Monday, October 10, 2011

A Fresh Take on Trick-or-Treating

Over at Subway's Fresh Takes on Family Time site, they've got some great articles with fun fall and Halloween ideas. One that caught my eye was an article named Trunk-or-Treat. It talked about getting your friends together, heading to an empty parking lot, opening your trunks, and letting the kids go from car to car, gathering candy from the tailgates. That idea is okay, but I'd go one step further. That is, I'd go a step further if I was back home in Chicago, surrounded by friends. But since I've recently moved across the country and have no friends, it would be kind of lame for me to try it here.

If I were back in Chicagoland, I'd invite everyone over to my driveway for a potluck. I'd get the fire pit going and roast hotdogs. All my friends and neighbors could enjoy the collection of salads and desserts from everyone. Back in Chicago, since it would undoubtedly be 40 degrees and rainy, we'd bundle up while the kids drank steaming mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows (you know, in case they hadn't ingested enough sugar from their candy). The adults would drink hot toddys or Irish coffee (because Halloween is traditionally known as a drinking holiday). We'd sit back and complain about the cold while we enjoyed each other's company and breathed in the scent of fall in the air - the leaves, the crackling fire, the brisk breeze, and the mist starting to roll in.

But since I'm here in Florida, I guess I'll take my kids around the neighborhood by myself while wearing shorts and sipping a frosty, refreshing pina colada. And I'll enjoy the palm trees and the sunshine and the fact that this year, I won't need to stuff handwarmers in my pockets, or figure out a way to cram winter coats under my kids' costumes.

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Michelle said...

We just moved into a new neighborhood which is much safer for kids than the one we left so we are going to do just that; Bring the firepit out front, light a fire and make the house full out Halloween! We already have the spooky music picked out! There will be all kinds off cool stuff for the kids and parents will also get a treat (or a trick!) ince it's a new neighborhood for us, we are just really trying to meet the neighbors, we think this will be a great way to do that!

Brooke said...

Around here (southern Indiana) the churches have Trunk or Treats. I'd never heard of that before moving here 6 years ago, but it's a really nice and safe way to get your Halloween candy.

Suburban Correspondent said...

When in Rome, right?

Marcia said...

Halloween happens at NIGHT. seriously you wont even start trick or treating untill 730pm, and unless you live in a well populated area there wont be any other treaters. Floridians go to malls, and trunk or treats at churches, and other programs. BE prepaired for a HUGE slap in the face. I had the slap 10 years ago, and still cry each halloween because NOONE does anything cool. CHECK out ST. CLOUD historic district for a nice friendly halloween experience.

bearhugg said...

I can just about smell the soldering embers in the fire pit and feel the mist on my face. You almost, and I emphasize almost, make the traditionally overcast skies and 40 degree temps sound inviting. I will be envious of your pina colada sipping weather as I huddle around my steaming Irish coffee trying to stay warm. But most of all I will be missing my favorite person to share it with.

Handyman said...

If you want to go trunk and treat there is a really great one at Village View Church on Sunset Harbor Road in Summerfield,FL.

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