Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas

After dragging Austin out to the mall last night to shop for attire appropriate for a high school dance, I learned it was a wasted trip. Apparently, things have changed since I went to high school back in the stone age. Either that, or we just do things differently at my kids' high school, as opposed to the high school I attended. We're not all fancy schmancy around these here parts, I guess. According to my research (standing outside the high school and asking random teens what they're planning on wearing to Turnabout), this is a very casual dance. One of Austin's friends is even planning on wearing a polo shirt and shorts! I guess less than half the girls even wear dresses to this dance, and most of the boys wear casual shirts and pants without even a tie.

Can you imagine if Austin had shown up in a coat and tie while everyone else was wearing khakis and polos? He would've killed me. And he'd probably never leave the house again. He'd be a 30-year-old guy living in my basement with his cat. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Sooo, it's back to the mall tomorrow to return the almost $200 shirt, tie, pants, coat combo and get something a little more casual. Man, it was so much easier picking out Savannah's 8th grade dance/graduation/confirmation dress. She found one she liked. It was cute. It wasn't sleazy. It was way cheaper than the stuff I got Austin last night. Voila!

And, on another note, please tune in tomorrow to Margaret McSweeney's Kitchen Chat. Her guest will be Marc Klaas. I know most of my readers have young children and I think this show will be helpful to all of us and give us tips on how we can help keep our kids safe.

"A mile a minute - that is how fast your child can disappear." Haunting and truthful words posted on the website for Klaas Kids. On Friday, February 19th, Margaret McSweeney will interview Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas who was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. As a legacy to his daughter, Marc founded KlaasKids Foundation to help stop crimes against children. Please tune in to Kitchen Chat with Margaret McSweeney Friday at 11:00 am CST!

Learn about effective ways to keep your children safe from harm and find out what you can do to help stop crimes against kids. Please tune in and call in with your questions for Marc this Friday 11-12 CST on Kitchen Chat.


Lisa said...

"Turnabout" must be a regional term. Are you referring to a dance where the girls ask the guys? In these parts it's called a Sadie Hawkins dance. I like Turnabout better though - no one ever knew who the heck Sadie Hawkins was anyway.

StephanieK said...

Now, I don't live that far from an hour or so south so I don't think that it's THAT big of a difference but Turnabout at the local high school was last weekend and sure enough, boys dressed is button down dress shirt, ties, slacks and dress shoes where all about. The girls...I don't get what they wear, though they were in dresses and heals. I even saw a few limos for those who were Seniors and going all out there last year. I think the sports jacket may be a bit much, but shorts and a polo!?! Please - whatever! I'd never let my son leave the house dressed like that for a dance.

Robin said...

I think it's incredibly difficult to find clothes for kids...when they switch from one section to from kid sizes to jr. sizes or adult sizes when they're still just kids. My daughter is 9, yet she's the biggest girl in her class and we lamost NEVER find the right thing for her. And then I never know if I'm buying the right thing or how it's supposed to be worn..... I guess what I'm saying is.... "I feel your pain"!

Emiliy said...

When I was in High School (just had my 10yr reunion so things may have changed in the last decade) the "Turnabout" was also called the Sadie Hawkins and girls asked guys. It was a very casual dance, and most of the time, the girls and guys wore matching outfits or matching colors (A girlfriend of mine wore a camouflage dress and the guy had camo pants. Another couple I knew went as Fred and Wilma Flintstone). We also had a winter formal, and then the Prom, which was open only to juniors and seniors. Both of the latter dances were super fancy, dress to the nines kind of events.

Rachel said...

does the school not inform the kids which dances are formal and which ones aren't? when i was in high school, we had a couple of informal dances, and then homecoming and prom were formal (ie: fancy dress, tux, corsage, etc.) the other ones were decidedly not and people wore jeans or whatever. but it was well know and well publicized (in case anyone was clueless about it) that this was the case. it seems odd that austin wouldn't be aware of this... unless he's like most guys i know and completely unobservant.

myless said...

I dropped my son off for the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance about an hour ago. He told me there was a dress code, guys wear nice slacks, dress shirt & shoes. Girls dresses. He wasn't too worried about his attire. He plays hockey for the school and on game days the have to wear slacks, button down dress shirt & tie. So he had everything he needed. I think it was cute how his date asked him. She baked a huge heart cookie, frosted it in pink with red writing across it that said 'Sadies?'.

timeoutmama said...

Everyone says boys are so much easier than girls to dress. That's true when they are 3, but not so much when in the 8th grade! I'm not looking forward to it, like you - you don't want to be that mom that dresses your son in the wrong outfit that will torture hime for years to come! Thank goodness you found the perfect outfit just in time!

I 'n'CYST said...

scary and weird that you bring up the topic about the kids and how quick something can happen. This weekend I was at lucky strike and had my 2.5yr old. I lost him once and then 5 minutes later I had me and his grandmother standing/surrounding him....and we lost him again...we didn't understand's so scary!

Le Crunchy Mama said...

I sometimes think the little nuances of male fashion are much harder for them to master than us ladies. Poor dudes!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed this last week, but I was at a funeral. Unfortunately, have another this Friday. Interesting that the kitchen chat on 2/19 was on children disappearing. That was the 17th anniversary of my 13 yo cousin's disappearance. Her murdered body was discovered about a week later. Hug your kids everyone.

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