Friday, September 28, 2007

When Angry, Count to Four; When Very Angry, Swear.

First of all, before you say anything, I have no idea what is wrong with Blogger. I don't believe I violated any TOS agreement unless calling the folks who did the math problem sad, is considered libelous. :D

Anyway, I don't generally get all preachy here, but today I'd like to talk about forgiving your enemies.

"But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." ~ Matthew 5:39

"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind." ~ Mohandas Gandhi

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." ~ Mother Teresa

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." ~ Mohandas Gandhi

Now this does not mean that we should let people beat us up, knock us down and be weak. Absolutely not. Forgiving does not mean you're weak. Quite the contrary, in fact. It means that although our first, gut reaction when we've been wronged, is to lash out and seek vengeance, we should not. We should do good instead. We shouldn't want to keep score. We should love and forgive. It takes a strong person to do that.

Yes, I know that this is not natural at all. And it certainly isn't easy. It's very, very difficult for grown adults to find the grace to forgive those, who in our mind, don't deserve forgiveness. But we as adults, as parents, as role models, have to model this behavior if we want our children to learn it. How many times have you lost your temper and yelled or said something that you probably shouldn't have said around little ears. Even if those little ears didn't hear you say to clean up their room twenty times, you can bet they heard the word that slipped out of your mouth and you can most assuredly bet that they'll pick the absolute most inopportune time to repeat said word. Teacher conferences, the middle of the grocery store, quiet prayer time at church, and when the inlaws are visiting are all ideal places for your child to show off their newly acquired four letter word. I learned this when my little one started walking around saying, "Crap". Ahhh proud moments. Anyway, my point is that little ones learn from example.

Just like you want to set an example of helping people, putting others before yourself, cheerfully (at least sometimes) doing your chores to keep your household running smoothly, and telling the truth, you need to set an example of how to treat others, even those who have wronged you, for your children.

I believe that only God can give us the strength to love as He does. Because of that, we can pray for those who have wronged us instead of plotting our revenge.

Ok, I'm done being all preachy now. :)

"Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much." ~ Oscar Wilde

"When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear." ~ Mark Twain just make sure the kids aren't around first! I love Mark Twain. Now he had a fabulous sense of humor!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple notes - thank you to all of you guys who took the time to write out your meatloaf recipes. I guess we can use those when supper swapping, right? :)

Thank you to everyone who writes me comments and sends me emails. I'd sure love to answer all of them, but I was going a little crazy trying to do that along with handling everything else on my plate, so I hope you understand that I just cannot answer every email and fulfill every request.

Oh yeah - I almost forgot! CBS is coming out next week to interview me and they're flying me to New York to be on the morning news! I get to go to New York by myself for a day! Just long enough to get a nice break without missing the little ones too much. I'm so excited! I'll update with details as to what time I'll be on t.v. Eeeeeek! The best part is - I'm going to meet up with two dear friends of mine who live on Long Island and CT and it's a good thing I am. I've never hailed a cab before so I need them to help me out or I fear I'll stand there on the curb looking like a dorky tourist all day and I'll never make it back to the airport!

And finally, because I think there are probably many parents who have a crib included in the recall, I wanted to put a little more information about it on here.....


A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

OOoooooo... I'm SO intrigued as to WHY you need to forgive. Hmmm...
Congrats on the CBS interview!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Thank goodness you are back...I was having withdrawls. Hopefully Blogger got it all straightened up!!

Matchbox Mom said...

Thanks for the preaching! Sometimes it's necessary... Congrats on the interview! That would be when should I meet you in NY? Just kidding, i'm not stalking you!! Good Luck!
Thanks for the info on the cribs, I linked to your last post about them, but couldn't find any real good information...i'm a dork and wanted to see pictures to make sure none of my friends are using those cribs. I'll have to tell one friend already. Anyway, thanks...and have a good night.


All moments remembered said...

Congrats on the CBS!!! Like I have said before I sooo know Oprah is going to be calling you soon!!

I wondered why Blogger was doing that weird deal when I tried to get on here. How dumb of them to chance loosing you as a customer being you get more hits then most people out there and you bring them a ton of advertising!

Forgiveness? That is a tough one while you are still angry. Once you cool down though it is always the better road to take.

Have a super weekend!!

Scrapbookers come see the way cute word chipboard albums on my blog. You will want one!! They are darling!!!

Brooke said...

Wow. I get to be second today!

Great points made! It is definitely hard and unnatural to turn the other cheek! I was wronged by a co-worker a couple weeks ago and I lashed out only making a donkey's behind out of myself! I figured out that saying I'm sorry is SO much worse than turning the other cheek!!! *crying while apologizing, even worse* LOL LOL LOL

Lisa said...

Interesting topic tonight, I hope everything is well as you seem a little upset... Anyway, still a good read. Can't wait for the CBS show! Have fun in NY!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,
I was so glad we could still access the blog, even with the "violation" screen... How ever will we know where to read your daily musings if they block us!! ROFL Ok, I'm not really a weirdo, but like all these other moms, you just make me laugh too hard to not check back everyday!

Congrats on CBS and the day in NY!! Can't wait to hear more about it! :)

Anonymous said...

Also beware of songs on the radio. There was this song with the word suicidal in the chorus and my two year old starts singing along with the song. LOVELY. I can also relate to the word crap. Suck is also a great word you want your kids to repeat.

Meg from Idaho

Rick said...

It took a little more effort, but I was able to get through to your blog. Yes - forgive - why pop a cork over something that won't amount to a hill of minic meat (sorry - ground beef) one week from now.

I've got the illustration done - I'll try to scan and e-mail it tomorrow - Saturday.

Anonymous said...

It is true about forgiveness...I just got on your book list I am really excited for that, I came from a family of eight children and my husband from a family of ten children, the stories you write about sound all to familiar! WE LOVE YOUR STORIES! Thank You for the belly laughs.;-)

Cami said...

Gratz on the CBS interview! And WHY are you forgiving?? hmmm lol

Claire said...

So glad you're back online. I was having palpitations at the thought of not reading your blog every day!

Keep up the good work.

Meli said...

i always love reading your blog, but when I tried to access it from my link on my favorites, it gave me that ToS statement and said I needed to log in. so anyway i created an account and now i can see your blog...happy now :)

also, i hate grammar so my comments will never be very wonderfully punctuated or capitalized. lol

Dancing Queen said...

same here, whats going on with the TOS? did you do something wrong?

nutralady2001 said...

Hey congrats Dawn on yet another interview...(time for me to send another email to the TV people here I think...wink)

Oh yes and the blog pulled that trick on me tonight "In violation blah blah blah" almost went into withdrawal on the spot thinking I'd never be able to read your blog again.

Anyway signed in using my Google a/c and it worked....phew!!!!

peach said...

Thank you for putting the simple truths out in writing.
thank you as well for the daily laugh grins and memories that you freely share with us all.
Congratulations and have a wonderful trip to NYC.
hugs Laura ~peach~

peach said...

ps. being raised in Hannibal MO. and being surrounded by MArk Twain and his isms... I just LOVE his wit as well. on one of my many trips back i found a Tshirt that is great with many of his quick quirky comments one of my favorites is

"it's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt"

Have a wonderful Saturday!
Hugs ~peach~

Anonymous said...

One Day, I might actually sign up or start a blog, but until then - I will remain anonymous.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and your funny antics. It brings smiles and humor to my life and helps me look for the wonderful creativeness God has placed in my life through my funny little 13 month old and my cautious/sweet verbally advanced (I use that term with humor) 32 month old! (both girls and hopefully best friends!)

Anyway, Kudos on speaking of forgiveness. Just as important as it for us to forgive our neighbors, it is as important to ask our children to forgive us when we wrong them. What an amazing Gift of Grace the Lord has given us. And what an amazing responsibility to model this for our children. Forgiving and being Forgiven! I have to ask it often and should ask for their forgiveness, I am sure, even more!

AKB said...

Sounds like you got an email or comment that rubbed you the wrong way, or they were rubbed the wrong way by you and told you about it. Fame has its downside too. With so many emails and comments, you have had to censor yourself for the good of the little people in your household. I bet out of all the lovely BTDT and mommy comments and emails, there is more than 100 of them, criticizing you for something you put on the blog or how your style of mommying is wrong. Comes with the territory, sweetie... I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. I will pray for you as your fame and notoriety rises and stresses get added to it. I Know you never asked for it, but now it's here with trips to New York and all these people asking you for interviews. Good luck on your trip, enjoy the freedom from the kids, and relax a bit. Yeah right, with cameras in your face, the normal human being would just about be a basket case with all the attention.
Dawn, there are alot of us who love you and care about your family and know you are a great mom! Tell the other ones to shove it and live your life. I have an ex who tells me I am a terrible mom and I should have all my children taken away. But the kids tell me otherwise, and that is what counts. Nothing else does.
Keep the strength and we'll see you on the best station (CBS-love NCIS, CSI-all of them) in the country.

Crimson Dragonfly said...

I love reading your posts! I love your writing style and look forward to reading your posts each day. Thanks for sharing your life with us and for words of encouragement you give.

And thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in this journey we call being a mom. I recently became the mom of 3 and life is definitely interesting!

robert austell said...

Hi Dawn,

I read your blog because I'm the father of three young girls and it's like you have lived our life (x2). I love you sense of humor.

I'm writing, however, because I appreciated your sharing a little of your soul in today's post... every now and then your faith peeks through, and I appreciate you allowing it to.

Keep doing what you are doing - you are blessing a LOT of people!


Robert Austell

suburbancorrespondent said...

Yes - what brought that on? Are you struggling to forgive Blogger?

I'm a suburban chick, and once I stayed with my cousin in NYC for a few days while my dad was in the hospital there. I remember the first morning, she said, "You need to take a cab to the hospital - it's too far to walk." So I said, "Okay." And she looked at me and said, "Well, don't we need to get going?" And I said, "Well, don't I need to call a cab? What's the number?" And she said, "Um, no, you go downstairs and stand in the street and wave your arm." Oh.

I'm definitely not a city person, you know?

Anonymous said...

A good bit of advice on handling accidental swearing in front of children - when you do slip up, yell something else (non-profane) after it MUCH LOUDER, and the kids will focus on the loudest thing they heard. Marshmallow and sugar are two possibilities.

Cindy in the Boston suburbs

Anonymous said...

I heard one of your radio interviews on-line. I noticed that you sometimes gave really short answers. It sounds much better if you answer each question with at least a full sentence. e.g. "Yes, I really do like having six kids." If the question is inane or you can't think of much to say, it's OK to talk about things that are somewhat related the question. Remember that a good interview gets the guest to do the majority of the talking and sharing some good stories. Think about what types of questions you usually get asked and have a few good anecdotes in mind that you can share. Best wishes.

Marcie Jones said...

Thank you so much for your blogs. I read every time it updates. You make it real for all moms and dads out there who deal with the everyday life that is parenthood. Even though I only have 2 boys, I can relate to your stories about children. About your blog trouble, have you ever thought about creating your own webpage? With all your publicity, you just might be overloading the server. :) Keep up the great work!!!!

ohhmama! said...

I just came across your blog and thought I'd comment! I hope you enjoy New York, it is so much fun! Also a day without kids in tow is a dream.

Emily said...

Yay! I agree so much - love and forgiveness are my two favorite topics / things to work on.
Way to use your popularity for good, Bono. :)

Jill said...

What's with Blogger? Just ask them to give you a jury of your peers. You've got a million of us, right?

Hoffman Family said...

I got scared when I saw the Blogger message. I thought I wouldn't be able to get to your site. Good luck with CBS and we will all be awaiting time/date of airing. You will have a GREAT time in NY! Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your interview. Thanks for keeping up with this blog. It is a part of my daily routine now. Looking forward to the release of your book...

candi said...

Great post today!!! My favorite so far

Brenda said...

Welcome back!

Lisa Lacy said...

Yes, Dawn, forgiveness is so important. Thanks for sharing what you did. I always am trying to teach this to my son - we need to forgive others not only for their sake, but for our own. I ask my son to forgive me when I do or say something I shouldn't, and I tell him all the time to forgive others. Also, I am big on telling him we always have a CHOICE. I started this with his vitamins..haha...when he was about 2, I gave him a CHOICE of a red or a blue vitamin. So he learned early what the word meant. Now, if I tell him he made a bad choice, he knows what I mean. Our lives are the result of the choices we make. I am definitely not a perfect parent, but forgiveness and choices are high on my list of things I want to teach him! HAVE FUN IN NEW YORK CITY!!!! You will love it -

Anonymous said...

I hope you get swamped with people wanted your autograph. After you do the morning news show :) I hope you have a fun filled vacation. I also hope your kids are good for the baby sitter :) I wish many good blessing for you and your family. Your going to be so famous.

Moira said...

Have you contacted Blogger to find out what happened? I've heard that they have an automated "anti-spam-blog" application and some blogs get interrupted (like more because they are popular than because they are actual nuisances. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and hope things get cleared up soon.

A Frayed Knot said...

Thank you. I'm hanging on to these words today and extending forgiveness toward my husband. He can't help it, guys just don't have a clue.

Pretty please let us know when you are going to air! I can't wait to see your smiling face! (14 brain cells is enough for a smile, right?)

Angela said...

Hi. Just thought I'd pop on and let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a mom of three and enjoy hearing your take on lifes little pleasures.

I hope you enjoy your time with your friends in New York and look forward to seeing your interview.

I was thinking yesterday that if My mom raised her kids in the era of computers and blogged how hers would be. She had 10 children 7 girls and three boys and we lived out in the country where our neighbours were our cousins and they always hung out at moms because she was sahm. Oh the stories she could have told lol.

anyhow I am looking forward to hearing more of your stories. Thank you for all the laughs and tears you give us we all enjoy it so much. Keep up the great work.

Carla said...

Can't wait to see you on TV!! Have fun in New York, New York.

The Rocking Pony said...

Oh, the interview sounds so fun! And meeting old friends is always the best way to spend free time. Congratulations!

And good preaching. ;)

A Frayed Knot said...

BTW, I think it's an internal issue with Blogger. I just tried publishing my blog and got a buncha nasty code followed by a curious error message.

I don't think it's you. I think it's them.

Cindi said...

A great "watch what you say" moment came to me when my oldest was 2. We were spending some great one-on-one time playing ball. We would bounce the tennis ball at our front door and catch it on the bounce back. Well, everytime I missed and the ball went past I said "Crap". It wasn't very long before my boy started saying the same thing everytime. I didn't even realize what I was doing until I heard it from my son! I quickly corrected myself (which took a great effort due to habit) and began saying "bother", "dash it all", etc. Come to think of it, I am a better person because of my 5 kids (except of course about 4:00 when my world becomes a tornado of homework, policing, shofering, dinner-making, etc). I watch what I say and do more diligently. I think things through more often. What an ingenious plan God has set in motion! Because of them, we are better people! Thanks for the blog! It's refreshing to know I'm in good company.

Anonymous said...

As far as the error message with your blog, all I had to do was click the link to your site and it took me right there. Only one more step, surely we can handle that!

Tara said...

I love reading your blog -- you have such a wonderful balance of wit, common sense and practicality. I'm grateful for your courage in sharing so much of yourself with such a wide spread, mostly annonymous audience. It means a lot to me to have these little peeks into your life.
Thanks for your thoughts last week on just being so-and-so's mom instead of sidestepping your children to maintain a strangle-hold on your 'identity.' And thanks for your thoughts on forgiveness. Those sorts of things are such every day struggles for all of us, and we don't get many helpful solutions from the media/world. :) You are a fabulous exception!

DelawareQuilts said...

Let us all know what day you are going to be on TV so we can put the ratings through the roof! Have a wonderful time on your trip too, and enjoy your day.

Tina said...

My pastor once told me that by not forgiving someone I am only hurting myself by dwelling on it.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone hasn't seen it, I just wanted to call special attention to one of your sponsors on the right side of the screen. The breast cancer "Click Every Day" logo gives FREE mammograms to women in need JUST FOR YOU CLICKING ON IT. Also, in the same site, there are tabs to click to give FREE child health screening, FREE help to those who are hungry, etc. Just click on these are helping! At the bottom of each tab/page shows exactly how many "freebies" have been given just by clicking.

Thanks again for your blog everyday! It brings smiles to lots of tired mommies.

ashley nicole said...

Yay for a short trip to NYC!!

Sis Sarah said...

Now were all intrigued, do tell us more.

Good luck with CBS

I never got any message from Blogger. Am I special????

Shauna said...

We have one of the cribs that was voluntarily recalled, and this site gives clear instructions for what to check on your crib and what to do if you need to get a repair kit. (You might need to go back to the home page if the photo doesn't show the model that you have.) The most important thing is making sure that you did not install the drop rail upside down, which was sadly the case in the reported deaths because of unclear assembly instructions.

Peanut Butter Kisses said...

Many times it is important to forgive people for yourself. It is a well known fact that being in angst against another person does more harm to yourself then it does the other person. It just causes a bunch of icky feelings. I agree wholeheartedly that it is VERY important to be forgiving and it's a huge lesson to teach your children. One that is needed for living. Thank you for the reminder!

I love reading your blog and go to it every day for a chuckle. I have five of my own and as it appears, God is giving us the opportunity to foster two little family members in the next couple weeks which will take us up to 7. I'll be reading your blog now more then ever for some tips!

Keep up the wonderful writing!
-Heather W.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Dawn. Thank you!


healthymomof2 said...

Maybe Blogger is overwhelmed with the number of hits you are getting? Who knows.

Thanks for posting my meatloaf recipe. The others looked pretty good too.

As I have said before, I LOVE reading your blog. Stop on by mine sometime. Its recipes mostly but you might find something you like.

Becky said...

Amen, Dawn! Hey, we all need reminders of this from time to time. Those of us with kids watching our every move, and parroting back everything we say all day, especially, because it probably means it's our job to teach such things to said kids.

Cograts on the CBS interview and the New York will be nice for you to get away for a day and meet up with your friends. Have a blast!

Jeb said...

transfer to!! Their blog system is better and more stable and user friendly than blogger!!!

Teacherperson said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, that trip to NYC. I hope it's not too lonely without the kiddos. When I go away, I always look forward to it like mad, and then I miss the kids. Oh, well. That's a good thing, right?

Great words on forgiveness!


Jenn said...

Sorry if someone posted this already, but I just entered my gmail address and password and it let me into your blog with no problem. Not sure if that is what everyone else is doing. Happy that I can still read what you write!

Tiffany said...

Sorry Blogger is still having problems. I hope you have a great time in NY! Yay! I would LOVE a 1 day vacation right about now.

l. king said...

I loved the blog when I read it this morning thank you.

nutralady2001 said...

Dawn can you let us know exactly what show you will be on? We get one albeit at 4.00am lol the one which Katy Couric left to be a news anchorwoman.........sorry can't remember what it's callled now, my bad.....anyway if it's that one I am definitely setting my alarm! Think another station has another one too again at about 4.00am lol

Am emailing the TV station here that I mailed before to let them know they'll miss the boat if they aren't careful haven't heard from them at all

Oh and I'll also let them know if they don't answer me I'm going to email the "opposition's" brekky programme ........*evil grin*

AZMom said...


Hopefully Blogger gets it worked out!

I love your post today. There are a few folks I know who should read it. I've said those very words to some now ex-friends of mine because they could NOT forgive...and while I HAVE forgiven them, we remain just friendly acquaintances now. It makes me sad but you have to move on..kwim?

Chaim said...

New York! That is awesome. You are oging to have a lot of fun here.

On hailing cabs:

Hide your bags, or stand in front of them so they aren't so obvious.

Stick out your hand high and as far out into the road as you can. make sure they can see you, do not be timid.

Lastly, make sure you get INTO the cab and CLOSE the door before you tell them where you want to go. During some times of the day, some drivers don't want to go to the airport (or Jersey, or wherever) if they can avoid it, and will try to find ways to refuse the fare, even though they are not supposed to. getting into the cab and closing the door first makes it a lot harder for them to do this.

Have fun.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Excellent advice. And tell Blogger you're the favorite blogspot and to back off or they'll have a revolution on their hands.

The LUCKY WIFE said...

you MUST view this one

hahaha You should love it - she ends with BECAUSE I SAID SO... perfect!
Still loving your blog.. still haven't written mine!

Shauna said...

You should buy a domain name and host the blog on your own (or pay someone else to do it)!

Dimity said...

Hi I read your blog everyday and think it is so good. I am hoping you may be able to help me i am unable to access your blog due to the violation page unless i google it and find a cached version on google. is there a way around this at all? i really enjoy reading your blog and wish to continue to do so.
Thanks so much

River said...

Here's another Meatloaf recipe. Just in case you don't have enough variations to try. I always buy top quality mince as it has less fat.
500g beef mince (groundbeef)
500g sausage mince (hope that's available where you are)
Mix these together until indistingushable.
3 beaten eggs
to the eggs add:
2-3 cloves crushed garlic
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon white pepper
1tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
Mix all of the egg mixture into the meat mix. It should be quite sloppy.Now add enough packaged dry stuffing mix (more flavour than breadcrumbs) to make a firm mixture. Press firmly into a loaf pan which is lined with aluminium foil then brushed with olive oil. Cover with more oiled foil and bake at 350*F for an hour. After 45 minutes remove foil from top to allow browning. Serve with my kids favourite meatloaf gravy. Make gravy in whatever way you normally would, but add 2 teaspoons worcestershire sauce and 1-2 tablespoons tomato sauce (ketchup) while cooking. This meatloaf is great hot with mashed potatoes and other veg. also good next day sliced cold onto sandwiches.
Sometimes my kids preferred onion gravy made by adding chopped and browned onions to the gravy just before serving.
Love your blog.

Linda D said...

Speaking of recalls - I was perusing the list of toy recalls (I actually run a consignment sale, I don't just read recall lists for fun) and I came across this:

Barbie and Tanner recall

Yes, that's what it looks like - they're recalling fake "poo". And Barbie looks so ecstatically happy to be shoveling... well, you know.

There's even a tv commercial...
CPSC recalls fake poo

Jody said...

NYC is so exciting, especially your first time there. It's great to have good friends to help you get around town. Do try to buy hotdog from a street vendor (they're the best), don't get suckered into buying "designer" handbags on the street corner, and soak up all the Big Apple atmosphere that you can in the time you have there. From this Bronx gal living in S. Florida...enjoy!!!

Carri said...

Hey Dawn!! I've been reading your blog since "the ebay auction" & absolutely love it!! Great post today, it really hit home for me. I've been having problems with my mother-in-law & sister-in-law which escalated in the past month to a verbal & physical assault on their part (YES, you read that right). It is so hard to forgive, but if you don't, it just eats at you. It feels so much better to just forgive & move on!! Thanks for reminding me! Keep up the good work!!

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