we see some pictures of when you and joe started dating and of your wedding? i really really wanna see!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hi Dawn, here's Sunday Sound Out question for you! Now that your manuscript is all done, what are you going to do next? I know you're in another play, "acting" as a drunk and all, but would you consider donating blood? I hear there is a very, very VERY BIG shortage of O NEGATIVE and B NEGATIVE blood out there, and that by donating blood you could save THREE lives, or the lives of FIVE babies. If you are afraid of needles, I know of one certain "maniac" that would go with you and hold your hand and even buy you lunch afterward. Just your normal SSO question for you, yanno! : ) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

(because of twitter update) did you know my birthday is on April fools day? I'm not kidding!

Alicia said...

Hello Dawn! Would you be able to give us the recipe for the chicken noodle soup you were given while on your trip?? Thanks much!!

Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of the single mom of 6 who is going to have OCTUPLETS!! Seriously, you're a mother of six and have said countless times that you're done having children---could you even fathom for a moment having 8 more? All at the same time, no less?! And being a single parent living with your parents?

Just makes me feel sad for all the poor women/couples out there who cannot have children and are trying desperately to conceive/adopt, and this woman goes and implants 8!

Michelle said...

The working full time is hard... and I'm glad I don't have to do it. Part time is bad enough -- especially since they're really into Grandma and Grandpa and Mommy is second fiddle. That's the hardest, but.... At least I only have two kids fighting. That has to lessen the din a little bit, right?

Congrats on finishing the manuscript btw!

Candi said...

Hi Dawn :)
Just want to encourage you re: leaving the kids at times. When I was young and had small children I knew 2 women with opposing viewpoints on this issue. One left her kids on a fairly regular basis for a day or two at a time every month or so (maybe as long as a week on rare occasions). When she didn't have to travel, she still left her children with a sitter at least once a week for a little "me" time. The other never left her children for more than a few hours with a sitter for some special occasion and never stayed out one second longer than what the outing required. Each of these women experienced the unthinkable - they were widows before the children were out of the nest. Regardless of each woman's very strong faith and coping skills with this, which kids do you think fared best?
The ones who had often been left home while Mom went out and lived her life as well as providing for theirs. Why? The ones who were almost never left had such complete dependence on their mother that for a few years after their father's death felt they had lost both parents, and had never given thought for doing for themselves, let alone doing for Mom now that she needed help. They carry their resentments toward life to this day.
Life was not easy for either family, and the grief is never completely over for anyone, but the children that were left at intervals had developed more independence, had better coping skills and were able to meet the extra demands that crises bring, including helping one another through the unchartered terrain that follows a death in the family.
Sometimes "being there" for your children may mean "go away for awhile, and let me learn in small steps and stages how to fend for myself and look out for those I love." You are doing your children a favor everytime you show you trust them to be alright (not perfect, but OK) without you.

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