Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that smells like cornbread stuffing, it's your host, the woman who only has one ovary, Dawn Meehan

How did Bob take the eviction? Are you feeling okay?
Before my surgery, my doctor asked me if I'd like to see pictures of Bob. I told her an emphatic YES! Can't wait for my appointment next week. I feel fine, but I'm still sore. Walking and getting up in my van still hurts. Wearing jeans hurts a ton (but gives me an excuse to wear jammie pants to Thanksgiving dinner). My abdomen is all sorts of funky colors too.

I hope you are feeling better and didn't do the yucky thing that shall remain nameless.
I didn't! I didn't get sick at all! It didn't take me a million hours to wake up either! Before surgery, I told my anesthesiologist that I'd dedicate my next book to him if he kept me from throwing up. I don't think he believed me. I put a sea sickness patch on the night before and took a couple pills to lessen stomach acids before surgery. The nurse anesthetist, who was super-nice, gave me a shot to relax me before surgery because I was totally insane a little freaked out, and she told me she'd load me up with anti-nausea drugs before I woke up. Plus, I refused pain meds stronger than Motrin because narcotics make me sick too. It worked! It was the best surgery ever!

So how was making that video? Did you enjoy it? How many of your kids were clapping/heckling you?
It was fun! I had a great time! I didn't bring my kids. In fact, none of my family showed up, but my best friends Julie and Eric each drove over two hours to attend! A lot of great people came out for the event! Thank you!!! If you want to see the video from the event, you can see it HERE.

my friend, Julie

my friend, Eric

Suave generously provided great swag bags of haircare products for attendees!

There were raffle prizes generously provided by Suave, Johnson's Baby, and Sonic!

Last night I was abducted by ninja aliens, tied down and forced to watch a Cake War kinda show on TV and the bakery charged $3,000.00 for a sushi boat cake and can I just say...That cake had NUTHIN' on yours!
First off, ninja aliens??? Really? Ninja aliens made you watch a cake show? Interesting. The last time I was abducted by ninja aliens, I was forced to watch football.
And $3,000?!!! Wow, I'm clearly in the wrong line of work.

Once again, you have made me giggle. My kids attend a Christian school, and pick-up and drop-off tests my Christianity every time. Seriously. Love One Another never gets taken to the limits more than at these moments.
During one of my bible studies, I remember walking into class late and proclaiming, "What Would Jesus Do?! Well, let me tell ya, Jesus never had to deal with traffic and idiot drivers!"

Ok, Dawn. Next mission - the pick up demonstration! It's just as bad. This must start INSIDE the school with our crazy kids who can't figure out how to get from class to front door in under 20 minutes. ugh.
Oh heck no! I won't go within a mile of the Kiss 'N Drive at pick up time! No way, no how, Mister! I would absolutely go postal if I had to do that. It's bad. Idiot parents pull into the staff lot and then tear out of there despite the fact that kids walk across that lot every day. It will take a child getting hit before anything changes.

Now, I'm off to fold laundry, pay a couple bills, make out my grocery list for Thanksgiving, and eat a handful of Tums. (The heartburn was totally worth the chocolate, btw.)


V1nce said...

Please let us all know how the re-uniting with Bob is going and where to send the cards to Bob so we can lift his spirit as he goes through separation anxiety!

Patti Money said...

So, I guess you'll be dedicating your next book to your anesthesioloogist? And maybe give him a free copy to boot? (: I'm glad you're feeling better and hope that you're not hosting Thanksgiving this year!

Colleen said...

How can you fold laundry with six kids? All three of my boys decide its time to flop onto the clean clothes every time I fold them. I'd just hang them up but I'm out of hangers and I always forget to buy more at the store. I usually wait until my youngest is taking a nap and the older two are in school but lately my three year old decided nap time wasn't happening anymore. :(

Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

I am SO HAPPY you didn't throw up and that your surgery went well!

Missi said...

I'd totally complain about my son's school where the officer doing traffic won't let the right hand lane turn in, but only the center left turn lane, but she's my hubby's co-worker. So I won't go there :)

The other day waiting for my daughter we'd made it to the very first car in line. My son told me if she was one second longer to just make her drive home. So I did. She does have her learners permit in case you were wondering.

Mary-Leah said...

Dawn, I had the same surgery! Only I called my cyst "Chomper" know, because it had teeth and all. I am still SO MAD at my doctor for not remembering that I wanted to SEE Chomper after he was evicted. He forgot and sent it to the path lab. Stupid doctor. There must be pics somewhere! Anyway, life with one ovary is just as good, if not better, than life with two. Just so you know. Enjoy your posts and especially enjoyed your sweet video of the amputee and Chicago Whales cheerleader! :) Love kids and their imagination.

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