Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, where we once had a mall that housed a hotdog stand in the shape of a giant shoe it's Sunday Sound Out starring your host, one of Babble's top 50 bloggers of 2009, Dawn Meehan. Seriously, I am. I'm number 35, in fact. Check it out HERE!

How do you/your town cope with loads of snow? What about driving etc.
Life goes on. Snow (even lots of it) doesn't usually affect much. We've never had (that I can recall) a delayed start for school. In fact, school almost never closes for snowfall. Occasionally, school will close for extreme cold (below 0), but that's about it.

You did not? Honestly! Please tell me you just threw in the last two sentences for the whole fun of it! [going back to the dermatologist in 4 weeks]
Yes, I am going back, but only for Austin's arm. Don't worry, they didn't suck me in to their world of plastic faces.

You can take homemade goodies to school?! Awesome! We have to rely on store bought that make it easy but not very tasty or original.
Oh wow. That stinks. Yeah, we can make homemade stuff here. I should've talked to the teacher beforehand though. It was another girl's birthday and she brought in cupcakes on Friday also. That meant that all the girls took one of her cupcakes and all the boys took one of Clay's. He (as well as the girl, I'm sure) came home with a container full of cupcakes. I didn't have to stay up until 2:00 afterall! I could've made them for him to bring to school on Tuesday. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

Proud of you for going for another mammo, didn't you have trouble last time?
I didn't exactly have trouble. It was my first one, so I had to go back for more and more pictures and finally an ultrasound so they could get an accurate baseline. It was the most action I've had in years!

First of all, I have never got the cool nipple stickers and I am a bit intrigued by this. Is it for those that are modest and don't want anyone to see their nipples? I think the tech seeing my nipples is the least of my worries since, she practically feels me up and I don't even get a drink out of it.
LOL! Umm, no. They're fairly small. I don't think they'd cover up anything! Here's the answer from the expert....

I'm an x-ray tech and I can shed light on the mystery of the nipple stickers!! The tiny bb on the sticker is so the radiologist reading the mammo knows for sure what they are seeing is the nipple. (and yep, it goes directly on the nipple!) When you look at a mammo image there are lots of shades of gray and the radiologist has to be able to pick out what should be there (a nipple shadow) vs something that shouldn't (a lump, cyst, etc.) We even have different stickers for scars and big moles!(shapes in stead of bb's).

What is Brooklyn going to do when she grows out of those pink boots?
Obviously, we'll search the globe for another pair in a larger size.

I miss your Sunday Sound-out. I was wondering how you and Joe are doing? I know you guys had a rough patch a few months back. Hope all is well and you feel better. LOVE your blog. My favorite! :)
Things suck in many ways, but the kids and I are doing pretty well despite that. Can't go into details now. Actually, I think I have enough details to fill another book. Hmmm, a book... (the wheels are spinning now)

I'm sure you're all aware of the horrific earthquake in Haiti. Haiti is such a poor country to begin with and is so poorly equipped to deal with devastation of this magnitude (officials are estimating death tolls to hit 100,000). It is such an overwhelming task to not only search and rescue, but set up makeshift hospitals to care for the injured and get food, water, medical aid, and other supplies in to Haiti and distributed among those who need it. If you can help at all, please do. They need all the help they can get. Here are some sites taking donations -


Compassion - you can find a banner to put on your blog to help spread the word on this page also.

The American Red Cross


Doctors Without Borders

When you donate to help Haiti, stick with one of these (or other organizations you know to be legitimate) and beware of scams.


Anonymous said...

I know the SHOE you are talking about!!! They had the best hotdogs. Yummy.

ClistyB said...

ok, really now, Dooce for Funniest Blog? What are they smokin' uh? Maybe it's just me, but her f-bombs were too much for me. Now if she were nominated for Most Crude, she'd have my vote.

Think I can get you 9 votes per day with all the gadgets in my place!

Nina said...

I'm sorry you're sick. and I'm amazed by the height of your hair in your pic to the 80s were awesome.

Steff said...

I loved going to the shoe for hotdogs!! I miss Crawfords as well!!! Oh to be young again and have all the things of my youth!!! Thanks for the trip back down memory lane!!!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Hey Dawn,
I wanted to plug my link in your comment section if you don't mind. People can donate to Haiti for free simply by commenting on the below post. For every comment or link I'm donating $1 (up to $125 to Haiti relief) There are lots of others doing this too. So if someone wants to give but doesn't have the cash, they can drum up lots of donation dollars by blog hopping and commenting :) Thanks!

Michelle said...

Whoo, congrats for being #35. And those cupcakes? Awesome! We can do homemade at the private school, but our public requires homemade, not made in a factory that processes peanuts or tree nuts, etc. I went for strawberries last year. Except that there was one kid with a strawberry allergy. Oops.

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