Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

It's that time again; time for me to answer life's pressing questions questions from my awesome, dedicated readers.

But first, I just wanted everyone to know that the winner of the Macy's gift card and the $20 for charity, Alane, asked that the money be donated to CureSearch in Dante Taraborelli's (carepage TrooperDante) honor to fight this beast called cancer. (Dante is an absolutely adorable little boy who has also been battling neuroblastoma and could really use your prayers.) She also wanted the gift card to be sent to cute little Dante's mom instead of keeping it herself. Thank you for your generosity, Alane!

OK, here we go....

Orbit has Mojito flavored gum??? Lord! Where have I been??? Please tell me it actually contains alcohol?!?
Unfortunately, it does not. But it does cover the smell of alcohol on your breath nicely. (Actually, I'm just assuming here.)

Hi Dawn, I have a Sunday sound out question. I think I remember you saying your computer was in your bedroom and now you own a laptop. Where do you sit to have alone time to write your dailey post?
I usually sit in the family room to blog. Sometimes I hide in my bedroom. To work on my book, however, I usually go to the library where it's nice and quiet and no one bugs me.

Dawn, how did you get to be so funny!?
OK, I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you're not talking about my looks.
Eh, it's not me. The people around me just do funny things and I feel the need to relate them to you. Because I like to make people laugh. And I like to get comments from readers. And I like to talk. A lot. And I like positive feedback because I have a fragile ego. And I basically need people to tell me how awesome I am. Maybe it's a writer thing. Maybe it's just me. Aren't you glad you asked your question now?

We already went to the dentist recently, so I can't use that activity to distract them. Any other suggestions (besides the old standby of TV, of course!)?
Movies, bowling, the zoo (if it isn't too cold)...Hmmm, I guess it depends on where you live. You could take a train ride into the city, or a drive to a fun theme restaurant for lunch. You could go to a museum or an indoor play place. We're actually taking the kids to an indoor waterpark in the Dells later this week. My parents gave the kids a gift card for it for Christmas LAST year and we're finally going. If you have an indoor pool near you - Y, park district, hotel, you could take them to swim for the day.

Dawn, SSO question: Bat poop or butt paste?
Ummm, things you don't want to confuse with pâté de foie gras?

Dawn, is it just me or are you always at the dentist office? :)
Nope, sometimes I'm at the doctor's office.

Any chance your lamp is coming? Soooo much stuff I ordered (last ummm Friday) is "unanticipated weather delayed" so who knows when it will arrive other than after Christmas. But hey -- it's the thought that counts right?
No, ugh, the projection lamp for the TV is still backordered. The Twilight shirt I ordered for Savannah is backordered. The charm I ordered for Clay's godmother is still backordered. It's the projection lamp I really, really, really want though! One more week of 6 kids home and a broken TV is going to kill me.

Have you ever noticed how often your life resembles a sitcom?
Nah, the sitcoms resemble my life.

Gorgeous nativity set btw!
It is! I took that picture at church. My nativity set consists of a plastic Fisher-Price Mary, a sheep, one shepherd, and a camel.

I especially like your concept that the Christ child is the the only figure in the nativity with color and all the rest are simply white.
I'm so thrilled you noticed that! I had fun playing with You've got to check out that site! It is FUN to play around with your photos there! And it's free too!

Am I the only one who looked at that picture and wondered if one of the kids put shredded cheese on the baby Jesus?

I read your blog often and I wanted to say that I love it! Could you please tell me how you got your signature on your post?
Yes. My web designer extraordinaire told me to sign a piece of paper and fax it to her. And now my signature somehow automatically shows up when I write a new post.

As I was cleaning, I thought of your post of when you were cleaning out your pocketbook. This is what I found in my couch.Have you cleaned out your couch lately, lol?
First - pocketbook??? Are you from the east coast? And secondly, sure I clean out my couch cushions. In fact, I cleaned them out HERE.

By the way, Savannah is done with her braces?
Yes, she is! Check it out! Before & after pics! (She was an avid thumb sucker.)

I love that shirt! Where can I get one?
I'm not sure where my sister got it, but I found them online HERE. In fact, they have a few funny Princess Bride ones, and other shirts too! Like this one....

I think the pants that Sav is wearing are the ones I am wearing now. I got them for Christmas. Old Navy?
Seriously? You got Savannah's pants for Christmas?


* TONYA * said...

Those before and after shots of Savannah's teeth are amazing. WOW.

Andi said...

SSO question for next week....what video camera do you use to film those precious moments of the kids? Is it the flip you had in your purse? Thanks, Andi

Kristin and Co. said...

Oh you make me laugh. Thank you. I think I stumbled on your site through a friend of a friend's site. I can't remember the trail. Your life sounds creepily like mine, only I have half the kids.

Our priest today had a sermon that, summed up, basically talked about how life is NOT the airbrushed family photo on the mantle; it's everything else. Amen.

By the way, I know what Uniqua is. Go to my blog under June!

Again, thanks for the smiles. Now my toddler is yelling for "nuk!!!" Chocolate milk and get on it mom.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My husband's birthday's coming up and he's the worst person to shop for! But you mentioned that the t-shirt site had Princess Bride stuff and there ya go! I've now done my birthday shopping for my husband!
WOOHOO! And I know he'll love them and I know he doesn't have them! (only because he doesn't know about this site)
Thanks again!

Kaitlin said...

HaHa, yes. Santa stole her pants and brought them to me for Christmas. I really don't know how she was wearing them in that picture since I have them now. Tell her Thank You.

Heidi said...

Oh yeah, I can't wait to have the before/after braces pictures. I look like a deer in the headlights in the "before"...a few more months until the "after". Lucky Savannah! I wish I was getting mine off at 14 instead of 20.

Michelle said...

For whoever was asking about the signature -- there's some website you can go to that will create "a" signature for you though not your own true signature. Search blogger signature or something like that and it will pop up. I made my own and use the code for all my posts. Easy enough that I could do it ;)

And ummm where did those close up pictures come from? Were those from the ortho -- they look like a mouth has been greatly disturbed in an effort to take them. Congrats to Savannah on getting the braces off!

And at least you *have* a nativity set. I did have one but all my Jewish friend's kids would play with it whenever they came over which just felt weird to all of us, so I put it away and ummm.... I put it away too well maybe?

Cookie said...

ROFL! So glad that my shredded cheese on the baby Jesus made it to SSO. I feel like a celebrity! ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Savannah's teeth look FANTASTIC!! If she's not absolutely delighted she should be!! Those are one of the best befroe & after shots I've ever seen.
from Sparkle

Gayle from NC said...

Yep, I am from North Carolina. Definitely as far on the East Coast as I can get I guess. Proud to be a hick =)

Love your blog Dawn. Can't wait until your book comes out.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I absolutely LOVED your answer for the "how did you get to be so funny" question!

I am the same way. I crave comments and praise. :)

So here's a little stroke to your ego: You rock! I 'heart' your blog!

Cindy said...

Wow!! I love the fact that I just stumbled upon your blog today. I love it, keep up the great work.


Rick said...

Those photos of Savannah mark her transformation for child to a young lady. Don't you hate it? I have three that did that to me - grew up that is.

Dawn, I'm having my second annual giveaway for a free caricature on my blog. Would you mind giving me a mention on one of your blogs?

Travel Writer said...

Great blog. Love your work!

rachel rose for said...

Hey Dawn,
love your blog. just saw this on youtube and thought of you immediately:

seriously? said...

I, too, stumbled onto your blog and it is hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh. I hope you don't mind that I posted your blog on mine as one that I follow. I will return to read your blog regularly. :)

Jamie said...

I just now found your blog and I've only read a few posts so far but I really LOVE your blog! I'll definately be coming back to visit! Have fun in the Dells! I live a couple hours south of there by Madison.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Dawn, when are you going to the Dells? We too have a gift card for one of the place up there from LAST Christmas. I need to book it but I will probably make it late enough that we KNOW we won't end up pdriving in a I dunno, June? :)

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