Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

Love the smoke detector on the ceiling in the last picture.
Oh, thanks for the reminder! It was still hanging open, battery removed! It's been like that since I tried to burn down the house Christmas day!

I noticed that you labeled one of Austin's picture with a "Aj". Is this a nickname or has your teenager decided to change his name?
It's a nickname. I think I'm the only person who ever calls him AJ and he doesn't like it when I do. Actually, I don't really call him AJ. I run it together and say it like "AGE".

Are those African clawed frogs, perhaps received from the Grow-a-Frog company? I have no flippin clue. They're tiny frogs from Denise on Long Island.

Is that stove Harvest Gold??!!? Sweetie, it's maybe time for a NEW one?!
Yep! Why get a new one? I'm waiting for Harvest Gold and Avocado Green to come back in style.

Hmmm...did the bottle of wine at the side of the stove contribute in any way to the near catastrophe?
That bottle wasn't even opened. Maybe that was the problem. I should have been drinking!

How can I convince my husband to have more kids?
Well, first off, don't let him read this blog.

So, if you were to do a Sunday SHout Out and someone asked you where they could donate a pint of blood, where would you suggest they go to? I'm just curious if that were to come up and who you might recommend? hee hee, I am so not very subtle here am I?
Yeah, yeah, I get it, Manic. What my notsosubtle friend, Stephanie is trying to say is that she's hosting her 3rd annual blood drive over on Manic Mommy. Check out the details HERE! For every pint donated, 3 lives will be saved. And not only that, but when you donate blood and submit a picture of you donating to Stephanie over at Manic Mommy, you'll be entered to win some fabulous prizes, including round-trip airfare on Southwest Airlines! Check it out!

I've been looking for the winner of the pearl give-away. Did that happen?
Yep, HERE.

For Christmas we got 22" of snow, and 30 below with wind chills of 50 below. Don't suppose this would tempt you away from Chicago??!!
Every morning, I crawl out of bed and begin the rounds of dropping 5 kids off at school. Every day, I ask my kids, "Have I mentioned how much I hate mornings? Have I mentioned how much I hate winter? Have I mentioned how much I hate winter mornings?" to which they reply, "Yeah, every stinkin day, Mom!" So, I'm thinking you can keep your 50 below thankyouverymuch.

And over on my review blog, I'm giving away 2 bags filled with Suave haircare products! You can enter to win (and check out pictures of Brooklyn's first haircut) HERE.


Lesley said...

In the UK we have had some very heavy snow fall this year, which started before Christmas and is just seeming to go on and on. Unfortunately this country is not very good with coping with this sort of winter as it just doesnt happened very often.
How do you/your town cope with loads of snow? What about driving etc.

Missy said...

Egads! Where in the world got 22" of snow on Christmas? I thought our current 7" was bad enough. And I agree with your entire morning ritual - I hate winter, I hate winter mornings. Getting out of bed on a winter morning is cruel and unusual punishment. :)

Diane said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and really enjoy it. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might be interested in. Stop by and have a look when you have a chance.

mavemuskler said...

Nice post, thanks.

happygal said...

This is a riot. Thanks!

Donna said...

I loved the video on your Suave party. Wish they had one here as I would be the first one there.
Everyone looked so pretty and love Brooklyn's.
Next time could you invite me too ?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Yes, you are a mighty good friend! Thanks for the pimpage! : ) And we call our AJ "Age" as well!

Michelle said...

Actually, I've heard those colors are starting to come back in, so you may be just about set for that stove ;) I have to say I'd almost rather have one like that. All the newfangeled fancy ones have too many parts to break (and yes, I know this from experience).

Anonymous said...

FYI - Clay's frogs are African Dwarf Frogs from Wild Creations.
Hope he's enjoying them!

~Denise from Long Island ;)


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