Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Sound Out

As your kids get older, a question for all of you, how do you keep Santa alive?
Eh, we just threaten the older kids that Santa will only leave them dirt if they spoil it for the little kids. The older ones have fun playing along.

What is you favorite coffee creamer during this time of the year?
Gingerbread by CoffeeMate. Yum-O!

What did Santa bring you?
A new, comfy computer chair that doesn't have screws sticking out of the seat to poke me in the butt.

Hi Dawn, I was lying in bed last night, thinking about what you said. Those darn Twist Tie's and plastic straps they put on all kids toys. Is it a conspiracy? Do they think the toys will really shift that much?
Haven't you ever seen Toy Story? They have to keep the toys contained somehow or Emperor Zurg would be running amok in Al's Toy Barn, the Barbies would be having a pool party, and Mr. Potato would be driving around in a RC car, knocking over displays of super balls.

Has the ENT considered tonsil and adenoid surgery for Clay and Lexi?
Already done. Remember - after Clay's tonsillectomy, I fed him chocolate pudding for breakfast on national TV? LOL

I actually have a question: How do I find some of your older blogs?

Go to the right side of my blog and click on the month you'd like to view under "Old Stuff".

So what does a tooth go for in your parts?
A dollar. Unless, of course, the Tooth Fairy has forgotten several nights in a row and has to pay some guilt money.

I also was wondering if you save their teeth?
Yes, but I have no idea why. What am I ever going to do with these? Why am I keeping them? Maybe the next time I need a root canal, I can just pull my tooth and glue one of my kids' baby teeth in the socket.

speaking of big trips--i am coming to chicago dec. 27-31! i've never been before. any suggestions for the newbie (besides LOTS of warm clothes--i'm from california!).

Yes, I suggest you tell me about your trip more than one day in advance the next time and I could come up with some ideas of fun things to do before you leave. :)

Do you write out Christmas family letters? No way! There is no way to write one of those without either sounding like you're bragging and all conceited-like, or sounding like you have no life with nothing going on at all. Didn't you ever see that Raymond episode? LOL

I hope that Santa was good to you and to all your family. (My 2 year old's favorite present was for some reason the Wellies she received -- she insisted on wearing them ALL day yesterday over her PJs, except when she was painting and please don't ask why that's the exception, as I have no idea.) What were some of the favorites at your house?

First off - what on earth are Wellies? And I think the big hit with my kids was the Wii they received. I have to say that I like it too. In real life, I don't think I've ever gotten a score higher than 70 while bowling. In Wiiland, I get over 150!

As I read this blog entry today I realize this is the beginning of the end of a blog i though very spontaneous, free thinking & funny ; Someone I enjoyed visiting every day.It saddens me because now that you have a book deal and you are actually going to be paid for being you, you are going to have to change because no one in 'the business' is allowed to remain them self. Someone has to tell you how to be you.

Hey, are you trying to tell me how I'm going to be in the future?! ;) I hope I don't sound too naive here, but I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping my feet on the ground. I'm not about to change. I have God and six kiddos to keep me grounded.

Does this mean Joe is home more often instead of having to put in so much overtime? I hope so. I'm sure you and the kids love having him around more.
Yes! It's wonderful! Well, there are times that he drives me nuts and I'm like, "Can't you go back to work???" LOL But really, it's very nice having him around.

Whose beautiful Christmas tree was that? It looks like a picture postcard. Very symmetrical (only a math teacher would say that).

Ahhh, that's my anal sister's perfectly symmetrical tree. I'm pretty sure (even before kids) my tree has never looked that nice!

Your slideshow is fantastic! Something felt funny as I was looking at it, and then I realized that I don't think I've ever seen Christmas morning pictures of kids in jeans! :-) Nah, my kids do the whole Christmas morning thing in their jammies. Those were pictures from Christmas morning, Christmas day at my inlaws, the day after Christmas at my sister's, and a few days before Christmas for a birthday party at my parents' house.

I especially love the picture of your dad. He looks so sweet - can I bring him home with me? :-) He must be so proud!
My dad thanks you for this comment! LOL! He's a great guy. Very laid-back and positive. And yes, both my parents are very proud!

Obviously the answer is "d", but before I saw the multiple choice list, I thought they were all items to help get out of the house and take the kids to school
OK, so my husband actually told me this very thing - that it was to help get me up and out of the house on time in the morning! I'd be offended, but it's true.

Yia Yia is greek for Grandma right?

I suggest the couch to 5K program on! it's awesome. and you can do it as a run walk program, of if you don't feel ready, do it as a speed walk/slow walk program. only 40 mins max a day, 3x a week ;) gee doesn't that sound FUN!?!?
Honestly? Ummm no. It sounds like torture. I'd rather go to the grocery store with the kids than to run on purpose.

Dawn, have you met Flylady?
Nope. Is she related to this guy?

Fat is good for brain development, right?
Which is why I'm so darn smart. ;)

I can relate to your family, but only because I was one of six kids. My mom says that, if she had it to do over again, she'd have had all six of us at once. Any thoughts? I think it would be pretty painful to have all six at once.

Just wondering what's with all the santa bags under the tree. My dad wrapped all those boxes in red paper and then cut different Santa faces out of white paper and glued them on. Cool, huh?

What is your deadline for the first book, in time for next Christmas? My deadline is January 31 (insert freaked out "I'll never finish in time" scream) and the book is scheduled to be out October, 2008 (in plenty of time for Christmas!)

Is that a chocolate milk mustache to go along with it?
Nope, do you think I'd let my kids run around with chocolate milk all over their faces? It's peanut butter, naturally.

Congratulations Dawn!! You passed TWO MILLION!!!!

Wooo Hooo!!! Thank you!

EXCUSE ME!!!!! Is today not SUNDAY????? Where is the customary question and answer blog?
Hold your pants on! OK, so maybe technically it was Sunday when I did the Bert post, but it doesn't count if I post it in the wee hours of the morning. I count that as Saturday's post.

Hi Dawn, so this comment is totally unrelated to your post but I have to let you know that you are obviously making some kind of an impact on me. The other night I had a dream that my husband and I bought your house. For some reason, you all couldn't move out in time, something to do with your 6 kids I think, and so we decided that you could stay with us until you could figure things out. Any dream interpreters out there?
Easy - after reading all the talk of diets starting in January, you decided to load up before officially starting the diet, so you had a strange concoction of left-over sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies, a ham sandwich, a couple deviled eggs, and a big glass of egg nog before bed.
But more importantly, I can't believe my house was ever clean enough to make someone want to buy it!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Dawn. I was truly impressed by the organized presents by the tree. I've never seen that so well presented before, except in magazines that make me feel inferior -- now ever your blog is doing that ;)
Oh no, no, no, no, no. The picture to which you're referring is my sister's beautifully decorated tree with my parents presents artfully arranged around it. (My sister just has a 5 month old, understand?)

Love the stocking gifts! I usually plan my own stocking. Your way, although last-minute, is more creative. Noooo, no, that is most definitely not my way. I actually take the time to think of gifts I believe the recipient will like. I start thinking about presents usually in October and I try to find things that people can use, or things that people would like, but wouldn't spend the money on themselves, or things that are just fun. I do not run out the night before and buy whatever I can find. Ever.
Next year I am SO taking the suggestion from you guys to fill my own stocking with goodies. "Oh thank you, honey. These earrings are just beautiful! How did you know? Oh look! A charm for my bracelet! Thank you! Ahhh, my favorite lotion. How thoughtful, Sweetie!" as my husband just stares at me dumbfounded and unable to remember buying any of the items I pull out of my stocking.

As always, check out my other blog, Mamaslike, to support other SAHMs.


Kathy said...

Love your blog! First-time question poster here for your Sunday Sound Out... I have only one child - a 5-month old - and made the choice to stay at home rather than return to work. I know there are TONS of stuff I could be doing during the day to pass the time (laundry, cleaning, errands, etc.), but I find myself to be WAY TOO LAZY and sleep every chance I get! Do you have any suggestions for hobbies or activities a new stay-at-home mom can do to keep busy/active (still need to lose the extra billion pounds from the baby)?

Anonymous said...

Two things I have meant to tell you: my dd's lengthy hearing problems were totally helped by the chiropractor, something to do with the bones in your neck? I dont know this stuff, but it totally worked, she needed no more tubes and now that she is 16 and done growing has normal hearing for the first time in her LIFE. Just a suggestion, i didnt think to go there until DH's chiro mentioned it.
I have also been seeing a diet Dr since August and lost 30 pounds. He has me on a RX that totally, totally works. I even work out now! I am in Illinois too if you want his name...i LOVE him. :)
I have 5 kids and LOVE your blog. Nice to read about someone else having the fun I have! :)

Kalynne Pudner said...

Older kids playing along on Santa...They do tend to be pretty good sports (e.g. 5-year old: "Hey, I saw this new computer in Daddy's car yesterday." 16-year old: "Well, that's because we don't have a chimney; you wouldn't have wanted Santa to leave it in the driveway, would you?") It's the tweeners -- the three between 9 and 11 -- that make us crazy. They're hell-bent to catch us, thereby disproving Santa, but mad as hornets when they do.

We've finally settled on the truth: St. Nicholas is real, and he's in heaven with Jesus, and he can do anything Jesus lets him do...including live at the North Pole and fly around with reindeer every December.

P.S. Our tooth fairy still pays a quarter; a dollar for molars. Thus the kids don't really care a whole lot when she's late.

Robin said...

Not to brag but I have a hubby who's pretty good in the gift giving department. This year I got what I call a "jar full of love". Inside are 52 pieces of paper and I get to draw one out every Sunday. They have little things on them that are "honey-do's, or things we'll do together like date night stuff or whatever...I really don't know because I've only drawn out 2. On Christmas day I drew one that said "Jeff will put a lock on the upstairs bathroom door this week" (we've been without a lock since a bathroom remodel months ago). And today's was "The family will clean the bathrooms this week"...I promptly got them each a pair of gloves and their own can of Srubbing Bubbles! So it's like the gift that keeps on giving and I love it!!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

As always, too funny. I really enjoy Sunday Soundouts! And peanut butter. I should have known. I am truly a novice with only 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I am glad that my house is not the only house where the toothfairy forgets to come. We have a whole lists of reasons why the tooth fairy doesn't come. 1. She won't fly on a full moon because someone might see her. 2. She doesn't come if you have a friend over because that isn't fair. 3. She can't fly if it's raining because her wings will get wet. 4. She has actually come while the kids were at school and left a note that said tons of kids lost teeth yesterday and she didn't have time to get by while they were sleeping.

Of course, I would also be the mom who told her kids that the ice cream truck only plays music when it is empty.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Dawn! I'm looking forward to many laughs from reading your blog next year.

Anonymous said...

okay, what's wrong with me? I can't seem to find the slide show everyone is ooohhhing and ahhhhing over... I, too, want to see the beautiful tree...

Rick said...

So it's becoming part of my Sunday routine. Go to church - eat dinner - nap - eat - read the Sunday Shout Out. It's a religious experience. Congrat's on over 2,000,000 hits. I think I can account for about 100,000 of those.

I AM impressed that you catch and respond to so many question from throughout the week.

Anonymous said...

gawd, I love Sundays!!

Rose said...

Thank you for that nice Q&A session. I do have a question for you though. I just checked my email and received my "blogmail: 1 of your blogs has changed" email with the title as follows: Bert? December 30, 2007 1:19 AM -0600

Why do I get these nearly 24 hours after you write them? And in case you don't know. . . thanks, away!

englandgirl62 said...

I love reading all the comments and answers you give. Of course being from England I skipped right over the Wellies comment. Of course Wellies are wellington boots as they are called in England. here in the U.S. they are called rain boots. So now you can visualize a child with rain boots and p.j.s running around a house...

Anonymous said...

Been meaning to write in since you talked about dieting. I found the best site. You can keep track of everything you eat and your exercising, etc. There's all kinds of help on there. Just go to And the best thing about it, it's free! It does take a bit to get used to writing down everything you eat every day but it's worth it. And if you add what you eat most often to your favorites it's a lot quicker. Just check it out and look around in it. It's helped so many people, including me!

Brenda said...

Referring to your comment on saving teeth, one of my kids once asked if I would drill holes in the saved teeth and make a necklace. Maybe I am too picky. I said no.

Dawn said...

Sound like you suffer from CHAOS,

That is from Sandra Fulton Messie books.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I am SO relieved that was your sister's tree. Except for the fact that she has a 5 month old and isn't doing this for a magazine spread and is instead a real person. Pass along my kudos -- and to your dad for the gorgeous wrapping job. I may steal that idea next year... if I feel crafty (ha!).

Wellies are rain boots. They have some really cool little kid ones on for less than $10. They're actually great quality and fit well and super cute in perseon (little fairies on them). I believe Wellies is a British term. I just like saying it :)

AND I meant to ask this all last week and never got around to it. Several people have commented that hairspray will get out permanent ink. Ummm... how? Do you spray it and it dissolves? Do you scrub while wet? Let it dry and flake off? I feel like such a bad housekeeper for not knowing these things.

And Dawn, what does a Meehan do for New Years Eve?

Lastly, for any Chicagoans, I just saw that Coco Key has a special for any weekday for $10 for any kid 6 and under, 2 and under free for 10-3. It's only valid until 1/1/08, but considering the regular rate, that may be a fun way to spend a day off school?

I hope you're enjoying your new chair!

Happy New Year,

Anonymous said...

Love that Fly picture. I know Flylady, but I'm sure at least 100 other readers will tell you about her, so I'll let them.
LOL at your next year's stocking description.
My Valentine's day gift used to resemble your stocking finds but I don't want to throw anyone off talking about Valentine's Day when it's Christmas =D.
Happy New Year Dawn!

Anonymous said...

I told my girls (they are 10 and 14 now) MANY years ago that when they stop believing Santa is real he won't bring them anymore stuff. So you better be 30 and jumpin up and down hollering HI SANTA!!! Of course, they also know the Santa at the Mall isn't the real Santa...You don't hardly EVER get to see the real Santa (I think that is what has saved me).

Jan Scholl said...

unless you hermetically seal the teeth, they will turn to dust. I saved my kids (the youngest is now 30) and they all crumbled as I only had them in a zip lock baggie. I would cover them with some clear drying gel stuff from Micheals that gets hard and encases them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn, I've been reading your blog for some time, and as a mom of 3, grandma of 4, it's one of the highlights of my day. You make me laugh on days when nothing seems laughable.

I held the same view of the annual Christmas letter syndrome (read: boring and braggy). For the past 25 years, my letters have been written in a different vein. People actually read them, sometimes twice, or so I hear. With that intro, I'd like to share mine, which was also posted online this year. (I'm a web dev of 12 years, and yes, old people can do that. Ok, and yes, old women can do that too.)

Click the "Christms Letter" link, else you'll have to sit through a slideshow of strangers doing boring stuff.)

Keep the stories coming, and blessings to you and your family in 2008!


nutralady2001 said...

Just dropping in to wish you a Happy New Year got an hour to go in my part of the world, Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks starting in 1/2 an hour ( they are 1/2 hour ahead of us yes weird time difference I know, only in Australia)

morninglight mama said...

How in the world did you all get your hands on a Wii??? We've been trying so hard, and we've come so close (, but no luck so far...

You gotta try the carnival games on Wii-- skeeball in your living room, what more could you ask for? :)

Laura said...

With regards to those annoying twist ties, this, hands down, is the best gadget for opening all presents!
It's called the Open It - it has things to cut clamshells and twist ties, a razor to slice open DVDs and a little screwdriver to open the battery compartments!

Raene said...

Flylady helps people to get their houses / lives more ordered and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, are you trying to tell me how I'm going to be in the future?! ;) I hope I don't sound too naive here, but I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping my feet on the ground. I'm not about to change. I have God and six kiddos to keep me grounded."

That's my GIRL! You go right on being personal, winsome and adorable!!

Oh, and don't ever lose the sarcasm.
It makes my day when you 'gently', er .... put someone in their place.

Hally said...

This is unrelated to your Sunday Questions, but I read an article in the San Jose Mercury about Chicago and thought of you. (of course I can't find it online, only in the Sunday PAPER version of the paper)Maybe your extensive googling skills can find it. The article was about people in Chicago who shovel out parking spots, then leave them there...and no one takes them. It's an unwritten neighborhood rule that you shovel/you deserve it. However there's been a rash of 'parking spot theft' and vigilante justice. Neighbors who witness the theft are minorly vandalizing the unfairly parked vehicles. And the police are short of shrugging shoulders and saying, 'eh, you didn't shovel it, did ya?' I thought you would enjoy the article, I'll try to find it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of twistie ties, I made this after my girls' (2 yrs and 4 yrs) last birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, I have a question for next sunday how do you check to see how many hit you have to your blog?

Anonymous said...

The Wii is awesome, isn't it? We've actually had ours for months and my 3 year old son can kick our butts at pretty much anything (if he plays seriously.) I'm like you and can't bowl "live" to save myself, but do an awesome with the Wii. Have you tried the other disc that comes with it and played "find the Miis?" That's another one of my son's and my favorites---gets pretty hard too!

Enjoy! Hope you have enough remote controls to go around! :)

Danielle said...

I think that Wellies are rubber boots. (in the UK)

Anonymous said...

"Of course, I would also be the mom who told her kids that the ice cream truck only plays music when it is empty."

Oh that is a great idea....I've always called it the MUSIC BUS, what ice cream? about Monday Mommy tips? To follow Sunday Soundout. And Dawn, can I stop holding my pants on now?

Happy New Year everyone!

Anonymous said...

wellies are a short name for wellingtons (i think maybe only rich people use the term wellingtons?!)or rain boots. Named after the duke of Wellington who made them popular a LONG time ago.

and there is your 1st English history lesson :o)

By the way, i love your blog. Its the one and only on the whole web that i have bookmarked..... and i actually *regularly* read it! you must be doing something right ;o)

Anonymous said...

i should have typed

*1st English history lesson for the day

this is what happens when i cant edit


Unknown said...

This reminded me of you:

chris said...

Hi Dawn I hope you don't mind but I read your blog to learn how to do manr. The day to day life of a southern boy. Since I went to a school that let me get by without taking a real english class past the ninth grade spelling and gramer is tough. But I love your blog it's great.

Anonymous said...

I believe that children's milk teeth can be used to train search and rescue dogs.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, I'm wondering, do you want more kids? More than six kids?

I enjoy reading your blog. I'm not a mother, but I'm a big sister who baby sits her three, little siblings a lot. I love kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, Dawn. Like so many others, we have a lot in common. I am very excited for you for this coming year. 2008 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!
As for "dieting", that's the worst thing you can do. Lifestyle change is more like it. You have to be ready to change. I lost 30lbs-no exercise, ate what I want (just cut back a little bit) and got healthy! If you want more info:
Like I said, you have to be ready to change (even just a little bit at a time).

Anonymous said...

Let me just say... Run the opposite direction from anyone suggesting Fly Lady!
Unless you like to wade through 75 e-mails a day telling you which project to tackle next. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn -

Just have to say that I really appreciate your joy about having a big family. We have 4 boys so far and the crazyness is just beginning here... but it is truly the best kind of crazy in the world.

Thanks for helping us laugh and enjoy parenthood even more!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post about the stocking stuffers you get, so I read it alound to my darling stocking stuffer. We didn't have Christmas until the 30th (logistical reasons), so imagine my surprise, when I found in my stocking a stockpile of goodies from the local convenience store. It didn't even occur to me that was where he was going at 10:00 p.m. on the 29th. No one could understand why I was laughing so hard at the tons of candybars, lighter, breath-freshener, and other assorted convenience store goodies in my stocking. He winked at me and I knew EXACTLY where he got the idea from. At least I know that he does occasionally listen when I read things aloud to him! LOL!

Donna. W said...

Happy New Year, Dawn. Keep being real. You're doing great!

boyandgirl2 said...

I looked at the 5K program on I'm wondering how the person who made that comment times all the running with a kid in tote? I have a hard enough time just remembering if I went around the block once or twice in between fixing the baby's blanket, fixing her hat, finding her lost sock along the route, and wiping the drool off her face!

Shari said...

Sheesh--some questions you receive are rather silly. Like expecting you to do your blog in a certain time, asking rather personal things and such. You take it with such stride. I applaud you. And, I know you will remain you after your book is published. Writing a book doesn't change who you are!

Blessings for a super New Year!


Handmade by Shazza said...

First up Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Downunder.

And I have a comment about Santa and older kids!

I just say "If you Dont BELEIVE you Dont RECEIVE!"

My eldest is like your eldest gets into the season and helps keep the tradition going!


Anonymous said...

Reading your answer to a question about the Tooth Fairy reminded me of something my son told me when he was about 4. He explained to me that after taking teeth from underneath kids' pillows, the TF would take the teeth to Heaven and give them to God, who would then put them in the mouths of the babies who were about to be born.

Anonymous said...

Hah! I got four tubes and one small jar of anti-wrinkle cream in my stocking (all from my husband) - that was it! It took me a few minutes to stop laughing. My kids didn't know what was so funny because they said it was something that I could really use!

Kim H. said...

Hi Dawn - Happy New Year!

Love the "Sunday Shout-out" - it always makes me laugh. Being from Chicago (and having just returned) my husband and I have our favorite Chicago foods....Vienna beef products, Jays potato chips, Aurelio's pizza, Barnaby's pizza...what's your favorite "Chicago" food?

Hugs to all -


BigDadGib said...

LOL... you are a hoot...
I love the tooth fairy myself...
Lives three houses down from me. lol

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

hey dawn I have one question for you. How do you check how many hits you've had on your site? *asking with hope of a sunday soud out spot*

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, did you notice there was a great blurb about your blog in this month's (Jan 08) Redbook?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the Wii thing! My mom got one for Christmas (Yes, my bother has way too much money for his own good) and now my husband actually WANTS to go to my parents house!!!! So, its not gonna be just me & the baby hanging out there anymore :-) Thank God for Nintendo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Just and wanted to share my new blog with you and 'your people'. It's a fun way to cheer each other on with the drudgery of losing weight. Have a look and feel free to hop on board if you like the smell of it. There are still plenty of seats left.

Happy New Year to you all!


Randie said...

Okay so about the tooth fairy! She does not have to leave guilt money, just a note (not in mom's handwriting) explaining it was her vacation or night off. I only have one loosing teeth right now and I find she vacations or takes a night off atleast every other!

March Hare said...

The Mom's stocking stuffer issue was resolved once DD#1 became old enough (about 16) to take on the task from Hubs. In fact,this year she volunteered to take on the ENTIRE job. She has helped me previously, but this was her first solo year. She did pretty well.

I also have baby teeth from my kids. Unfortunately, I didn't separate them out too well. And the Tooth Fairy has been late on payoffs as well. But it was poignant when the Tooth Fairy made her last visit to our house when DD#2 was 11 and lost her last baby tooth.

Kel said...

My parents kept my teeth too... until I found them in their bathroom drawer and started reusing them. They let me get away with it about twice ("You lost another tooth?! Wow, two in one week!") before "telling me" that the tooth fairy didn't exist. I'd known for a while, since Dad wasn't too silent sneaking into my room at night. They kept giving me quarters though, just not under the guise of a fairy.
So hide those teeth well!
Happy New Year,

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know about the Coffeemate thing - my Uncle fixed a chair twenty years ago with coffeemate mixed into a paste as glue. It was climbed over by children for two decades, and is still together, and not wobbly. Just sayin' :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn - I am just getting around to reading the Christmas posts, and I have a suggestion for YOUR stocking - my husband "forgets" to fill my stocking, so my mom sends me a bag full of little goodies, wrapped, every year that I stick into my own stocking, and then I am always pleasantly surprised on Christmas Day! Moms STILL know the best gifts to give, even when you move out!

Anonymous said...

Um, my mom kept my teeth. It came in handy for me in high school. I did an experiment for a science fair with different types of soda (pop, coke, whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) to see which one would rot teeth faster. I got an award. I did not save that.

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